7 Proven Benefits of Hiring eCommerce Marketing Company

Most are in two minds when it comes to whether or not to hire an eCommerce marketing company. In this unbiased article, let us walk you through the 7 main benefits why hiring is a better choice for most businesses nowadays.

The technological wave has pushed more of our traditional activities online. With covid, even more businesses are conducting activities and making purchases over the internet.

With the numerous store builders, plugins and themes, launching an online store is simple. You can get any business online simply by building a website. Many would inaccurately consider this as “digitizing” your business.

However, turning an ecommerce website or store into a lucrative business is no easy task.

This has given rise to the increased demand from entrepreneurs to hire a good ecommerce marketing company.

Now not all ecommerce marketing companies are built equally. Firstly, your must understand that ecommerce marketing is raising awareness and directing consumers towards a business that sells its service or product online.

A good ecommerce marketing company will not only bring in targeted traffic for you by providing strategies and consulting on brand awareness, they will also help you to convert visitors into buyers.

Developing and managing your company’s ecommerce digital marketing strategy is no simple task. That is why ecommerce startups turn to ecommerce marketing companies for the best strategies while they themselves focus on running their core business.

Below, we explore what your company stands to gain by partnering with such a professional ecommerce marketing agency.

ecommerce marketing company

7 Benefits that an eCommerce Marketing Company brings

Experienced Unbiased feedback

As the owner of your company, it is not uncommon to be so engrossed with the day to day activities that you might overlook certain things. Decisions can often be biased and for non-business reasons. In fact, the most successful businesses hire ecommerce marketing companies for their experience and unbiased feedback.

With the benefit of technological experience, insights to human psychology and buying behaviour, these ecommerce marketing consultants provide objective opinions and ecommerce marketing solutions. 

An Ecommerce Marketing Agency Increases Sales

98% of online shoppers do not complete the purchase process. That means that 98% of your marketing budget goes to waste due to funnel leakage and cart abandonment alone! 

Ecommerce marketing consultants have the tools to track consumer behaviour through your entire sales funnel. They generate and analyze reports on where the choke points are and where along the sales process optimization is required.

With research tools, they can also identify how your competitors are doing, where they are surpassing you in terms of results and how they are achieving more sales than you are. They can also find untapped markets where demand for your product is high while competition is low.

Access the Latest Tools And Trends

Technology is wonderful. It can help you achieve a lot in your business. While it pays off well, it also requires a lot of money, effort and time to test and train your in-house team to use a new platform, tool or service.  

Hiring also allows you to access the most up to date software. These companies have consultants who hold the expertise and skills to maximise their capabilities.

Target the Right Audience And Use Correct Channels

The access to the most up to date technology allows you to target the right audience and possibly audiences. In one campaign, a tuition agency doubled their profit by changing their targeting from teenagers to parents who lived nearby.

Ecommerce marketing experts will help you find where these ideal customers spend most of their time on the internet at. Do they spend more time on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tinder etc? This allows you to spend your marketing budget in a more focused manner with less wastage on irrelevant parties or audiences that have low purchasing power.

Explore Untapped opportunities

Ecommerce consultants are good at what they do for a reason. They are able to see and exploit opportunities that others are not able to. 

They are able to think from different tangents and bring fresh perspectives that you might not have considered. This allows them to think out of the box and identify areas in your business that you can monetize, leverage or exploit for better gains.

Making the right moves and taking the opportunities at the right time can reduce costs and increase your bottom line significantly. 

Develop a Roadmap and Execute Marketing Strategy

Ecommerce marketing companies have worked with a myriad of clients across industries. They know the type of clients who tend to follow certain trends.

They have a command of the dynamics of the ecommerce market to offer wide perspectives to strategize with.

Having a feel of the pulse of different niches, ecommerce marketing experts can easily identify ecommerce marketing mistakes and develop a new roadmap based on data from your own ecommerce sales funnel.

Ecommerce marketing companies help you both to avoid losses as well as to increase revenue due to changing trends. They help with novelties in marketing techniques. It is extremely beneficial for your business to take advantage of an ecommerce marketing agency’s skills to lead you to success in the market. 

Budget-Friendly Service Compared to Your In-House Team

Working with a ecommerce marketing company is not cheap. However, when you factor in the average personnel cost of an in-house marketing member being $3000-5000 per month, specialised ecommerce marketing companies do come with a financial advantage. 

You should keep in mind that this is a fully equipped service and not just external team members. The service comes without additional salaries, staff benefits, labour ratios and additional space and equipment cost.

It is a budget friendly option all things considered. Besides, you can reach an affordable agreement that fits your budget when you find a suitable agency to partner your business.


Success doesn’t come overnight. That is why you need proper guidance and the right partners to work with. 

Ecommerce is competitive and constantly evolving. You can only have a strong standing with the right marketing tools and a skillful team to support you. Working with an ecommerce marketing company can give you irreplaceable advantages in terms of time, energy and money spent.

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