9 Important Elements To Consider For Your Ecommerce Web Design

Technological advancement and innovations have enabled users to sell or buy products and services worldwide using eCommerce.

So what are the things you need to consider for your eCommerce Web Design site?

Creating eCommerce Web Design With Customer In Mind

eCommerce web design is the most important aspect of a successful eCommerce business.

Business owners who want an online presence must have a website design with ecommerce features.

Users have plenty of choices and options on the internet where they can buy products and services.

It is your eCommerce web site design that will give your
business a competitive advantage.

Improve your brand reputation with a well designed website.

48% of people determine the credibility of a business by looking at its website design.

In doing so, they find what they are looking for quickly and feel positive whenever they visit your URL.

This makes their stay longer and leads them to making a

Website design helps build your brand image and nurture relationships with your customers.

ecommerce web design

Key Elements of eCommerce Web Design

The key elements of the eCommerce web design:

  • User Interface
  • User Experience

User interface (UI):

UI is all about how your viewers interact with your website.

It consists of all visual elements such as like buttons, typography, color schemes and responsive design.

Your UI will determine the flow of your visitors between pages. Navigation should be straightforward and simple.

It provides the user with an intuitive experience.

User Experience (UX)

User experience refers to the quality of interaction between your customer and you your eCommerce site.

The better the UX, the more positive your users feel about visiting your site.

When you provide detailed high quality content that engages them, they stay for long periods to consume the information and the higher the chances are of your getting a sale.

Making the best website design for eCommerce

A website is the face of your eCommerce business.

We write an article on how to choose a reputable web design company that may be of help to you.

It gives your visitors an impression of who you are and what your brand stands for.

It is a reflection of your brand position and the quality you provide in your products and services.

If you want to connect with your audience then you must think like your audience.

The ultimate goal of your ecommerce site is to get users to make purchases repeatedly.

In order to do so, they have to provide sensitive personal data like their address and credit card numbers.

They won’t feel confident to do so unless your website feels.

Ensure that all your buttons and links are working. Use high quality images and videos.

Ecommerce Website Design – Keep it Super Simple (KISS)

Always keep in mind this simple rule of KISS.

Make your design simple. You don’t want to clutter your layout and confuse your visitors.

Websites that are full of banners and distracting content lose customers within seconds.

Keep the attention on educating the user about your offerings, the benefits they provide and how your buyers’ lives will improve when they buy them.

Give your visitors engaging information rather than filling the site with irrelevant materials.

Create Quality Content

Apart from promotion, high quality product image shot, content is what drives the attitude and preference of users on your eCommerce website.

The content should be clear, short, and relevant.

Your content should be phrased in a matter that it is easy for visitors to scan the important points quickly.

Busy surfers have no time to read lengthy paragraphs.

Essential for Ecommerce Websites – Easy Checkout Process

Remember that nothing kills a sale more than confusion.

Having a clunky checkout process will lead to severe reduction in your online sales.

You want your payment process to be straightforward, simple and as pain free as possible.

Don’t insist on your customer having to create an account in order to buy from you.

Allow them to buy as a guest and give them that option after payment has gone through.

Social Proof

Another important way for building trust is social proof.

When designing your ecommerce store, find avenues where you can show potential customers positive feedback you have gotten from previous customers.

Include a ratings system for reviews and a testimonials section where you can feature customer photographs and quotes about their great experience with you.

The more positive experience web site visitors see others have had shopping with you, the more confidence they will have in you.

This leads to higher conversions rates and improved sales.

Ecommerce SEO Services and eCommerce Web Design

So far we have discussed web site attributes that will serve customers who are at your web store.

Search engines are the best sources of getting high intent traffic for your website.

The reason is that people identify themselves as interested when they type in their search queries.

On-page SEO and technical SEO are inbuilt elements in your web site design that will pull this valuable traffic to your ecommerce store.

They are related to web site structure, keywords in your content, site navigation, mobile optimization etc.

A good website design with eCommerce facilities helps you optimize your site and get high ranking in search engines.

Hiring a Professional eCommerce Website Development Agency

Your ecommerce web design lays the foundation of your business on a long- term basis.

There are many factors why you should consider working with
professional eCommerce web design agencies:

 They have the skills, tools and resources to build a user centric ecommerce web site in a short period of time
 They have the knowledge and experience to know what the current trends are and which features lead to conversions best.
 They have technical knowledge of SEO so you get the best SEO optimized design.
 They help keep you updated on the latest consumer behaviour as they have related industry knowledge.
 Web design professionals have social listening tools that can identify how your competitors are getting their traffic and what keywords they are targeting or ranking for.
 They allow you to focus on other core business issues while they work the tedious technical elements.


So there you have it, 9 basic elements to consider in your ecommerce web design. Sometimes, entrepreneurs prefer to concentrate on the business proper and outsource technical web design to the experts. If you ever need any assistance in eCommerce web design or marketing service, feel free to reach out to us here.

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