How can Design Of Ecommerce Website Boost Sales? (+5 Proven Methods)

There are millions of design of ecommerce website template or service in the market; all of them competing with one another to attract more traffic to sell to. They spend huge sums of money on marketing strategies in order to promote their products and services. 

However, it is important for eCommerce businesses to understand that marketing is not the only strategy they should adopt. Your design of eCommerce websites is as important as marketing itself to boost sales figures. 

To expand your market share, your site needs to stand out from thousands of eCommerce websites in the market. Good web design is paramount to boosting sales figures of an eCommerce store. 

Your website design is much more than “just” an electronic brochure or sales pitch. It is the face of your business.

If someone visits your site and doesn’t buy from you – it’s probably because of your website design.

Bad website design can destroy your profits – and quite possibly, your business.

How Design Of Ecommerce Website Helps To Boost Sales?

While marketing attracts quality prospects to your website, your website design is your sales funnel. Having a well designed customer-centric website will affect your customers in numerous positive ways.

First Impressions Count

As they say, first impressions count! Almost 40% of people stop engaging with a website if it’s unattractive.

That means that is you have a visually unappealing website, people will stop engaging with it and leave. They won’t become a customer for your business. Get it updated immediately.

If you hire a good website designer, you can improve how your site looks, make it more reader friendly and increase the sales you get from every visitor to your site.

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It’s vital your website design conveys credibility.

When you create a website for your business, you are creating an identity for it. Good website design goes a long way in establishing the credibility of your business. It is therefore very important that you pay a lot of attention to your website design.

People don’t buy from you; they buy into you. Make sure your sales message and the way you present yourself (in other words, your “theme”) are in harmony.

Always keep this in mind when you are designing a website theme. Keep things clean, consistent, and professional. High-quality images and consistent branding go a long way with your customers.

Build Trust

Trust is essential when customers want to make a purchase. If they don’t feel confident in you, they will not provide you with their credit card information or other private information.

Whether you are selling information products like educational videos or lead-generating assets like special reports, you must design and optimise your website so that it inspires trust in your audience. Failure to do so will handicap your ability to make a profit.

Including elements like social proof, testimonials, return policies, payment verification features in your website design can go a long way in helping build trust in your brand.

5 Ways to Increase Sales with your Website Design

The design of your eCommerce website determines your visitor’s first impression of your website. This kick starts their user experience. If they feel good and comfortable, they visit you repeatedly. 

Your prospects become your customers over time; buying more as their relationship with you matures. Successful online businesses often hire web design services to help them with this vital aspect of their business. 

The design of ecommerce website consists of various factors such as: 

1. Ensure a Good User Experience:

The first impression your visitor has of your site determines the length of his initial visit. 

Naturally, it is important to make your user experience both amazing and entertaining. According to statistics, 75% of users make judgments about a website based on their experience. 

Similarly, 88% of users will not revisit a website again if they find the web site design unappealing. 

Good user experience is based on the two most important concepts of: 

  1. UI
  2. UX

What is UI?

UI stands for user interface. It encompasses all elements of user interaction when they visit your website. This includes site layout, sales funnel, web structure etc.

The latest technological trends have helped eCommerce businesses to focus more on their users. Today’s users have numerous options in terms of online stores to purchase from. 

They can surf the web using their computers, laptops, or mobile devices. This has a great impact on the web designer’s role due to the transformation of systems, preferences, expectations, and accessibility.

Good UI enables users of all ages and internet experience to effectively access a user friendly eCommerce web site. This is what we call a good design of ecommerce website.

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience.

It is the result of UI. Whether it is positive, negative, or neutral, it depends on your UI. It encompasses the end user’s interaction with your site interface.

The key factors that affect a user’s experience are: 

  • Ease of navigation for the user 
  • Convenience
  • How intuitive your site is
  • How informative it is
  • Usefulness and usability of products being sold
  • Desirability of your offerings
  • Perceived credibility of the seller
ux, design of ecommerce website

2. Responsive design of ecommerce website:

No matter what device your users are using, the design of your eCommerce website should be built on a responsive template. 

Users should have access to all its features regardless of the device they are using. The design of your eCommerce website should be supported on any device that has access to the internet. 

This was the major drawback of older design structures. They couldn’t properly load on the now ever popular mobile devices.  

With mobile phones and tables accounting for over half of all internet traffic, modern responsive web designs are a must if you want to increase your sales figures. Your online store must offer instant ease-of-access and convenience to users. 

3. Engaging Content:

Content is what compels users to make a purchase on your website. It is considered one of the most essential elements of a good web page design. 

You should focus on communicating in your target market’s language and style so that it is easy and convenient for them to understand your brand message. It should be such that they get the idea of: 

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What type of products and services you offer
  • How they benefit and improve the users’ lives

The first and foremost objective should be to engage your users. The content should be relevant and to the point. 

First, engage them and then educate them. Many readers avoid lengthy paragraphs and tend to leave web sites that are too long winded.

Surfers value the opinions of their peers. So remember to provide testimonials as a means of social proof. 

4. How Easy it is to navigate and Search:

This is a major consideration of the design of ecommerce website. Strangely, it is often overlooked. 

The design of your eCommerce store should focus on convenience and ease of use for your prospective buyer. 

Today’s online shopper places a high premium on these factors and will quickly leave your website for your competitors if you do not have them.

The users should be able to browse, find, add to cart and purchase items they are interested in easily.

The search function further improves user experience as it provides an option for users to easily look for products. 

5. Shipping

According to a study, 81% of users prefer free shipping services. It is one of the most important aspects when checking out online. 

Some other factors also play their part as well. It is important to inform the user how much total shipping cost will be from the start. Otherwise, they tend to abandon their purchase at this very last stage of the buyers journey.

They will feel that you were not forth coming with information and untrustworthy. This results in very bad user experience. 

Conversely, free or competitive shipping options will boost your online sales. So inform your customers of them from the start.

Web Page Design – Combining With Other Online Marketing Strategies:

The emphasis of any business should not only be on the design of the eCommerce website. As mentioned earlier, good marketing strategies result in high quality eager buyers visiting your website. 

Therefore, combining well planned marketing strategies with a well designed ecommerce website will greatly boost sales.

Powerful digital marketing strategies that should be taken into account include: 

  • Social media marketing. It is a very important and effective tool to enhance sales of eCommerce business. It has a wide reach and is the easiest and quickest way to drive traffic to your website.
  • Paid advertisements on search engines is an efficient way to boost sales because this gives your business an opportunity to interact with users who are already interested in buying these products. 
  • Email marketing and SEO are also important. SEO gives your site higher ranking in search engines, while email marketing allows you to inform your existing clients about your latest products, services and promotions. 

Why You Should Consider Partnering With A Web Site Design Agency:

The key reasons why you should partner with a professional web site design agency include the fact that:

  • They are experts in their field and can give you the best possible advice. 
  • You save personnel costs by outsourcing this department and can focus on other important business operations.
  • You have access to all the latest resources in terms of technology and trends. If you do it yourself, you may have a lack of knowledge and this can lead to failure of your business. 
  • They give you the best web design keeping in view your long-term needs. 
  • They have thorough knowledge about the eCommerce industry and give you the best possible theme which is optimized and compatible with all devices. 

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We hope that this article has given you an insight to how the web design of your eCommerce store can affect your revenue and income. Feel free to contact us should you want to discuss this topic further.

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