How to implement effective Facebook lead generation quickly? (2022)

Most businesses now know that Facebook lead generation needs to be one of their key social media marketing strategies.

If you want to grow your business, gain marketing share or reach out to new customers, Facebook is the number one social media platform to do it on.

That said, there are also millions of commercial ads on Facebook as well. Your ads need to stand out from the crowd in order for you to generate leads on Facebook.  

Below, we discuss the best fast lead generation techniques on Facebook.

Methods to Generate Leads on Facebook

Instant Articles

Facebook Instant articles give the publisher a platform to display their original work with faster loading time on mobile devices. 

Facebook says that instant articles load ten times faster than ordinary articles in the newsfeed. 

Use instant articles for Facebook lead generation. They are also a good way to build your brand identity; creating awareness by connecting to your target audiences. Your audience does not have to leave Facebook to read your content, the user will click the link provided, and a new page will be loaded.

The instant article provides a great platform to engage users fast. Publishers can track their performance using Facebook audience insights analytics software.

The analytical report provides insights into what in your campaign is working and what isn’t. 

Source: Social Media Examiner

Facebook Messenger Ads & Chatbots

Another way to generate leads is to use Facebook messenger destination ads & chatbots

Facebook messenger ads help your business to connect to your customers instantly by letting interested users start a conversation with you. 

Messenger ads give you the ability to reach your audiences immediately and increase communication.

Most people prefer communicating via messenger as opposed to sending emails and waiting for customer service support to reply. Their problems are solved faster through immediate conversations on messenger.

Messenger destination ads help to capture more leads by using ‘soft’ tone call to action (CTA) buttons; such as “learn more” or “shop now”. Once the user clicks on the CTA button, a Facebook messenger window pops up where he can interact with your customer service officer.

You can also use chatbots to respond to leads. Chatbots can help sales by engaging the customer, asking questions and providing information. The instant response provides convenience to customers and improves customer service.

Brand awareness can also be incorporated in the Facebook messenger chatbot. It will let your readers know more about your business or new promotional events that will be taking place soon. 

Take note that all interactions happen on Facebook. The user never leaves the platform and the user’s information is captured by your chatbot software.

You can chose who your messenger destination ads appear to by audience demographics like location, gender, age, likes, marital status etc 

Facebook messenger ads help in starting conversations that lead to sales. You can customize the reply messages that your leads receive once they click on your ad by using chatbots on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Generation Techniques

Paid Ads

Facebook lead generation ads are promoted forms that capture the audience’s details while still connecting to them. 

This is one of the paid ways to generate leads on Facebook.

The audience is presented with a pre-filled form of their data when they click the ads, making it easier and faster to subscribe. 

The leads generated from the information captured can be synced and downloaded in a CSV file for future reference and correspondence.

Video Ads

Video catches the attention of the audience and leads to greater engagement and content retention. Hence, their success in generating leads on Facebook. 

Working better than plan text or images, videos tend to make users stop scrolling through their newsfeeds and pause to watch. 

Videos can be incorporated into messenger ads or lead ads. They can also be used to redirect traffic to your website or sales funnel.

Video ads can pull the user’s information directing from their profiles which makes it easier for them to register with you. All they need to do is click on the CTA button and the information will be transferred to you.

The great thing is that all this is done while they are still on the Facebook platform. This means that all emails are verified emails and authentic leads.

Make the content of your videos interesting, short and to the point. Capture your leads attention but keep them wanting more.

Facebook lead generation

best way to generate leads on facebook


Research shows that up to 98% of first-time visitors will leave you website without making any sort of conversion. That could be submitting your information or buying something from you.

There is also evidence that repeated exposure to a brand builds trust. Most customers buy after being exposed to a brand 3-7 times.

Retargeting helps you to send ads to audiences who had previously visited your site, mobile app or clicked on your ad. This leads to more conversions. 

Retargeting can be used with any of the ad types mention previously.

It helps you to lower the cost of your advertising budget as it is a very strategic and efficient form of marketing.

Retargeting helps convert the audience’s initial purpose to conversations. A well executed retargeting strategy can make a huge difference in the marketing campaign return on ad spend(ROAS) as it reminds the viewer of the products and helps to close sales. 

Retargeting helps in creating brand awareness and increases lead capture as well.

FB Lead Generation and Facebook Analytics

Facebook has one of the most advanced audience targeting capabilities of any platform available today. The ability to focus your ads by location, age, gender, likes, associations, interest, create look-a-like audiences, create customer audiences etc together with the immense number of active Facebook users makes Facebook a powerful lead generation tool.

In order to use it to its full potential, it is important to monitor and analyse data collected from your ad campaigns. By looking at performance metrics like clicks, engagements, video duration viewed and the number or leads captures, you can decipher which areas in your campaign have been working and which require adjustments.

Consistent checks on campaign data allows for data driven decisions based on the feedback received. 

Use Facebook Ad Manager reports to compare campaigns that are running. Turn off non-performing ads and continually optimize winners by testing.

By combining the methods above together with regular conversion rate optimization, you will achieve your objective of generating leads on Facebook quickly.

Know any more great FB lead generation techniques? Contact us and tell us about them!

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