2021 Digital Marketing Funnel Guide For Successful Service Based Businesses

You may have heard about digital marketing funnel, sales funnel or funneling. These are words that represent a powerful sales process.

If you were to take an offline sales process online, it is won’t be difficult to visualize what it is exactly.

In its simplest form, a funnel can be broken down into 3 stages. The first stage usually is the exploration stage or “Asking around stage” if you will. During the second stage, the potential buyer goes to various stores to compare prices. The third and final stage is where the customer makes the actual purchase.

Not too complicated now is it?

Now, let’s put that into perspective and see how it can work for your service based business.

Let’s walk you through the essentials required for a full digital marketing funnel setup. If you prefer to concentrate on your core business instead of being hands-on in building your sales funnel, we have a “done-for-you” digital marketing funnel service too.

digital marketing funnel

Let’s dive in….

Digital Marketing Funnel – The Exploration Stage

Now, first things first, we have to understand why people use search engines.


The reason is that if you understand the intent behind the action, you are at the stage of being in the “middle of conversation”. For example, since you are reading this article, it is most likely that you are looking at how to set up a digital marketing funnel for yourself. Right?

Now this is not mind reading. This is simply digital marketing 101 – understand the intent of your online audience. Knowing your audience and understanding their wants allows you to serve them better. Doing so will lead to delighted customers and a base of loyal brand lovers.

As a business owner or digital marketer, it is important to note that at this stage, your potential customers are looking at options.

Funnel essentials you need are a blog/article and/or a mini pre-sale page. Both work in the same way. The key is to “sell the click”. Your potential customers will find that your content serves their wants and click to the next stage.

Digital Marketing Funnel – Comparing Options

When you have successfully “sold the click”, it means that your visitors have clicked on links in your blog/article and/or mini pre-sale page. You have guided them on their sales journey and they have an intention to buy from you. Are you following so far?

One mistake that beginners often make here is that they go on a full blown sales pitch about their product. Such hard-sell tactics don’t resonate well with customers.

As the old marketing adage goes – “Sell them what they want”.

We understand that you are in service based business and that your services are top notch. But this is not what your potential customer want to hear or see. They already sold into your knowledge or expertise by reading your blog/article/mini pre-sale page. So don’t overdo your sales pitch.

Here’s what you should do.

Sell your customer the benefit of their consuming your service. Help them understand why choosing you is the best choice they can make.

This might sound obvious but it while simple, it is not always easy to do. Some think that all you need is to list down all features and have loads of testimonials. This is a negative. Just think about it, your service is simply a means to their end or put plainly, it is just a platform to your customer.

Why should they use yours? They can just as easily choose others.

You’d create the biggest impact when you address their biggest pain points and showcasing how your service benefits them. For example, let’s assume that you are a maths tuition teacher. You can say something like, “After children attend our maths wiz program, parents no longer feel stressed about whether they will pass their math exams.

Now, when worried parents with frustrated kids struggling with math read the above, will they want to know more about your program? Of course they will.

And that leads us to the final stage.

Digital Marketing Funnel – Making the Purchase

By this stage, you have transformed a super cold online visitor to a warm lead. You now have the opportunity to close a sale, sign them up for your program or have them do business with you.

During this stage, you might close them on your webinar, have them go down to your office for a consultation or a attend atrial class if you are giving tuition etc.

At this stage, you will need to reassure them that they have made the right choice by choosing you. In case, you are unsure about how to do this on your web page, we have our specialists who will help you craft the required content.

You might also need to address a few objections along the way. For experienced funnel builders, such objections are typically great feedback loops that you can use to enhance stage 2 of your funnel. If this is something you want to play to your advantage, and you choose to engage our service, we will guide you to do just that.

Hence, you realise that the most challenging portions of your digital marketing funnel to build are your first 2 stages. When these are done well, your potential customers, will understand what you stand for, like your service and trust your brand.

Making the sale in stage 3 will be the easy bit.


I hope that this digital marketing funnel guide has given you a funnel framework to work on for your service-based business. If you haven’t yet done so, you can start mapping out the 3 stages and work on each stage individually.

Each stage can then be enhanced and further fine-tuned after analysing your tracking data analytics. This will improve your online conversion rate which leads to more qualified leads, sales and revenue.

If you prefer working with someone who can help you strategize, design and deploy your entire digital marketing funnel, connect with us and we will be more than happy to get you the results you want.

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