What services does an SEO services company Provide?

You might be looking for a SEO company or thinking what actually does a Search Engine Optimization company provides?

Now, before we get into that, choosing the right SEO services company is important for any business. Imagine if you do a search online and your competitor pop up instead of yours, finding one that really understand is important.

There are two groups of SEO companies. Both groups understand and know how to execute SEO. However the first group of SEO will execute on a much broader spectrum while the second group execute on a deeper spectrum.

Now what the difference?

The difference here is, the second group of SEO expert are expert in your industry or have done it before. Therefore they know and understand your customer profile. Regardless which group you select, bear in mind that most good search engine optimization companies marry both data and strategy to give you an upper hand over your competitor.

Hopefully by now, we have explain clearly about why there is a difference in the search engine optimization space. So lets move on answer the most common question we get “what an SEO firm does and what services it provides?”

Why is SEO Important?

Organic search is the major path in which people discover websites. 91% of existing websites do not get any organic traffic at all. Thus, it is not enough to simply have a website.

With SEO, your website gains visibility with your potential customers. Appearing at the top of search engine result pages (SERPS) increases the chances of more people finding your brand

SEO also delivers sustainable results while being relatively low cost.

If you want to ensure that your business has a strong presence and is engaged with the modern client, you need to partner with an SEO services company.

Basically, SEO is a compound of strategies that are used to increase the amount of traffic a website experiences, by obtaining a high ranking placement in search results. They are numerous factors that can impact your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs): 

  • on-page SEO – refers to all the strategies you implement on your website;
  • off-page SEO – refers to the strategies implemented outside your website, on other sites.

Regarding on-page SEO, it’s important that you focus on your web design, technical SEO, UI, and UX.

Source: The Restart Specialist

SEO services companyOn-Page SEO website services

 At the web design level, you have to consider 3 elements that should be integrated into your design: web design SEO, UI (user interface) SEO, and UX (User experience) SEO. 

A good SEO ranking will attract more customers. But how do you manage to keep the customers interested in your products? With great web design, UI and UX of course! 

Once visitors arrive on your website, they should be able to quickly find what they are looking for. For that, you should have a great web design, with great care for UI and UX. 

Good web design service will do more than just help you rank better and attract more eager customers. By having a user centric web design, you cater to your visitor’s needs. 

The ease of navigation and the flow of information lead to natural sales. No pushy hard selling. This will reflect in higher revenues and profits.

UX and mobile optimization are crucial factors that search engines use to rank your website. With over half of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it goes without saying that improving UX for mobile users requires your website to be mobile optimized. 

This way, your website layout will load properly on mobile phones and tablets. There is nothing more frustrating than to visit a website that looks like a mess on your screen. 

Furthermore, mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a site if it’s not mobile optimized.

You will lose many potential customers if you don’t provide a mobile version of your website. Improve your conversion rates by keeping this in mind when designing your website. 

Also close pay attention to the visual presentations on your website. They have a big impact and influence on moving your visitor through your sales funnel. 

Visual presentations include design features, widgets, style elements, imagery, videos and text that is appealing to your target audience. You may want to work with a web site design agency in order to make sure that you have all the best SEO website design features on your website.

Web Page Design – UI 

In our increasing high tech world, customer service more important than ever before. This is expressed in terms of UI and UX.

Make sure that you bring these up during your discussion with your SEO services company.

User Interface is highly important for your SEO, and UX plays a huge role in driving conversions. They must be given the required attention when planning your website design. 

If they are both well integrated, they will have a positive effect in your SEO results.

Some aspects of UI are closely related to technical SEO. They are not immediately obvious to the user but they are to search engines. Meta tags, keywords appearing in H1 headlines, mobile friendliness, site structure, breadcrumb menus, webmaster tools are just a few things that help search engine crawlers find and index your website. 

Technical SEO increases your website visibility to search engine crawlers. When your website is easily found, you will rank higher on SERPs.

Conversely, if Google finds your website hard to crawl, your website will receive a bad negative score and your rankings will decrease. 

SEO services company


Another important factor of UX relates to your website meeting users’ needs and allowing them to easily find what they are searching for. 

This means that your content and menu must be organized in an intuitive manner that facilitates the flow between relevant pages. 

Excellent user experience must be one of your web design goals. UX focuses on website visitors enjoying their time on your website. When they do, they tend to stay longer to explore your web pages. They will get a better understanding of your brand and products. They will also be more prone to buying from you. 

Longer duration spent on your website and reduced bounce rates are key elements that search engines use to grade your website ranking.

88% of people who had a bad user experience are unlikely to return to your site. Poor UX will lead to a huge loss of customers and sales!

By putting in effort to improve UX, you will not only have satisfied site visitors, you will also rank higher in search engines.

Off-Page SEO services

Offpage SEO services revolve around the concept of increasing your website authority. Your authority improves when many other websites refer to your pages as a point of references.

This appears as back-links in different forms on different platforms.

Google rates organic SEO traffic highly so the emphasis is to grow them organically.

Google imposes severe penalties for parties which try to game the system using black hat techniques.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging on a website in your niche and industry is a good opportunity to build a natural link to your own website. It also improves your reputation with followers of that blog.

Article writing

Article submissions can bring natural traffic and quality back links to your website. Make sure your articles have valuable content and stick to the guidelines laid out by article submission websites. Otherwise, you will get blacklisted.

Influencer marketing outreach

Another powerful way to build relationships is to leverage on the reputation of others. Influencers have large followings by definition. Invite them to share your content. 

By their talking about your brand, you increase your brand mentions and links to your website. Your brand’s reputation grows with their followers and authority grows with the search engines.


Problems that people experience are often discussed on forums. If you have relevant content on your website that can solve others’ problems, you can reference them in your replies. 

Such useful content will in turn be shared by those who have benefited from it; leading to more back links.

Local listings

Use local listings to improve your local SEO. Register your business with local directories. Instead of competing with the vast global competition, dominate your local niche. 

Be the big fish in the little pond. This will help you reach your targeted audience.

SEO offers a very good ROI as it is low cost while being highly effective. It’s results are long staying and sustainable.

SEO traffic generated leads have a closing rate of 14.7% as compared to 1.7% for outbound marketing leads. That means that SEO traffic converts 7 times better than paid traffic!

It makes sense that you should emphasize SEO in your website design structure.

While much of SEO can be technical, you should keep your customer in mind. Focusing only on the technical aspects of SEO will only get you so far. So remember to strike a balance. 

Contact us should you like to know more about how SEO website services can help your business.

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