How to Increase Sales By Building An Email Database?

profitable email marketing strategy

Do you know that building an email database is like building yourself an asset?

Many businesses will spend advertising dollars to market their products and services via online and offline channels, in an attempt to build brand visibility and generate new sales for their companies.

However, based on our own observations when talking to many businesses in our course of work, many businesses omitted one very important aspect in their marketing campaigns, that is building an email database, also known as list building, for the purpose of re-marketing to prospects or even buyers who already bought.

Why is that so?

The reason is that many business owners do not fully understand what the power of email marketing can do for them and how they should be doing it right!

For some of the clients we work with, sales revenue generated from their own email database accounted for 30-60%, of their total sales revenue!

Increase Sales Online by Building an Email Database

Let’s think of it this way as an illustration:

A business has spent its precious advertising dollars on Facebook or Google paid ads, with the key campaign objective of making a sale (sales conversion) and driving targeted visitors to their e-commerce website to buy their products.

Given that first time visitors to a website (especially, visitors who have been newly introduced to a brand) usually leave the website before buying anything. This means that the business has lost the potential of doing business with this new visitor.

The money spent on the ad has been spent (and wasted).

The above is what usually happens when inexperienced marketers conduct digital marketing campaigns. They have the “throw money at the wall and hope something sticks” approach.

Meanwhile, Successful entrepreneurs value their marketing budget and know that every marketing dollar is an investment.

So what can be done in such a situation to benefit the business?

Most are clueless about how to go about it but the solution is actually both simple and straightforward to implement

Email Marketing Strategy

A popular example, is where you offer a time-sensitive discount coupon code for the visitors for their first purchase in exchange for their email addresses.

Call it an “ethical bribe” if you will. 

By doing so, businesses create urgency for the visitors to buy something quickly in order to take advantage of the discount code (subtle but very effective push for sales).

However, there is definitely more to it than just the one time sale. 

The most important reason of course, is to allow the business to re-market to these visitors who have now become customers who have they made their first purchase.

When a business has built a sizable email database, list owners can use it for

  • remarketing
  • building trust
  • staying connected with customers
  • educating your audience about new products
  • brand building
  • increasing sales
  • rewards program

Generating sales becomes a function of communicating with your list; an act of sending a well crafted email that resonates with their subscribers or buyers.

We like to call this “money on demand” marketing.

They are building an email database.

building an email database

By building an email database, businesses owners will be surprised by how much more sales revenue they can generate in-house without additional advertising expenditure to external channels.

Some customers may become your “walking billboards” because of how detailed email segmentation marketing can go.

Build an Email Database and use it as part of EDM Marketing

Planning and devising a profitable email strategy is one of our core expertise in helping your company to increase your bottomline.

Building an email database requires much strategic marketing planning.

Contact Blazing Conversions to find out how we can help you to sell more while spending less.

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