How to Use 7 Best Social Media Marketing Essentials For Business Growth

Everyone is into social media marketing strategies these days. But what are the core concepts that the best marketers must master?

Below is our list of 7 best social media marketing essentials:

1) Always provide value to your customers. Don’t sell for the sake of selling. Nobody wants a useless product or service. Make sure that your service or products solves a problem that people are experiencing.

2) Treat your customers like people. The bad salesman treats customers like statistics. You don’t want to be treated that way so don’t do it to others. They’ll appreciate you more.

I was at a restaurant the other day. The waitress talked down to my friend. Guess where we immediately took our business?

3) Only promote products that are relevant to your customers. No point selling a pineapple to someone who wants a TV set. In doing so, your customers respect you more.

Best Social Media Marketing Trust

Best Social Media Marketing Requires Trust

4) Increase credibility & trust by recommending only high quality products. Promote products that you yourself are using or would use. Make sure that these products are from reliable & responsible vendors.

Avoid bad vendors like the plague! Vendors with poor after sales support, high refund rates and poor reputation are a HUGE no-no. Association with them will bring your own reputation down.

5) Get to know your audience. The internet marketer creates an avatar that he/she understands. People appreciate that human touch. It builds connection. The saying holds true, we buy from people who we know, like & trust.

6) Avoid overhyping. It is a big turn off. Gone are the days of “This is the world’s greatest item!”. The average consumer is a lot more sophisticated than before. He tends to like understanding more than being sold.

7) It takes months to win over a customer and only a second to lose her. So if you are asking yourself, “Do I really want to promote this?” The answer is most probably “no”.

Go market and sell your heart out.
When you do it right, you’ll win over not just customers, but also friends.
Oh, did I mention that your earnings will rocket too?

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