9 Amazing Ecommerce Conversion Rate Boosters For Your Website

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Booster

90% of internet users in Singapore have searched online for a product to buyer.

As business owners, we want our websites to create impact when visitors come by. We want them to have a good first impression and be drawn in to find out more about what we have to offer.

That is why you should include ecommerce conversion rate boosters for your website.

Whether your priority is

Brand Positioning
– List building
– Promotions
– Education

You would want your website to build trust between you and your customer.

Ecommerce Strategy Consultants Advice – 9 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Boosters

Below are 9 proven conversions boosting features that you should include in your landing page framework

1. The Menu

It is easy to get lost among in the colourful pictures and content when you are online. Have a navigation bar at the top to allow the visitor to find his way to where he wants to go helps a great deal. 

2. The Hero Shot

You need to capture the attention of the visitor. The best way is to have a “Hero” shot that conveys what your brand is about. It will state pictorially what you want the visitor to do.

For example, a high quality shot of a macho Hells Angel rider in front of a Harley Davidson chopper bike will tell the visitor that you cater to people who aspire to that lifestyle.

They should stay on if they want to buy, learn more, sign up etc

3. Quick Stripe

The horizontal stripe, when used correctly, shoots down objections that potential customers might have about brands that are new to them.

Eg you could put a list of big name partners in it. That will convey that you are reliable, experienced and trustworthy.

Alternatively, you could include points like

– 100% secure sales process
– Free delivery
– No questions asked return policy
– 100% green products

They will help customers who worry that they are taking a risk by trying out a new seller, make a purchase with you.

4. Tell Your Customer Why You are Better

After you have caught the attention of the buyer, you should explain your proposition.
Say why your product is better than the competition. Why buying from you is the smarter choice etc.

5. Show Off Your Wares

You’ve declared the lifestyle, built your credibility, and made the point of how awesome your company is.

Now tell them what you are selling!

Your showcase can include

– Best sellers
– Seasonal items
– What’s new
– Product spotlight
– Special collections


6. Lead Capture

You’ve spent money marketing your website and driving traffic to it.
It’s a well known fact that people hardly ever buy on the first visit.

Take the opportunity to collect email addresses and other contact information from your visitors.
When they provide these to you, customers are telling you that they would like to be updated about your brand and your offerings.

Keep in contact and offer them value in your communications. They will become your returning customers.

7. Footer

This should include important details that serious buyers will want to know. They are usually not the first things that people would like to see but are points that give them confidence to make their purchase.

You should include

– Legalities – Terms and Conditions, Privacy policies etc
– Corporate – Core values, we are hiring
– Locations – Show how big and well connected your brand is
– Social Media Links – Having a strong social media presence increases your credibility

8. Reviews and Testimonials

People like to buy what others rave about. Let your existing customers sell on your behalf by sharing their experiences.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

In our world of instant gratification, people like to have their questions answered immediately. Otherwise, they would leave the website. Retain their attention by providing answers to their most common questions.

Ecommerce Marketing Consultants & Ecommerce Marketing Solutions

And there you have it – 9 proven ecommerce website conversion rate boosters. Should you require help implementing them into your website design, contact Blazing Conversions Marketing Consultants. We are a one stop shop for all your for all your digital marketing needs.

What else do you think are crucial elements to your ecommerce website?

Let us know in the comments below.

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