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Start driving more qualified, high intent searchers to your website with our SEO services.

If you are looking at getting more visibility via organic traffic, or capturing a larger market share via search engine optimization (SEO), then you have come to the right page.

Why does SEO work? 

It’s very simple. Most online purchases begin with customers doing research via search engines. Wherever they may be, SEO targets and meets them exactly at that stage of their purchasing journey. 

Because of this, these high intent searchers are highly likely to convert on your website. 

If you are ready to incorporate SEO into your website for maximised organic reach, contact us to arrange an appointment with our SEO specialists today.

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Search Engine Optimisation Consultants - Increasing your ROI From SEO Marketing

SEO is a mid to long term marketing investment.

So, if you’re looking to see the fruits of your commitment, you will want to partner with a company that can provide SEO services at all levels and budgets that can earn you the highest possible ROI.

Here at Blazing Conversions, our SEO specialists have developed a combination of transparent processes and deliverables. 

In doing so, you can rest assured that all figures are tracked and you only pay for work done according to your chosen plan.

With our performance and ROI driven SEO marketing plans, you can look forward to increased visibility and higher conversions on your website. This in turn improves your bottom line.

Whether you are a small or big business, SEO can greatly help you connect with your potential customers and elevate your brand’s standing. 

See what’s included in our SEO packages below.


Before we can embark on doing any SEO work on your business, an SEO site audit will be performed. 

This is to paint a clear picture of:

  • your overall site structure
  • what adjustments need to be made
  • how well your site is currently performing

With the information provided by the SEO site audit, we will have detailed knowledge of how to efficiently and effectively optimise you site. 

This step is essential and could take up to 14 working days for more elaborate sites.

We will use the results returned from your SEO audit to optimise your site. This includes:

  • taking care of your technical SEO
  • helping you increase your site usability and functionality 
  • craft attention grabbing titles and meta descriptions
  • update or enhance overall site architecture

SEO Keyword Research

As the saying goes “keywords make or break a campaign”.

Not all keywords are equal.

In SEO, choosing a wrong keyword not only negatively affects your bottomline but also results in wasted time and effort.

Our professional keyword research processes identify specific keywords that we can target to help drive valuable traffic to your site.

With high intent traffic gravitating towards your website, you can look forward to high value enquiries, fresh hot leads and more. 

Here are some keyword examples: 

  • Singapore seo agency
  • Singapore seo packages
  • Singapore seo services
  • Singapore plumber service
  • Singapore aircon servicing
  • pet grooming near me
  • mobile pet groomer
  • dentist near me

We will also provide 

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Mapping Reports
  • Rank Tracking Reports

Back Links and Earned Media

There are 3 types of media channels:

  • Earned Media
  • Paid Media
  • Owned Media

Paid media is media that you pay for.

Owned media refers to people who already know your brand and have done business with you before.

While earned media refers to getting your site in front of targeted audiences and ideal customers. 

In SEO, earned media is crucial as it offers different touch points during the buyers journey.

Our SEO content marketing team will create new opportunities to grow your website by building links with experts in the industry.

This is what we call your “outreach program”.

Launch and Test

Having set up the ground work and gaining traction in getting relevant organic traffic to your site is just the beginning of our SEO optimization services.

As your partner, we will ensure that your website is driving visitors through a process to take your intended action – make a purchase, attend your event, make enquiries or fill up a form.

We believe there is no set-and-forget campaign. We track and test everything and make constant improvement to your SEO marketing strategy.

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How SEO services help your business grow?

Here are a few ways:

1. As we all know, if a target keyword is correctly optimized, it results in a higher placement in search engine results pages. Thus, when we identify a specific keyword that is important to your business, we will target it in

  • your content
  • your meta tags
  • your alt tags
  • your URL

These are important places on your site where you can enhance the chances of having it rank well on search engines. 

2. Studies have shown that websites in the 1st position of search engines receive about 33% of clicks, while the second position receives about 15%.

This means that websites nearer the top enjoy vastly increased traffic and conversions.

Here’s an example of how SEO can deliver ROI when you rank in the top position (33% of clicks).

  • Keyword: pet grooming singapore
  • Monthly search: 720
  • Assuming your service cost: $50
  • Assuming conversion rate on your website: 10%
  • Your Potential Earning: (720 x 33%) x 10% x $50 = $1188
  • Keyword: dog grooming singapore
  • Monthly search: 590
  • Assuming your service cost: $50
  • Assuming conversion rate on your website: 10%
  • Your Potential Earning: (590 x 33%) x 10% x $50 = $973.50

So as you can see, the above two keywords are “intent-rich”, meaning to say that the searchers are looking at specific services to help them solve their problems.

If you boost your site traffic with targeted keywords, more highly relevant people will visit your website. 

This means you will have more conversions.

3. Increased conversions will pave the way to

  • a growing business.
  • having more brand visibility
  • more trust between your business and potential customers

When your conversions increase – be it via phone calls, registered subscribers, sales enquires or product purchases – it means your SEO campaign is successfully attracting traffic and results.

Now that you understand how important SEO is to your business, embark on your SEO journey by contacting our SEO specialists now