How to Choose Between SEO Packages – Standard Or Customised?

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There’s nothing like a jack of all trades in SEO packages. You can only excel in one aspect of it or be terrible or pretty average in everything.

That’s the absolute truth.

You can only be a great copywriter, great keyword analyzer, great web designer, great content developer, and so on. What you’ll never be one of those unicorn great all-rounded SEO experts who excels in everything.

That explains why SEO agencies only hire the best talent they can find and not masters of everything for SEO Marketing.

You have to begin by understanding that SEO encapsulates so many things. No single person has the brainpower to perfect everything.

By hiring an SEO agency, you’re not just hiring a single person, but a team comprising of digital specialists, content strategists, PR specialists, social media marketers, web designers, web developers, and so on.

Each of these individuals has something that they’ll be contributing to your project. It’s a collective effort of different talents, all working to see to it that your website climbs up the search engines’ ranks.

This is to remind you that SEO packages for organic SEO services are not cheap. But that’s not to say they’re beyond the means of small and medium-sized businesses.

What these companies have done is offer the services in different packages. This offers the much-needed flexibility with the ability to choose a package that’s best suited for your business while accommodating businesses that are running on a shoestring budget.

Choosing SEO packages for your Business

An SEO package refers to a collection of organic SEO services clustered under segmented price quotes. It’s a cost-effective approach of bringing together a pool of talents to work on your project, as compared to the cost of paying them individually.

Usually, these packages are charged on a monthly basis. Meaning, you have to renew them at the end of the month to continue enjoying the services.

It’s to be, however, noted that there are so many agencies offering organic SEO services in Singapore. Not all these agencies are fashioned the same. Nor do they offer the same SEO packages.

As a marketer, it’s upon you to vet the agencies right and go through all their SEO packages before settling on one. It’s an overwhelming experience, but one you wouldn’t want to ignore if you’re concerned about your business success.

An SEO consultant from one agency could offer you customized SEO solutions after analyzing your business and current SEO standing. However, others will offer out-of-the-box SEO solutions as specified in the package plan that you choose.

With all that mentioned, here’s some considerations when selecting the best SEO package for your business:

Keyword Researching

Effective SEO begins with keyword researching. This is a key component of any SEO package. What’s important is for you to ensure your package has at least one or two keyword research tools. An example would be Google Keyword Planner.

The SEO agency should be able to come up with a long list of keywords that they’ll be helping you target. They would have researched on these keywords and have every reason to believe they’re fit for driving traffic to your website.

To ensure that this package item serves you best, the SEO agency must offer to:

  • Use good keyword research tools
  • Include Google Analytics (for tracking your progress)
  • Survey your customers and clients
  • Analyze the sites that you’re competing with
  • Review the language that your followers are using on social media
  • Review the keywords that are trending on social media

Every good SEO consultancy will offer what we’ve just mentioned above.

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SEO Audit

Auditing is where an agency evaluates your current SEO standing before coming up with an SEO strategy that they’ll be working to execute.

Some agencies will offer to do a free SEO audit, while some will include it in their SEO plans and packages.

Any competent agency will begin by performing an exhaustive technical audit of your website. Everything, starting with the architectural design of the site and the code that’s holding everything together, has to feel right, both in the eyes of the user and search engines’ before they can proceed on to anything else.

They’ll also have to audit your website for both on-page and off-page SEO before coming up with a plan to set your business on the right path to success.

Link Building

The SEO package that you choose should include link building. Link building is the task of getting authority sites to refer to your content.

You’re, however, advised to be extra careful when selecting an agency that offers link building.

Even more important than the number of backlinks you’ll be getting at the end of the deal is the quality of the links themselves. Any agency that offers to deliver an exaggerated number of backlinks (anything above the count of 100) must be questioned and put on red alert.

And that’s because there’s a fair chance they’re using black hat SEO techniques to generate them. These could get you blocked by search engines.

To stay safe, you might want to inquire about the source of these backlinks. Ask them about the DA(domain authority) score of these sites. Make sure they have high enough of a DA score before you allow them to deliver the backlinks to you.

This package also tends to include the following:

  • A thorough analysis of your link profile
  • A comprehensive analysis of your competitor’s link profile
  • Submitting your website to all the relevant directories

SEO Cost

Cost is a determining factor in the package that you choose. For those operating small businesses, you should at least try to be less close-fitted on the issue of price.

It bears repeating that SEO is not cheap. The work involved is also overwhelming and might take each player several hours of working on your project to get it right. The least you could do is compensate them fairly.

In most cases, package prices will be divided into three or four tiers, of which you’ll be required to choose one.

If you’re operating on a shoestring budget, it’s no hard guess that you’ll settle for the cheapest price package you can find, and exponentially so the more your budget stretches.

Remember, SEO is not an expense but an investment. If you have the financial muscle to go with a higher-priced package, then don’t make the mistake of second-guessing yourself.

Wrapping it up

Your business is destined for greatness, but it all starts with the decision that you make. Plan with SEO as part of your digital marketing campaign creation.

Contact Blazing Conversions Seo Agency.

For us, it is important to listen and understand your needs, aims and goals before recommending packages or customised services.

After a chat, our SEO consultants will be in a better position to advise you on the SEO services and packages that are most suitable for you unique business.

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