5 B2B Ecommerce KPIs For Tracking And Online Sales

Operating a B2C and B2B online store is different. For starters, if you operate in B2B space and you have supplier, chances are your pricing are fixed with or without territorial contract. This greatly affect how you promote and market.

With such challenges in mind, let’s explore the most important B2B eCommerce KPIs in this post.

In a typical B2C or D2C eCommerce store, most use the following metric to measure. They are

The most commonly measured ecommerce KPIs for sales are:

  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Gross Profit (GP)
  • Conversion Rate (CR)
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR)
  • Shopping Cart Conversion Rate (CCR)
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

While most metric above can be use in B2B eCommerce, but because of the nature sales process of B2B, it doesn’t result in immediate sales. For some industries, per item cost is high and need several layers of approval before buying.

You can use the below b2b eCommerce KPIs as a starting point or incorporate into your report.

b2b ecommerce kpis

5 B2B eCommerce KPIs

Average Order Value (AOV)

The average order value (AOV) is the value of a customer who order on your site. This is pretty straightforward B2B eCommerce kpis. The higher the AOV, it means more people are ordering from your store. It is the total value of orders divided by the numbers of orders.

If you see a decline in AOV, it simply means that your customers are not happy with the product or pricing. You can track AOV and then break down into traffic sources and device type. This helps you see where you should put in more effort to increase AOV by running ROI-positive marketing campaigns.

Sell Thru Rate

Sell Thru Rate also means that the number of units sold within any given period. This is the relative to the amount of inventory receive within the same period. By using this KPIs, you will gain a better insights of what products sell well, best or faster. You can then formulate a strategy to either push the non-performing product or devise new pricing strategy.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost or CAC is the amount you spend to acquire customers. You can do this for any given period, quarterly or yearly. This average figure that helps you how much is spend on each new customers. This is often used alongside CLV or customer lifetime value. If your eCommerce products able to people buy in bulk, which means pallet or container, then develop that relationship to have them upgrade their future purchase with you in bulk which bring us to the next B2B eCommerce KPIs.

Customer Retention Rate

CRR or customer retention rate simply means how many of your past buyers still buys from you. Depending on your business nature, you might want to develop a portal within your eCommerce store to have special pricing for people who sign up with you. This portal can be a distributor portal.

 Cart Abandonment Rate

Before you start measuring cart abandonment rate, install analytics and the necessary plugin onto your store. This allows you to track and send cart abandonment email to those who abandonment at the last minute. By installing analytics, you can also see the number of items ATC, its value and how long they spend on your store.

This gives insight on how many customers are interested in products but do not buy. Using this metrics will enable you to know if you need to switch to a more affordable courier service to getting more customers through the sales cycle.

By comparing this to other metrics on this page, you can develop eCommerce strategy for reducing cart abandonment rate.

Measuring and tracking the right B2B eCommerce KPIs, your B2B online webstore can be optimized to maximize sales, enhance marketing campaign and improve customer buying experience.

Utilizing a B2B eCommerce Marketing Consultant sometimes help to see things from different perspective. They tend to bring in experience from other markets, niches and strategies that will enhance your business bottomline.

Speak with a B2B eCommerce Marketing pro today and see what chemistry we can spark out together.

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