5 Amazing Digital Marketing Strategies For B2B Growth – What happens when You Use Them?

If you are looking to find marketing strategies for b2b, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find strategies that you can use in your business.

Let’s dive in shall we?

The digital era has modified the way B2B communication is realized. You have to be ready to adapt to changes in order to meet the expectations of your audience.

 A well-designed marketing strategy mix that utilizes different outlets to broaden your business or brand recognition will allow you to enter into the new global marketplace and become a staple in it. 

Marketing Strategies for b2b Marketing Plan

Website design

A website is not a new invention by any means as websites for business are now an expected standard. But, you have to engage your website in a livelier and compelling approach, instead of a set-it-and-forget-it attitude like most companies do. 

Nowadays, in digital marketing, your website is basically the face of your brand or business, where you have to demonstrate your expertise while providing solutions to potential customers. 

In other words, websites today must be constantly adapted to the tastes and needs of visitors. A client’s first interaction with your business could often be via the world wide web. 

Ads placed on social media are another way that customers can be linked to your brand. Viewers are often channeled to your relevant website pages in this way. 

Studies show that people tend to search for a business online before deciding whether to do business with them. 

Your company website should be an industry resource that fascinates clients and supplies them with an informative and educational experience. 

This way, your potential clientele can obtain the information they need with ease. This added efficiency frees up time for your staff to concentrate on other revenue producing activities.

Your website is an integral part of your marketing strategies for B2B as it provides you with an instrument that collects leads and aids in the sales process. 

Your website could arguably be your most valuable marketing asset. It is important that your website fits your target audience, has a mobile responsive structure, integrates call-to-action, scheduling etc, and be assessed and updated on a frequent basis. 

It is not uncommon to for profitable companies to partner with web site design agencies to enhance their online strategy to increase profitable high demand web traffic.

More b2b Digital Marketing Strategies

Social media 

Social media is known as the modern-day B2B billboard and can give your brand an immense boost. 

It is one of the top marketing strategies for b2b, considering the fact that most people have a social media account.

Social media advertising can be part of your marketing strategy mix that links your brand or business to billions of social media users around the world. 

However, you have to pick your social media platforms wisely, as not all social media outlets are ideal for every business. 

Social media will help support your lead generation tactics, maximize your brand authority and encourage undecided buyers to buy your products. 

Another good method to leverage in social media marketing is live streaming. It can work for most brands. 

Average post reach more than doubles for live videos and Facebook statistics reveal post engagement for live videos was 178% higher than standard posts. Also. Facebook referral traffic increased by 213% when live video streams were used. 

Therefore, you can include live streaming into your marketing strategy mix for:

  • sales announcements
  • company news announcements
  • discussions about industry topics
  • new product tutorials or walkthroughs
  • interviews and discussions with industry experts 
  • customer spotlights or reviews

SEO and b2b Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of adjusting your website’s structure and content to rank higher in search engines for specific keywords or phrases. 

This b2b marketing strategy is by far the most valuable for any company. The reason being, the leads that go through this channel to contact you company are the most targeted and self filtered leads. That is why most companies who understand the long term cost of acquired a lead will adopt some form of SEO in their marketing mix.

Without SEO, it will be virtually impossible to get new organic traffic to your website.

Organic SEO traffic accounts for 6 times more internet traffic than does paid advertising. Visitors from SEO sources are 3 times more likely to make a purchase on your website than those from paid ads. 

SEO will allow search engines to find and index your website. When they are able to do that, your search ranking position goes higher. 

It is imperative for B2B marketers to implement SEO as 71% of B2B researchers begin their research with generic Google searches. Such typical research tends to employ a standard of 12 searches before they contact a specific brand.

SEO is a broad subject. Speak to professionals to explore which SEO website services would be best for your business.


Blogging is one of the marketing strategies for b2b that one can adopt.

Creating a blog on your website is a given as it both improves SEO and also ranks you up as a thought leader in the marketplace. Your blog dominion incites a world of knowledge to your potential clients while also attracting more clientele to your site. 

Take into consideration that this draws a repeated positive cycle. When you are able to invite clients back to your site with strong content, you will be able to forge trust and loyalty. 

Remember, SEO ticks both the demand and lead generation boxes.

It should be noted that SEO is rather complicated and it is in your best interest to work with a company that can do it for you. 

They will be able to apply the most effective techniques to help search engines find you. Meanwhile your attention can be centered on your core business activities. 

Now, it is imperative that you have innovative and compelling content that will attract and engage your clients. It should encourage them to contact your brand or make a purchase.

As said before, video is a huge content element which provides many opportunities to engage and even educate your audience.

That is why you should consider using video as one of your marketing strategies for b2b.

Clients tend to react positively in favor of video content as it puts a face to your business. Infographics, e-books, case studies, and white papers are also popular types of content you can employ.


A B2B eCommerce market is a place where businesses can procure materials they need to operate. 

Customers can go to their supplier’s website, key in the items and quantities they require and have them delivered to their own warehouse. They might even have their own wholesale buyers’ promotion codes to key in for special B2B discounts.

The best brands know when their customers will run out of supply and when it is time to remarket to them. 

For example, if your clients finish consuming their products every six months, you must start marketing to them four months after their previous purchase, allowing a two-month window for them to restock. 

Perfect Your Marketing Strategy Mix

You must be able to strike a delicate balance between selling your products and providing information to your customers. A report shows that 59% of B2B buyers prefer doing research online instead of contacting vendors for information. The reason is that they want objective details rather than someone pushing a sales agenda. 

Therefore you need to strike a balance with your marketing methods. Giving value, earning trust and asking for the sale should be part of your marketing strategy mix.

If you are only focused on closing a deal without caring about your customer’s needs and concerns; then most of your potential clients will go to your competitors who provide reliable information about their buying options. 

They will develop a trusting relationship with them and buy from them instead of you.

Organized digital marketing strategies for your B2B business in this technological era could be the turning point for your company. 

If you are looking for more information about how you can use digital marketing strategies to market your B2B business, give us a buzz here.

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