6 Best Marketing B2B growth hacking strategies For Startups

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Growth hacking is a buzz word that most entrepreneurs probably heard of it.

Every entrepreneur who starts a business has the inspiration to grow and succeed quickly. This growth may be defined in terms of developing faster, growing widely, or both. For you to experience any of this success, you will need to embrace b2b growth hacking strategies. 

Growth hacking is also widely known as growth marketing, whereby the focus of the entrepreneur is on reaching out to as many potential customers as possible and within a short time. 

While this may sound easier said than done, the fact is that you only need to implement the right marketing strategies for quicker exposure. Since your start-up is operating in a digital era, whereby people are doing more business online, you must consider marketing strategies that will favor you more on the internet. 

That said, here are some growth hacking digital marketing strategies for startups to consider. 

B2B Growth Hacking Strategies

Source: Product Alliance

1. Growth Hacking Essentials – Stipulate your goals

B2B growth hacking strategies can be both fun and profitable. But before we can get to that stage, we will want to identify your specific goals. This may sound like it is not part of digital marketing but the fact is that you may find yourself lost if you do not identify your specific marketing goals. You need to know where you are heading before you start doing anything. 

Determining your goals will involve identifying your target audience, competitors and their strategies, current market status, resources required, and limitations that might hinder you from achieving your goals. 

You would also want to do market research and look for industry growth trends.

With this information, it will be easier to know what you are facing and how to go about it. 

Have you ever started doing something only to realize something you should have done before indulging in the main process? Well, that is why you need to plan. Speaking to a business consultant will help you structure an effective plan quickly.

2. Build a Quality Website

Now that you have your goals at your fingertips, build or redesign your website. A website will help to improve visibility on the internet, whereby potential customers can visit your business, learn about your product and services, and most importantly buy from you. 

However, a website will only help you acquire customers if you optimize it. By optimizing your website, it means it has quality features that will attract more traffic and lead to a good user experience. 

Such features include being easy to navigate, high download speed, easily accessible through mobile phones, being informative etc among others. 

Ecommerce websites pay particular attention to these as they greatly affect their profitability.

Also, make use of techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) to bring more traffic to your website and as long as it’s optimized, your traffic may convert into loyal customers within a short period. 

If you do not know how to build such a website, you should work with a reliable SEO web design firm to help you out. 

3. Embrace Social Media Marketing 

If there is a technique that is helping businesses in growth hacking massively, it is social media marketing. Almost every adult owns an account in at least one or two social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat, among others.

B2B growth hacking strategies

 While they still play a social role by connecting and improving interactions among people, they are also perfect marketplaces. 

What you need to do is create an account on each platform and use the same name or handle on all. Start inviting friends, family members, and acquaintances, among other people you may know to follow you. Encourage them to invite their friends also and other people they may know. 

To increase targeted quality potential customers, you would want to hire a professional content and social media marketing agency. Their consultants will create content what will draw your ideal customers to join your groups and fanpages. 

They can also conduct ad campaigns to place your brand in front of your target audience. By attracting good potential clients and increasing your brand awareness, you will have a larger high demand following to nurture into loyal customers.

Do not stop there; add direct links to all social media platforms from your website. Social media will give a chance to interact with your customers and as long as you quickly reply to comments and sending private messages, it will be easy to keep attracting and keeping new customers.

4. Email Marketing Through Hype

Email marketing has proven to be successful in gaining customer loyalty. Since you have a target audience in mind when considering B2B growth hacking techniques, start sending interesting and compelling emails to them. 

To increase the size of your email list, have an email newsletter opt in form on your website. 

Create compelling content that helps your consumer solve their problems and improves their lives. Talks about your products and  services and encourage potential customers to leave an email address for more information on the same. 

You can also start a competition based on your business, whereby you state that the winners will be notified via their emails. Everyone loves the chance of winning. Most people will participate and leave their email addresses for you. 

Start sending your newsletter, sharing educative information to win the trust of your target audience. While doing this, avoid over selling to your customers or sending numerous emails at a go. They might find your emails a nuisance and add you to their spam list. 

Growth hacking for b2b business
5. Leverage Content Marketing 

When it comes to digital marketing, content is everything. The content you share with your online audience will determine whether they will want to follow you anymore or not. 

Contents can be in the form of an article or blog post, an audio message, a video, an image or an infographic. Regardless of how you decide to deliver your information, make sure that the content is of high quality and will keep your audience interested. 

Avoid telling people about your products and why they should buy from you every day. That is not quality content, and people will get bored — educate them on the things that are relevant to the industry and other trending news in the world. 

Good content should be relevant, informative, consistent, understandable, educative, and of course, detailed. You can share the contents on your website blog, your social media platforms or through emails, among other mediums.

Growth Hacking

6. Look for a Reliable Influencer Marketer

Since your business is a start-up, it might be a bit challenging to acquire followers on social media. For this reason, it is advisable to look for an influencer as one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies. 

An influencer is a person who already has a massive following on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter among other platforms.

The influencer you partner with will market your business and products on their accounts. This in turn leads to your brand being exposed to a vast audience. 

To make sure that the exposure translates to an increase in followers on your own accounts, look for a trustworthy and relevant influencer marketer. For instance, you cannot expect a car rally celebrity to market your gardening products. Why? Because most of his followers are not likely to be interested in gardening. Look for someone relatable to your industry. 

Additional B2B growth hacking Techniques

  • Contests
  • Pre-launches
  • Referral programs
  • Brand partnerships
  • Build a social media community
  • Emulate successful market leaders

Digital Marketing Growth Hacks Conclusion

Starting a business is one thing — leading it to success is another. If you are that person who believes in speed growing and expansion, your dreams are valid as long as you use the right channels. 

Growth hackers are constantly curious and have an insatiable desire to learn. They look deeply into user behaviour and explore the edges of behavioural economics.

If you are a growth hacker with a curiosity of how the internet works, consider hiring a digital marketing company to work with.

These are simple but result-oriented B2B growth hacking strategies that every start-up should embrace. If you do it right, it will take only a short time before you start seeing remarkable results. The good thing is that you can rely on a digital marketing agency to help you if you do not understand the intricacies or technicalities of digital marketing.  

Should you want to have a further discussion on how to “growth hacking” your business digitally, feel free to contact us for a chat.

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