5 Steps To Profit By A Proven Digital Marketing Strategy Agency

According to one digital marketing strategy agency study, 46% of businesses wing their digital marketing campaigns.

They have no solid digital marketing strategy, so they just cast everything and hope that their marketing effort pays off.

And then there’s the 16 percent that at least made an effort to come up with a strategy.

But to them, this strategy is nothing more than a formality – they have yet to fully integrate it into their marketing and business activities.

It’s simple actually.

With digital marketing, the only way one can grow, innovate, and drive meaningful results is by planning about everything in advance.

Easy said than done.

Instead of panicking or reacting to things without a proper plan, why don’t you take some time off and work on a digital marketing strategy that packs a powerful punch?

We’ve prepared a detailed, step by step guide that you can use to craft an impactful strategy that your company’s bottom line will thank you for.

Alternatively, you can engage a digital marketing strategy agency. We’ll discuss this later.

digital marketing strategy agency

5 Steps to Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 1 – Set the Objectives

Your digital marketing strategy as a marketer or business owner, all your marketing effort should be goaded by what you want to
achieve by the end of it all.

What do you want to achieve through the campaign?

In other words, you have to nail your mission or define your business objectives.

You can begin by defining your mission. What’s your grand plan in business?

Where do you see yourself after you’ve accomplished everything you plan to do?

That should be your mission.

Step 2 – Digital Marketing Plans – Set and Measure Your KPIs

After you’ve identified your key objectives in business, you need to come up with specific Key Performace Indexes (KPIs) for identifying the figures that will be holding you accountable.

Remember, you’re not doing anything blindly here.

You have goals and a keystone objective that will be guiding you every step of the way.

Therefore, it makes sense that you’ll want to break it into measurable numerical values.

After you’ve identified your KPIs, it’s important that you figure out how to measure them.

For example, you can use Google Analytics (GA) to make conversions or a socialmedia analytics tool such as BuzzSumo to measure your social media engagement and track your content marketing success.

Here’s a KPI template you may use:
· Start by highlighting your goals e.g. increase web traffic
· Insert a figure, like how many visitors are you targeting
· Add a time frame, how many days or months will it take you to achieve this
· Now break everything into daily figures, weakly, and take baby steps towards your main goal.

Step 3 – Understand your Digital Sales Funnel

You need to take your time to understand the nature of your business and the thought process in the journey to take action.

Highlight all the steps that your site’s visitors go through until they become customers.

What influences their decisions at different points in their buying journey?

These stages tend to vary from business to business, but generally in digital marketing strategy, they include the following:

  • Discovery: When customers stumble across your business or brand for the first time. They have never interacted with before, and it’s the first time they’re seeing or hearing your name.
  • Research/Consideration: Brand recognition has already been established here. The lead is growing interest in your business and just want to learn more about your products and services. At this point, some may choose to engage you – after which they’re converted from leads to prospects.
  • Purchase: This is where a lead decides to go through with a purchase. They’re willing to complete a purchase and try out your products or services.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty comes after a customer completes a purchase. If they were impressed enough by the quality of your products or services, you can be sure they’ll be back for more or at least recommend some of their friends and family members.

    At this point, you want to ask yourself at what point of the sales funnel can your customers be found mostly.

    If your business is already making enough sales, it makes sense to focus on customers at the loyalty stage.

    If your brand is relatively new, then common sense dictates that you work on creating more awareness around it.

    Much of your marketing effort should be dedicated to brand discovery, and forth.
  • What platform are they on? What’s their preferred way of interaction on this platform? And what would they want to be marketed to?

This information will help you come up with pain points that you can use to target your audience best.

Step 4 – Identify Where Your Users At Each Stage of your Digital Marketing Campaign

After you’ve identified your audience or potential customer, find out how to best connect with them.

Ask simple question like: Where can they be found?

Look into all paid and organic channels to find out their favorite hanging spot online.

You should also categorically identify which channel they’re active on at each stage.

What’s the best platform to make them discover your business?

In most cases, it’s Google SEO or social media.

What’s the best platform to grow their interest?

In most cases, it’s email marketing and social media. And so on.

Step 5 – Incorporate Digital Channel Marketing Automation and Personalisation

After getting your business up and running, you want to come up with ways to make the campaign impactful and sustainable.

This demands that you automate some your digital marketing strategy and figure out how to personalize some of the marketing messages that you send.

Come up with messages that you’ll be sending to your customers after specific actions.

Personalize them where possible.

Dig around for best automation, personalization, and segmentation tools you can find.

The next thing you want to do is come up with a series of copies that target users at the various stages of your sales funnels, and as your leads or prospects gradually move from one stage to another, serve them with the right marketing message that
inches them closer to taking action.

Digital Marketing Strategy Agency

It helps to have a solid marketing strategy that guides your both operations and admin side inside your business.

Without a proper marketing plan lay out, it’s like going in a tunnel without have a torch.

Who better to assist you in creating an impactful, practical and profitable strategy than a digital marketing strategy agency?

If you want someone to devise a digital marketing plan or just want a digital marketing strategy consultant to have you as your co-pilot, contact us here.

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