enhance Your ECommerce Website Design in Singapore for Business Growth

In this article we’ll explore how your ecommerce website design in Singapore affects your business growth. We will also discuss strategies on how to align your website design to grow your business.

The potential of eCommerce is truly immense: you have the entire 4.54 billion internet audience as potential customers. 

But why is your website design crucial to taking advantage of this potential?

The answer is simple… ecommerce store design is important simply because it increases sales!

An outstanding website will make your e-business more profitable. It will give you a distinct sales advantage over your competitors.

Apart from selling your products, the primary goal of your ecommerce website is to provide customers with a convenient shopping experience. Make it easy for them to explore your website and process their checkouts.

An outstanding website encourages customers to spend more time on your site! By having a well thought out interface, your visitors will enjoy a good customer experience.

They’ll keep coming back time after time because everything about your site appeals to them. And, as a result, they will buy more from you and spend more money on your products and services.

Let’s consider some of the most vital strategies to improve the look and functionality of your eCommerce store.

Ecommerce Website Design in Singapore – Strategies Or Web Design Service?

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Use High-Quality Product Images

The first thing customers see when they visit your website is your images. Make sure these images are clear, crisp and compelling. You want to portray a professional feel that encourages visitors to trust you as a reliable vendor.

Use natural light whenever possible. Shoot your photos in sunny days, overcast days, or at night. Use a tripod and a remote release if you have to.

Use natural white or off-white backgrounds. Avoid using backdrops. Backdrops tend to wash out the color and appear to make your products look dull and lifeless.

Get a professional photographer to take the pictures for you. While this can be expensive, the appeal of professional product images cannot be overstated. 

There is nothing better for your store than to look appealing in the eye of the visitor.

Beautiful, professionally made product images are an immediate attention grabber. 

They attract, they convince, they create an atmosphere of professionalism and trust. 

People are more confident and trusting in their buying decisions when your imagery exudes professionalism.

Ecommerce Websites – Optimize your Shopping Cart

Do you know how often visitors abandon their shopping carts because of poor usability? You’ve got to make sure your shopping cart and check out process function and is easy to navigate. 

Track your user data going through your entire website. Follow your customer’s journey and make sure there’s no clutter in the way. Identify choke points via data analytics and clear them. Run multi variant tests to find what resonates with your buyer and improve conversion rate optimization.
What about a one step checkout? Letting users buy from your store without having to create an account first can boost your sales. 

About 85% of users say they feel overwhelmed by a complicated checkout process, and this is their top priority when shopping online. 

Make sure you streamline the checkout process as much as you can (having a professional website design with eCommerce in mind really helps).

The general principle is: the fewer clicks it takes to get through the purchase process, the better. Any redundant, distracting elements on the checkout page also need to be removed.

Web Page Design

Create a Product Showcase

What happens when a visitor arrives at your eCommerce store? Good landing pages increase visitors’ anticipation, by making them excited about your products before they get to see them. 

Place a product showcase on each of your landing pages so that it gives your visitors a taste of what they’ll find. This serves as a gentle invitation and a warm-up.

What about a video showcase of your products? Videos are clearly very effective.
According to research, nearly 60% of buyers trust companies with video presentations more. 

Another thing to consider is an old-fashioned rotating banner with your best-selling product. It still works well because it draws attention and encourages visitors to explore more of your goods.

ecommerce website design in Singapore

Be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile optimization heavily affects conversions. More and more users shop on mobile devices these days. According to the latest 2019 data, 44.7% of all internet retail purchases came from mobile traffic. 

Which means if you’re an eCommerce store owner, there’s a good chance many of your customers would be mobile users. And the trend is growing.

A website that is not mobile-friendly is a no-no. The mobile version may contain specific usability features and shortcuts that make the customer’s journey smoother. 

Always make sure that your eCommerce website has a working, functional mobile version. A professional web design agency can ensure this.

Personalize the Home Page

What happens when your customers come back to your site? Perhaps you should try to add a touch of personalization. 

Personalization can help visitors easily find items that they previously viewed, and even discover new products that they might be interested in. 

Even a simple widget named “Relevant to your interests” can make a difference.

Online shoppers value personalization highly. About 60% of people say that it helps them find better products. Personalization is based on the visitor’s past behavior, previous purchases and location information. 

It’s largely relevant to your website visitor’s interests. In other words, personalization creates a user-centric shopping experience that helps you drive more sales, and results in more repeat customers.

Remember: a well-thought out ecommerce website design in Singapore is the key to driving sales and conversions.

Publish Social Proof

Your customers would become much more enthusiastic if they knew that there were other people buying similar products from your site. This would also add more credibility to your eCommerce store.

You can set up a little widget showing the recent purchases by your visitors. For example, whenever someone makes a purchase, a tiny pop-up appears, visible to all visitors. It could show the purchase date, the buyer’s location and the product purchased. Refrain from showing personal information to avoid privacy issues.

Include testimonials too. Buyers take the opinions of their peers seriously. Testimonials provide confidence in their buying decisions.

Plug-ins with such functionality are useful, they definitely help in creating a healthy social presence. Consult a web design service to integrate them seamlessly and organically.

Optimize for SEO

On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization includes using proper title tags, image descriptions and URL structure. 

It’s important to note that in the end, good SEO is deeply tied to usability. Because it’s not only keywords that matter: it’s also about visit duration which is closely linked to the so called bounce rate. 

For example, when people immediately leave your website after arriving, it suggests that your website doesn’t suit their needs. It’s bad for SEO and it negatively affects search rankings. 

What’s the answer? Proper website design and usability will solve this problem. It improves user experience and optimizes on-site SEO. Combined with other practices, it will boost your website traffic. Take care of usability, and the rest will follow.

Note that a professional web design service always takes SEO into account. They know how important it is for your website to be optimized.

Create a FAQ Page

It is a good idea to create a special section with frequently asked questions (FAQ)and answers. Provide only relevant, insightful, important questions about your products and your store. Make your replies short and to the point.

New customers have a lot of questions in mind. Calm their fears and remove their doubts quickly by having an easily accessible FAQ page.

It is well known among industry professionals that the overwhelming majority of online shoppers would like to be assisted before they make a purchase. 

Make sure to address possible concerns that they may have about your products. Also include key pieces of information such as delivery terms greatly reduce uncertainty. 

Industry research shows that having an FAQ page makes buyers more confident in their decision and significantly increases website purchase rates.

Web Design Agency for Business Growth

A good internet marketing agency will know exactly what you need and will guide you through the process of building your online store.

They will not only create a functional, search engine optimized website for you but also guide you every step of the way with your online marketing campaigns.

This includes suggesting the right products to sell, setting up Google Adwords or similar advertising campaigns for you, writing copy for your ads or sales pitches, and so on. 

Here are some questions to ask when you are interviewing a potential agency for ecommerce website design in Singapore:

Does the company have a clear understanding of my business?
Does the company have a clear understanding of my target audience?
Are they honest and straightforward with me?
Can I trust them?
How much experience do they have?
How do they charge for their services?
How much do they know about SEO?


There are many design features that affect the look and feel of your eCommerce store

In the end, a well-made and effective website design focuses on usability and user retention. 

Remember: visitors cannot see you, they judge your business solely by the impression your website gives them. 

An experienced web design agency can do wonders for your eCommerce business and bring about your success. It’s always best to engage knowledgeable and skillful professionals who know what they’re doing; this is especially true when it comes to something as crucial as your ecommerce website design in Singapore.

Do you agree with the strategies above? What else would you include in your web site? Let us know here.

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