How to use the chatbot on facebook Messenger to Increase conversions?

Chatbots On Facebook

For most Facebook users, the concept of using the chatbot on Facebook is relatively new. 

It is one of a few powerful digital marketing methods available to start-ups and entrepreneurs today. While many may have heard of it, most business owners do not know how to or dare not use it. 

However, in this day and age, there is every reason to use it. If you haven’t heard of it before, chatbots are programs which can converse with people via text, and they do so in a natural way. They can answer questions, give advice, take orders, and even help with sales.

In fact, many marketers believe that the future of digital marketing lies in using chatbots. And there is good reason for this.

Chatbots have been used for years by large corporations such as Amazon, but now, due to the proliferation of cheap, powerful personal computers and smart phones, anyone can create their own chatbot.

There are many different types of chatbots, each serving a different purpose.

For example, there are “information” or “data” type chatbots, which simply give information in response to a question. These types of chatbots are usually very easy to create and use.

There are also “interactive” or “conversation” type chatbots, which actually engage in a two-way conversation with the person using them.

To get you closer to using this technology, we will discuss a few common ways you can use chatbots, with some customizations depending on your goals and industry.

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What is a Facebook Messenger ChatBot

First, we need to know what a chatbot on Facebook is.

The name Messenger Bot (Chatbot) is commonly used for technology (software) that automatically responds to messages using artificial intelligence.

Facebook Messenger Bot stands for the same concept, but via the messaging platform on the social network Facebook – Facebook Messenger.

Over time, its capabilities has expanded beyond automatic replies to include more complex tasks, such as maintaining relationships with potential customers and moving them through the sales funnel.

How do we develop Our chatbot On Facebook?

The world of technology has grown, chatbots and AI have matured and employers have learned to implement AI into their business domains.

How is a chatbot made, what we need to create it and do we actually need to be technically literate to create one?

Most programming technology can be used to create a chatbot – some have NLP features that are easy to implement, while others have a platform and reach on social networks.

Almost every programming language and platform is a potential candidate for designing a chatbot. 

Thankfully, for those of us who are not so technically savvy, there is a wide range of solutions, ranging from the technologically complex to the ordinary.

For example, Microsoft has provided a platform through Azure that connects bots to multiple social networks, including Skype, Facebook, Slack or other more traditional channels like SMS or email.

There are also solutions like Chatfuel that provides a more user-friendly SaaS solution for creating Facebook messenger bots.

In the end, the question of what tools we need depends on the complexity and quality of the bot. 

As entrepreneurs, you should not be too concern about the technology behind the chatbot. Instead you should focus on how you can use it to serve your business and  customers better. 

Let’s discover what it can do…

Facebook AI Chatbot

Chatbot On Facebook

1. Lead generation

Lead Generation is about attracting and capturing leads for your business. The intention is to inform them of your brand and products before eventually getting them to make a purchase.

For basic lead generation, chatbots tend to reply to customers simple questions. 

Modern chatbots can go beyond basic lead generation. They can be incorporated into your sales funnel where they help to “warm up” leads and nurture them into loyal customers.

They do this by introducing products, inform about promotions and keep in touch with customers.

2. Customer support

Many companies spend thousands of dollars employing customer support staff. These personnel often have to answer the same questions over and over again.

To save costs, you can program Facebook Messenger Chatbot to answer your frequently asked questions. You can automate answers to your customers and the chatbot will reply 24/7. 

For more complex questions, the chatbot will divert to a human customer service officer. In this way, your customer will not be frustrated by not being able to get his question answered.

Facebook messenger bot is now advanced enough to even receive orders or give instructions from customers.

3. Sending Broadcasts to Increase Your Customer Lifttime Value

Facebook messenger is the main messaging platform for most Facebook users. With an over 50% open rate, it is a really effective means of communication. 

Thus, businesses are quickly discovering that the chatbot on Facebook is a great way of informing customers of new products, promotions and events.

One of the keys to increasing customer lifetime value is to keep customers informed and to give them a chance to revisit your brand.

Keep your messages short as people are busy. They have a lot on their plates and short snippets of information are more easily digested than long blocks of text. Thus, your messages should be kept short and sweet. And, don’t clutter up your feed with broadcasts all day long. Send them out at intervals. People will start to ignore them if they see them too often.

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4. Build brand awareness

Chatbots can be used in many ways to build your brand awareness. By sending personalized messages to people based on what they have discussed with you, you can nurture warm leads.

This makes them much more likely to buy from you. If you have a brick and mortar store, you can also use the Messenger Platform to run promotions in your store.

You can even run contests via Messenger. People will be able to enter the contest by communicating with your messenger bot.  This will make your leads and customers feel like they are part of an exclusive club. 

5. Increase Sales

The most obvious application of a chatbot on Facebook Messenger is to use it as an automated sales engine.

If you have a product or service that people want, they can message you with the details of their order. Then, you can send back a price quote, and if everything looks good, you can send them information about how to make payment.

Many times, businesses will use a chatbot just to share more information before asking for the sale.

This gives prospects a better understanding of what is being offered before making their decision, which makes them more likely to purchase. 

Facebook Messenger Bot or Email Marketing – Which is Better?

In the previous section, we have already covered the advantages of using Facebook messenger bots. 

Meanwhile, email provides more options when it comes to design, user experience, and rich multimedia content that readers value.

Naturally, it would be most effective to use both channels of communication together for your marketing strategy.

How to Attract Facebook Chatbot Messenger Subscribers 

There are numerous ways to convert leads to Facebook Messenger Bot subscribers. Below are a few main ones:

  • Via Facebook / Instagram posts – the bot is programmed to subscribe everyone typing a pre-arranged word/phrase as a comment on a post, such as “sign me up”.
  • Via Websites – You can embed an opt in form on your website that allows visitors to subscribe to your chatbot messages. 
  • Via Facebook Page Messages – Anyone who sends you a message is automatically added to the list, with the option to unsubscribe.
Chatbots On Facebook

With these major conversion avenues available, you can use effective online marketing techniques like SEO and content marketing to attract subscribers to your conversions pages.

These are of course another part of your complete chatbot digital marketing strategy.

The most famous tools for creating Facebook Messenger Bots

When the bots first appeared, they required developers to have a lot of programming skills to get them to do what was needed. 

However, with their increasing popularity as a method of marketing, companies have created developed friendly messaging solutions. 

This made it easier to compose message sequences and schedule them to be sent at specific times without coding.

The TOP 3 software for creating bots and messages are:

With these software and after some strategic planning, you’ll be able to create sequences and sales funnels to help you reach your sales goal.

It is undisputable that the use of chatbots can enhance online conversion rates. 

Their potential is so great that it they have replaced the need for humans for many repetitive tasks. It is the duty of the entrepreneur to harness this potential for his business.


In this post, we discussed the importance of using chatbots in marketing and how they can be used effectively to enhance online sales. We also discussed the various ways in which you can use them to increase website profits. 

Bots have advanced a lot very quickly over the past few years. What was previously used to provide simple automated replies has now evolved into being a valuable marketing and branding tool. They have also become powerful cornerstones for lead generation and sales funnels.

These together with the fact that there are over 2.8 billion active users on Facebook globally, means that any business not using Facebook Messenger Bots loses out a lot to its competitors that do.

Contact us and learn more about using your own chatbot on Facebook messenger to increase conversions for your business.

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