9 of The Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Business Growth In Singapore

digital marketing strategies

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies For Business Growth In Singapore

Applying digital marketing strategies to your business will help your business grow.

It’s a long term investment that will reflect positively in your profit.

In today’s internet driven world, consumers are mostly online. You want to reach them and turn them into your clients.

Combining different digital marketing strategies will help you build a strong brand that will attract more clients and therefore more profits.

Below we explore some digital marketing strategies that will help grow your business.

1. Organic SEO Service

SEO is one of the most important and underrated of all the digital marketing strategies.

70 – 80% of search engine users are focused only on organic results. They avoid clicking the advertisements that show up on SERPs (search engine results pages).

That is why it’s so important to be displayed organically in Google.

Google’s algorithms can be confusing, but if you contact an SEO expert you will be able to have a coherent, safe and effective SEO strategy that will assure your success.

A good SEO strategy will increase your traffic, brand awareness, sales, conversion rates and ultimately your profits.

SEO is important for entrepreneurs now. With the explosive growth in mobile device usage, capturing search traffic via SEO will be even more crucial for businesses for years to come.

Organic SEO services will drive consumers to your website without their feeling like they are in the center of a marketing strategy.

In a market full of annoying disruptive advertisements, an organic result will make them feel safe. They will more readily click on an organic search result than an ad.

It is part of their natural search process. Thus, they will be more willing to buy from you.

2. Services for Web Design

The website design is the next important factor. After you gain natural traffic, you should offer potential customers a good experience.

By having a well thought out user centric interface, your web site design will encourage your visitor to shop with you, recommend you to others and even come back for more orders.

This means that you have to provide a user friendly website with good relevant content in order to generate more sales.

Provide good navigation flow for your customer. This will allow them to find products and recommendations easily. They will appreciate web pages that respond to their needs.

Website structure is also an important element in SEO.

Search engines rank websites based on how relevant they are to searches and how well they meet their customers’ needs.

As previously mentioned, the increase in the mobile search traffic (over 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices) means it pays for businesses to have mobile responsive web design.

While it might initially seem basic, an optimized web site can increase your sales and profit in many ways.

The best thing is that once built, you won’t have to continue paying for the web site. Also the benefits garnered are automated and do not require human intervention.

digital marketing strategies

3. Riding Ecommerce Trends

By 2021, global retail ecommerce sales will reach 4.5 trillion$. If you may want a piece of this action, you should pay extra attention to ecommerce digital strategies.  

For better sales, you should offer relevant information about the products you sell.

You must use product visualization that will help you offer your customers details about products; such that the visuals help them decide to buy from you. You can use a zoom option, a 360-degree approach or even 3D perspective.

You should consider also using videos. 81% of customers say videos help them develop confidence when purchasing a product.

Although not all products require a video, if you have ones that you can show your product in action, you should do so.

4. Social Media Marketing Strategy

With over 2.8 billion social media users worldwide, social media marketing cannot be ignored.

Having a good and well executed social media campaign will definitely help you raise your sales.

You must focus on relevant, quality content that will transform your followers into customers.

Your Social Media campaign should align with other digital marketing strategies. In doing so, you will get better results.

This is the reason why successful companies hire a social media marketing agency.

The agency develops and implements a social media marketing strategy that best complements their overall marketing strategy.

5. Sales funnel in Marketing

A sales funnel will permit you to see your customers’ trajectory from introduction to your brand to purchase completion.

Sales funnel professionals would have tracking enabled throughout your website. This allows you to track your customers’ behaviour and make necessary adjustments to your landing pages.

For example, if there is high sales cart abandonment, you will know to make changes to your final sales page.

Perhaps your customers are not yet ready to buy. They might require more information, your offer is not compelling or your pay now button is too small.

Your sales funnel consultants will have the experience to advise you on how best to increase your conversion rates.

A proper sales funnel guides your customers through the buyer’s journey. It provides information, develops trust, nurtures the client to become a buyer and then continues selling to them after the first sale.

On the internet, this process is automated and free once fully developed.

An optimized sales funnel can greatly increase sales and revenue. Thus, it is wise to work with sales funnel marketing specialists who can significantly increase your marketing ROI.

6. Remarketing

Remarketing will help you transform prospects into clients.

Remarketing refers to exposing your brand to potential clients who have shown initial interest.

Most people will only purchase a product from a new brand after a few repeated exposures to it. Understanding this psychology, you can use tools on the internet to do just that.

It requires a bit of technical skill but when done correctly, a prospective buyer who visits your website or ad will be ‘cookied’.

This allows platforms like Google, Facebook and other syndicated networks to bring up your ad again when they visit other websites.

Seeing your ads again reminds consumers about your product, builds brand recognition and helps them choose your product over your competition.

It’s a very useful strategy that will improve your sales figures.

digital marketing strategies

7. Email Marketing

In business, it is important to capture new markets and get new leads.

What is equally or more important is taking care of and nurturing existing customers. It would be wise for business owners who want to increase sales to remember this.

It is 6 times more expensive to win a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Bain & Co. research found that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability by up to 95%.

A good way to keep in contact with your clients is email marketing. With email marketing, you can keep customers, who have given you permission to contact them, abreast of new product offerings.

You might inform them of promotions, complementary products and remind them to top up stock of any consumables they may be running out of.

Compelling content in your email marketing campaign will keep your list engaged; improve customer retention, rank up profit; all at a marginal cost.

8. Local search marketing

Local search marketing is likely to be the newest and relatively untapped digital marketing strategies.

More and more people have been using smartphones and other mobile devices to look for solutions.

This highly targeted approach results in very high conversion rates. The astute marketer will want to take advantage of this fast rising trend.

9. Blog

A blog is an immensely important element of digital marketing.

It provides the opportunity to engage with potential and existing customers in a conversational manner.

Relevant high quality content will help develop trust and establish your business as an industry leader.

By opening up your brand message, blogging will provide others a sense of your business standards, corporate character, vision and culture in a personal manner.

One of the more powerful benefits of blogging is the potential that it creates for viral traffic when visitors share the link to your blog.

All search engines love relevant fresh content. By blogging you can provide this in a most straight forward and inexpensive manner.

Wrapping it up

The best way to boost your ROI (return of investment) is by combining 2 or more of these digital marketing strategies.

For example, you can combine SEO with the sales funnel. In this way, you can channel hungry quality buyers into your high converting sales funnel. Your cost per sale will fall drastically and your ROI will rocket.

There are other combinations you can consider depending on your industry, consumer habits and marketing budget.

Whatever the mix of the digital marketing strategies you want to pursue, you should keep in mind that it’s best to be handled by a professional digital marketing agency.

They will have the know-how and experience to provide advice to you.

The alternative is to try to do it yourself. This would mean you would have to compete with professional marketers hired by your industry competitors.

Good management would focus on running the core business. Meanwhile they can work with external digital marketing partners to perform the complex but necessary tasks of online marketing.

Contact Blazing Conversions to explore how digital marketing strategies can quickly improve your business growth.

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