Why Hire Proven Ecommerce Marketing Companies to Boost Your Brand?

There has been a lot of buzz about businesses going online and the rising importance of hiring ecommerce marketing companies.

The global ecommerce industry rose by $3.5 trillion in 2019. If you have a product to sell, you need not worry about setting up and manning a shop. You can service customers from all over the world over the internet. 

But while the demand for ecommerce has increased opportunities, so has the competition. That is why successful businesses have been partnering ecommerce marketing companies. 

So what exactly does an ecommerce digital marketing agency do and how can hiring a good one positively impact your business gains?

Let’s find out.

ecommerce marketing companies

Ecommerce Marketing Companies – Providing Guidance

While ecommerce is the buzzword and it is relatively simple to set up a website to sell your products or services online, many entrepreneurs struggle to keep their heads above water.

New tools, platforms, techniques and search engine rules appear every so often. Business owners cannot keep up with the changes. 

Every company in your industry is trying to get a leg up over you. You have to look at the fine details as well as the big picture. Unfortunately, you might not always be able to find out why your company had a dip in profits.

The biggest benefit of engaging ecommerce marketing companies is the guidance they provide.

Not just through their experience and skills in the online arena but through their knowledge of aspects of business and customer buying patterns. 

Ecommerce marketing specialists will help you navigate the internet and leverage the advantages that technology provides. High level consultants will also advise you on how to restructure your business to fully integrate your operations as an internet company should.

Ecommerce Business Marketing Consultants

The role of digital commerce marketing professionals is increasingly significant for modern companies. These marketing experts take into account your business goals before analysing your store internally as well as in relation to your competitors in the industry. After doing so, they devise an ecommerce strategy to promote your company and improve your market position.

Ecommerce marketing professionals work across a myriad of industries. They help budding startups grow to get a foothold in their industry. They help larger more established businesses innovate and come up with creative ideas to further build their brands.

As such, they understand what works and what deadweight needs to be removed. Their initial website audit will identify areas which will need closer inspection and optimization. Whether you are using WooCommerce or Magento as your ecommerce platform, these experts will recommend changes to improve your conversion rate at each stage.

Major ecommerce businesses have online store consultants on their payroll. Their knowledge and experience are crucial to helping businesses compete and grow.

Many entrepreneurs set up ecommerce businesses with little understanding of how digital marketing works or the psychology behind customer purchases. This leaves them at a considerable disadvantage and leaves them at the mercy of bigger, more established players. Even the best brands will not sell without proper marketing. 

Ecommerce marketing consultants will devise a strategy that takes into account your industry niche, your product and your target audience. It will be tailored to meet your short term and long term goals.

Your ecommerce strategy will concentrate on profit maximisation of your business and the return of investment of your marketing campaign.

Ecommerce Product Sourcing

The majority of online businesses do not have fixed products or do not manufacture the products that they sell themselves. 

Not being the brand owner themselves gives advantages to the ecommerce store owner. He is economically nimble and can switch products that he chooses to sell easily. 

An ecommerce digital marketing agency would be a massive advantage for owners of such online stores. Ecommerce specialists are experts at using research tools. Through data analysis, they can identify demand trends and which products sell. 

By getting help from ecommerce consultants, the business owner can lower his inventory risk and take advantage of rising consumer trends while exiting niches with waning ones.

Top ecommerce agencies can even find the actual product sources in which you can get the best prices and logistical support from. 

Brand owners who have invested heavily in product development, can still benefit from the specialised tools that digital marketing agencies have and expert team members who have the skills to use them.

Marketing specialists can find untapped geographical markets in which your product will likely sell. They are also able to find complementary products to bundle with your primary product. 

Ecommerce Marketing Services

The most obvious service that an ecommerce digital marketing agency would provide is marketing. In broad strokes, that would be identifying, reaching out and getting new customers for your company, marketing to your own existing customers and lead generation. 

Top end ecommerce marketers would also take care of outbound and inbound customer communication channels. Some examples are branding, funnel optimisation, list building.

The valued ecommerce marketing companies safeguard your brand; building brand awareness among your target audience. This increases the value of your brand equity. He also ensures that your automated online sales funnel caters to your audience such that they receive the necessary information to keep them interested to move between the various stages. When they complete their journey with you, they make a purchase and become your customers. After that, it is important to continue nurturing them so they make repeat purchases in future.

As you see in the brief description above, the marketing company is critical at every stage. Hence, hiring the right partner can be the difference between your business just getting by and doing well. 

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Why are Ecommerce Marketing Experts Important?

Ecommerce specialists have experience working with clients from different industries. They also have the necessary skill sets to leverage technological advancements & navigate the online landscape. These, together with their understanding of customer buying behaviour, allows them to provide you unbiased feedback from fresh perspectives. 

With specialised research tools professional ecommerce consultants can find untapped demand for your products. After finding that demand, they will help adapt your business to cater to it and boost your sales. A website audit will help to identify at which stages your sales funnel is leaking; data analysis will help you understand why your visitors are leaving before buying from you.

By focusing on attracting and keeping your ideal customers, you will lower your marketing cost per acquisition and drastically increase your return of investment of every marketing dollar spent. 

The ecommerce professionals can also advise you on structuring your business around the demand you want to cater to. They will help lower your risk by identifying rising consumer trends that you should consider riding. Conversely, they will also tell you when the demand for your product is ebbing and whether you should be planning your exit.  

Full fledged funnel marketing service agencies can build your sales and marketing funnel or analyse your existing one.

Ecommerce Marketing Channels

The following are some ecommerce marketing channels that online marketers can help you exploit or enhance if you have existing campaigns.

i) Social media – The vast majority of the internet surfing community uses social media. It is important to know which platform your target audience frequents the most. You’d be wasting your advertising budget if you conducted a Facebook campaign when your ideal customers use mostly Linkedin.

Social media can be used for content marketing and PPC advertising too. 

ii) SEO and SEM – Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful form of branding. Leads that come by way of SEO are the most high converting form of traffic. As SEO is basically free once done, it has the highest ROI among marketing channels.

Couple this with Search Engine Marketing and you have a ready platform to help you find your target audience.

iii) Email Marketing – This might be the oldest form of digital marketing but it is still a very lucrative form of outreach and a great way to retain your existing customers. By building a list using your various ad campaigns, you can repeatedly market to leads who have given you permission to.

It is 6 times more expensive to market to new customers than to existing ones who already know you. Email marketing is also an automated process.

It is no wonder that many established companies have 40-50% of their monthly sales coming from this one channel alone. 


No matter which channel you choose, it is important to know that internet marketing is not a “fire and forget” process.

Optimisation is an ongoing process to refine your campaigns. Ecommerce marketing solutions providers do continuous A/B testing to see what works best. As consumer behaviour and tastes evolve, new creative campaigns also ensure that your brand keeps up with them.

The Final Word

Many business owners are unfamiliar with the intricacies of online ecommerce marketing. As the economy becomes increasingly digitised, working with an ecommerce digital marketing agency becomes increasingly critical for the success of your business. 

Ecommerce consultants will identify the gaps in your existing business model and marketing campaigns. They then help to draw up and execute a strategy that will achieve your company’s goals at every stage of your business cycle. 

Open and frequent communication with your ecommerce marketing consultant will help you make the best use of your current resources and take your business to new heights.

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