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SEO Services Singapore

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Now, if you are looking to have your website on page 1 of search engines, then SEO or Local SEO is one of the marketing strategies that you can count on. An industry study shows us that 96% of all Google traffic goes to websites on the first page. That is why is so important to rank well and be on the first page on Google on your niche.

Truth to be told, that Google own search engines. And if anyone tell you that they can guarantee you SEO results in a short amount of time, it’s best to question them on how to do it. Singapore has an extremely high internet penetration but the usage of SEO for business is very low.

Search Engine Optimization is a mid to long term investment that will bring you a higher conversion rate. If done correctly, it can improve a company brand image and online presence. Hiring a SEO agency to manage your marketing will increase your profits and will allow you to take care of the other aspects of your business.

Let’s see how SEO really helps you with your business growth.

Everyone Is Now Online. You Need To Stay Visible

First of all, good seo company will help you raise your brand awareness. How do they do this?

First thing first, there can be no brand awareness unless your brand is shown to your potential audience, consistently. Do you know that over 80% of all internet traffic starts from search traffic? By now, you already know that you have to make your website get found online. That means you will need to put out an effective SEO marketing strategy and an SEO experts can help assist you in your website ranking department.

Another way SEO experts do to raise your customer brand awareness is by writing good blog posts and post it directly onto your site. This is call content marketing. The content should be highly useful and relevant. Also, it should be displayed on sites with high authority.

There are 2 ways in doing content marketing. The first way is to create content that either, educate, delight or inform your potential audience. The second way is to create content that is sharable. In another words, viral.

However, if you do it wrongly, your website could be penalized or worse, blacklisted, by Google. Your web site might miss the chance of ever being shown to customers searching for your product.

Now, with all the content and keywords both researched and created, let’s us move on to one of the most misunderstood concept: Ranking is not always equal to traffic.

SEO services in Singapore

SEO Services Myth: Rankings Not Always Equal To Traffic

Do you know that 50% of the website traffic orginate from organic search traffic? We have seen many of our client examples already. While we are doing paid and SEO online marketing for them, most of their website traffic comes from search engines.

That explain one thing. It is important for any websites, regardless big or small to use SEO to drive more organic traffic to your website and use a page on your site as a converting page for lead generation or something of value for company.

So, not all rankings are always equal to traffic. For example, both of us could have been in the same industry selling the same item. However, both of our strategies could be very different. That is whythe way you want to rank for a certain keyword or keyphrases could be different from mine. And, not all that equal to traffic.

Some of the keywords or keyphrases might show up zero searches, but it could help you attract customers who are searching for that specific offering you have.

A true case study of one of our client who have ask us to rank for a keyphrases that have zero searches. But because he knew his industry in and out, his sales person manage to close a lead that amount to more than close to a 6 figures deal.

This is the perfect example of driving targeted organic traffic combine with industry keyword research that move the needle for a company.

So, don’t let SEO expert to lead you down the rabbit hole. Instead, they can be a support pillar to help you in your business directions. And that bring us to relevancy in content creation that speak to the right target audience.

Relevancy is important. In 2016, a study done in Hong Kong showed that, at a primary level, search intent has two goals:

  • Finding general information about the topic. Searchers are in
  • a state of curiosity and may have a wider scope of interest in a topic.
  • Finding specific information about topics. Users have a
  • narrow search intent and are only interested in a fixed aspect of a topic. For
  • example, they might be doing comparison studies about a product or looking for
  • where to buy an item.

Meeting search intent is Google’s number 1 criterion for ranking a web site. It would be wise for you to keep that in mind when creating content for your web site.

What do SEO Services in Singapore Cost?

The cost of SEO is dependent on what your companies goals are and the timeline to which they want to achieve them.

Based on Google’s whitepaper, there are over 200 factors that affect webpage rankings. It will also take 6 months for the true effect of any action to show on search engines.

This is important to understand when putting aside a marketing budget and managing your expectation of the results.

Based on extensive research by Ahrefs, the average SEO plan, based on world data, costs About USD $2800/month. Meanwhile, Singapore companies can expect to pay anywhere between S$800-$4500/ month for typical packages.

And if you were to hire a fairly new experience SEO marketer, they command around $2200 – $2500 in monthly salary. If you were to hire an experience SEO or a SEO manager, we are probably looking at about $3600 and up per month.

What you are actually paying is their expertise. If you are looking to drive traffic to your site and wondering if you should do that now, let’s us go discuss this next.

What business should consider SEO?

A SEO compliance website is equipped with good link building strategy, good website structure (or technical SEO), strategic keyword research. With all this in place, a website will increase their chances in appearing in search engines.

Global research has show that online buyers browse the first two pages from search engines before buying. This website is therefore essential to SEO. Have a professional experienced search engine marketing agency to develop an SEO-optimized marketing plan for your company based on your target market. Some similarities exist between paid-for-views and SEO. These are ways of developing online business visibility. A few business owners might have found paid ads online.

In 2017 E-commerce accounted for 2.3 trillion dollars of global sales and it’s expected that in 2021, this amount will be at 4.38 trillion dollars.

Whether you are a B2B or B2c business, SEO can be beneficial to you. The earlier example of how we as a SEO agency in Singapore help a B2B client to generate online presence to their target audience help close a high ticket deal.

If you provide professional services, SEO is perhaps one of the channels you want to consider because of how your potential customers are searching for you. If they cannot find you online, they will go to your competition.

Therefore, investing in a reliable SEO strategy will allow you to enjoy a slice of the pie.

Search engine optimisation is constantly evolving. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes while being relevant. This is why you should start looking SEO packages available on the market. Better yet, speak to an agency that provides SEO services in Singapore. Their consultants will customise services that will best cater to your unique business needs. This will guarantee you that you have a strong, effective strategy that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

A good SEO digital marketing strategy can help you capture demand even when searchers are unfamiliar with your brand.

If you are doing SEO in house, make sure to build a strong marketing team that is highly skilled in the topic. If you prefer to hire external SEO agency to develop and execute your search engine optimisation SEO marketing for you, then you might want to use the checklist below.

Hire SEO Agency Checklist

This “hire SEO agency” checklist is not the checklist but if you want a list to get you started, this is the one.

You might want to ask them how they use Search Engine Optimization to help your company

  • Get traffic to your site
  • To increase organic traffic
  • Getting to first page of google
  • What is the conversion mechanism
  • Support other departments
  • Executing SEO campaign

An experience Singapore SEO agency or freelancer will and can give you a detailed answer. You will not hear technical jargon like back-linking, technical SEO, etc. Instead, through their reply, you will make sense of how SEO can work for your company.

This is the value that most companies pay us for. Truth to be told, most SEO works are the same. It the brains that bring to the table make the whole different game. It is no wonder that companies which spend on implementing a thorough SEO strategy enjoy higher market share and profits.

The nice thing is that you only pay for theSearch Engine Optimization service but not the SEO itself.

Once done, unlike paid advertising,Search Engine Optimization continues working without any additional expenditure. Blazing Conversions is one of the digital agency that provides SEO services in Singapore.

SEO Services Singapore

Improved Customer Experience

An SEO web design is built inside and out with the target customer in mind. Every part of the site, including text, images, and videos are built to appeal and convert.

This improves user experience, a factor that Google and users appreciate highly.

An SEO agency incorporates an intuitive design into your web site structure. It provides easy navigation for your site visitors. It shows them that you care and they will appreciate the ease of finding useful, relevant information.

When people have a good experience, they tend to shop more, try new things, make repeat visits and share their experience with friends and family. This results existing customers spending more and finding new customers for you.

Conversely, 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return after having a bad user experience. Moreover, 44% of them said they would share the bad experience with at least 5 other people!

User reviews have a big impact on 94% of customers decision to buy.

Having an SEO focused web design will increase your organic search results and bottom line by having an improved customer experience.

How long does it take to get results in SEO Singapore?

A good SEO campaign can take up to 4 months, six months or even 12 months to see any meaningful results. However, these results can be visible over a period of 3 months if we know what we are tracking for.

For example, if you are tracking organic search results and you see your tracked keyword or keyphrases are climbing steadily though first page of search, then you have achieve your objective.

On the other hand, if you are looking to increase X number of traffic to your website, this could take weeks or months. Without proper expectations, one may think that SEO campaign is not working. This means that you need to have a realistic expectation of how soon the result could come for you.

While we have clients with us within 2- 6 months see leads, enquiries and conversion, one has to understand that SEO is a long term strategy that builds over the years. And in this time of age (post pandemic), search engine results are more busier than before.

Most SEO agencies will be helping your businesses bring targeted traffic to your website.

Final thoughts

It is the most powerful way forSearch Engine Optimization to drive thousands of web visitors for a website. Unlike running a Facebook Ads campaign or using SEM it isn’t limited to your adverting budget.Having a comprehensive SEO strategy is a major advantage for any business. Thus, it would be prudent to explore using Search Engine Optimization services in Singapore.

It increases brand exposure, attracts more high demand customers, improves customer experience and increases the size of purchase values. These,together with its low costs, result in high profits and larger returns on investments.

No lock-in SEO contracts

At Blazing Conversion, while we all know SEO take time. But we also offer no lock in SEO contract. We are so confident because of the in-depth SEO experience and business strategy combine that we will know exactly what need to tackle first in your SEO campaign.

Therefore we offer a no lock inSearch Engine Optimization management service.

Are you interested in Search Engine Optimization SEO?

Contact our digital marketing specialists today to learn about our no lock in SEO management service for all your SEO marketing needs. We look forward to partnering with you.

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