10 Best Online Methods To Build Brand Awareness Fast

I am pretty sure that you have heard before that building brand awareness is important. But today I am not here to bore you with theory but I’m here to show you what it takes for you, to have customers raving about your brand like how fans do for 80s rock stars.

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Build Brand Awareness Fast- Be First in The Customer’s Mind

Brand awareness describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name.

One of the most important factors in building a brand is to be the first of what you’re good at in the customer’s mind. Think about it. Who do you think of when you think about coffee? Starbucks right?

Who is the second one? Guess. Well if you haven’t figured out by now it’s actually two big companies giving Starbucks a run for its money and its Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s. 

But here is the problem. What do you associate them with? Donuts and fast-food (hamburgers and fries). 

This is what we call strong brand positioning. All of these companies built strong brand equity in one area and became well known for that one thing; before they branched out to do other things.

Brand Positioning – Have the Edge that Your Competition Doesn’t 

Do you remember those old Domino’s Pizza commercials? Get your pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free. Now that was a memorable offer. It was both strong and compelling back then in a world were pizza deliveries were a pain in the butt. 

It turned a big pain point for the customers and turned it into a positive one. Think of this brand positioning strategy when you are crafting your own message.

This is true both while you build brand awareness b2b and b2c.

Source: Brand24

Use Consistent Branding 

Your message must be consistent to build familiarity and to be remembered. You should use the same colors in every advertising media. Like how McDonald’s uses the colors red and yellow or Starbucks uses green. 

To put a cherry on top you can add a catchy slogan or a memorable mascot. Now that is brand equity at its finest with a tinge of fun and creativity.

The new Brand Awareness Strategy

A brand awareness strategy is a set of marketing tactics that aim to help a business spread its message, grow its audience and establish greater recognition in its target market.

A strong strategy allows your brand into people’s lives, influencing their purchasing habits and online interactions. They become your loyal fans and recommend you to people they know.

Be everywhere. This digital marketing strategy isn’t really new but I call it the new brand marketing strategy because previously, it was only available to big brands through mass marketing. 

With the advent of the internet, you don’t need an unending budget to implement this strategy like you used to. Now you can be omnipresent just by using a little magical tool called retargeting

This newer type of online marketing lets you show your message to customers multiple times after they have already clicked on one of your ads. Most customers don’t buy on the first visit. 

So, you want to make yourself memorable by showing your message consistently. I’m not saying that they are guaranteed to buy. But getting someone to frequently visit your website increases the probability that they will buy from you.

build brand awareness fast

Create Your Own Unique Content 

You can create your own brand content by creating a blog on your website or by making a newsletter (which we will go more into later). Blogging is a great way to create content that resonates with your audience if done right. 

The content of your blog should help your customers by giving them access to content that speaks to them. By touching their pain points and covering topics that they find interesting. Emphasize the ‘they’ to increase the relevance of your content marketing campaigns.

You can find out what they love by doing market research and just publishing content on your educated guesses. Whatever gets the most likes, shares, or comments are topics you should write about. This is how your customers let you know what is important to them. It’s just your job to listen carefully.

Build an Email List 

I know that a lot of people are annoyed when they hear the words “build an email list.” It brings up thoughts of being the only survivor in a post-apocalyptic world surrounded by hoards of hungry zombies. 

A list is crucial not only for your brand marketing efforts but also for building brand awareness in any form. Let me explain. 

Always remember this – you need to own a list. Plus, it gives you a form of contact to consistently build a relationship with your customers. 

Use Visual Aids, Images, Videos

More and more of your customers are starting to use media such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. 

What do all these mediums have in common? They are visual. Visual content is key to any brand marketing because it is the most fun and engaging. Look at any well-branded companies Instagram page and you will see proof of this.

Integrate Platforms

Integrate your platforms by having a consistent message across social media, SEO articles, sales funnels, and email marketing. You can do this through apps such as Zapier. 

But not only do you have to maintain all of those platforms regularly. You must have a message that your audience identifies with and you must build brand equity on each platform. 


Give Social Proof

We already know that social media advertising impacts business massively.

Social proof is the gravy on the mashed potatoes in your brand marketing efforts. 

Without it, you will be missing that key ingredient, the pizzazz. Seeing other customers using your product and enjoying it is something every memorable brand does. 

Why? Because it stirs up positive emotions in the customer. They will think. Hey if she can enjoy this and she seems just like me maybe I should get it. It’s worth a try.

That’s why many successful companies set aside budgets for building brand awareness on social media.

Build brand awareness and recognition

Brand recognition occurs when your brand becomes synonymous with the service it provides.

Unfortunately, like in any advertising medium, going in blind can lead to serious financial consequences that can make or break a business like yours. 

The late nights spent on social media and all the wasted time on marketing to the wrong audience can be daunting. Why put yourself through all that hardship? 

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