Content Marketing Agencies in Singapore – How to Hire Your CMO

Content Marketing Agencies Singapore

Everyone knows that content marketing is essential for online marketing in Singapore. It’s quite impossible to think of a successful marketing strategy that isn’t built around content.

It’s not a component or an add-on of a much broader marketing plan. It’s better to think of it as a cog in the marketing wheel — the lifeblood of everything that you do online.

To frame it correctly, content marketing sits at the centre of every successful digital marketing campaign. And did we mention that its history dates right at the beginning of marketing itself?

The only thing that’s changed is how it’s marketed. The internet has seen to it that it’s been brought even closer to its consumers.

Most content marketing agencies in Singapore call it the “information era”.

As a digital marketer and business owner, there are three ways a well-executed content marketing strategy will help your business:

  • By establishing your company as a thought leader, which will in turn help you to stand out and get even more of your potential customers to trust you.
  • Increase your ranking in the search engine result pages.
  • Transform your business into a brand. You need content to build your ideal image, work on your PR, and so on.

What is Content Marketing?

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Agencies in Singapore – Getting Targeted Inbound Leads

Content marketing is not just cheaper. It’s also been found to generate more leads than outbound marketing.

Any form of marketing that involves sending promotional messages to your consumers and overselling your products or services to them falls under outbound marketing.

It’s a more direct way of asking your customers to purchase your products or services and in a more interruptive and intrusive manner.

While this could have worked in the past, things have changed a great deal.

Consumers only want to be educated about a product and then be left to make informed decisions on their own.

Ads Considered A Nuisance Now

In 1984, an average person could see about 2000 ad messages per day. But now, the number of ads a person sees has shot up to upwards of 5,000 per day. Which is to say, we’re experiencing what’s widely termed as ad overload.

Ads are now considered a nuisance, as evidenced by the proliferation of people that have resorted to using ad blockers. At the time of writing this, over 615 million devices are installed with ad blockers.

In comes content marketing – a breath of fresh air.

Instead of advertising to consumers directly, content marketing allows you to offer value. It’s less intrusive and only targeted at people who have somehow expressed interest in your products, services, or solutions.

Half of the People Between the Age of 18 and 49 trust the Internet for News and Information

It’s just a matter of time before TVs become phased out, as confirmed by Pew Research Centre in their 2016 study findings.

The internet is taking over. That means, the best place to target customers isn’t via the traditional media, but the internet. That’s where a majority of your target customers can easily be found.

67.7 percent of customers that read reviews and comments proceeded to make Purchases online

Reviews and recommendations are among the most trusted sources of information. People don’t want to be marketed to; they want to be educated on how to make better, informed decisions. That’s the new trend that marketers have no option but to take into serious consideration.

Content marketing has proven to be ridiculously powerful and subtly persuasive at the same time. It doesn’t rub anything in your face but convinces you in a way that you wouldn’t even notice that your decision was influenced.

SEO Content Creation Attracts Audience

SEO is complicated. But at the core, it’s all about populating your blog with high-quality content.

In other words, without doing anything else, a blog is 434% more likely to rank high compared to a blog with none.

Content marketing agencies Singapore help you to create the much-needed pathways to direct online users to your landing page. The more you create; the more channels you’ll be creating to direct visitors to your site. It’s that simple.

Content Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Engaging Content Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Now that you’ve understood the value of content marketing, it helps to decide on whether you’re going to create your own content or outsource it to a professional.

Each side comes with its share of pros and cons.

Many business owners prefer writing their own content than assigning it to an agency or freelance developer.

HubSpot also goes on to point out that businesses that publish upwards of 16 posts per month generate three times more traffic compared to those that publish less than four articles in a month.

Remember, what’s even more important than the number of posts that you publish is the quality of the posts themselves. It’s also been established that Google ranks lengthy posts (2000 words and above) better compared to shorter ones.

Imagine writing more than 16, 2000-word posts in a month and you’ll understand where we’re driving at. That’s one heck of a tall order. But that’s just how content marketing works.

Pros of DIY Content

  • It’s cheap, almost free. The only cost you’ll incur is your time.
  • You can use your own voice. Your style and tone of writing will help you make your content unique.
  • You’re the expert. No one understands your business better.
  • It lends authenticity. It shows that you understand your business better and that you’re really passionate about what you do.
  • It’s a great way to keep yourself updated on what’s happening in your industry.

Cons of DIY Content

  • It’s time-consuming. Writing a single blog post might take you a full day of researching, editing, and proof-reading.
  • It requires skills. Everyone can write. But that’s not to say everyone is good at it. Your sentences must be clear, concise, and written with a careful choice of words. It takes years of practise and reading to perfect this skill.
  • Your content will be narrowed, and that’s because you’ll only be focused on an area that you’re passionate about. You need a holistic view of the industry and how everything plays together to diversify the content that you create. 
  • Sorry to say this, but your voice might be a turn off to some of your target customers.
  • Marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO. You have to dedicate enough time to understanding acceptable search engine practises to come up with content that appeals to both search engines and the users you’re targeting.
  • You need to create a regular stream of content. Not just 10 or 20, but a long list of them, generated regularly and without fail.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Content Creator

  • A professional content creator will ensure your website is updated regularly. That will make it easier for search engines to index your site regularly. At the same time, it’s what you need to make your visitors return.
  • A professional content creator will add multiple dimensions and viewpoints to the content that they create. They have an outsider understanding of your business and the industry, in extension.
  • Hiring a professional content marketing agency in Singapore will help you bring a fresh perspective and approach to your marketing strategy. You’ll not be operating with one person, but a team of copywriters, content developers, content strategists, and so on, and who will be working together to make sure you stay at the top of the latest news and information.
  • The writing delivered by a marketing agency will have the required professional quality that upholds the professional standards of your firm. On top of working with talented writers, chances are good that they’ll also be working with professional editors and proof-readers.
  •  A professional writer will know how to play around with your selling point without coming off as too sales-y.
  • They’re updated on the latest SEO practises.
  • They can help you repurpose your older posts.

Cons of hiring a Professional Content Marketing Agency

  • To work with the best content creation team, you have to be willing to pay handsomely. It’s expensive when compared to doing it yourself
  • The content may lack the depth that some consumers prefer. They’re no experts in your field, so expect their content to be a little superficial.
  • You must vet the agencies properly.

Hire Content marketing agencies in singapore or DIY?

Whichever option you settle for, it’s always important to be helpful, customer-oriented and consistent.

If you do not have the time or skill to pull this off, then outsource to content marketing agencies in Singapore to avoid creating unnecessary complications. Consider the agency your fractional chief marketing officer.

A fractional CMO is one who spends a portion of his time consulting for your company. As he has a very specialized skill set, it would be expensive to hire him on a full time basis. By paying him hourly or on a project basis, you benefit from his skills while incurring only a fraction of his full time wages.

To see how you can work content marketing into your marketing strategy, contact Blazing Conversions Digital Agency. We look forward to chatting with you.

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