Best Custom B2B Email List Building Services to Build Your List (2022 Tips)

Do you know that utilizing email list building services is like building an asset yourself?

Email list building is the process of getting the email address of people who are interested in your brand or offer. These people are put in a database, so you can communicate with them at a later date with exclusive content.

Many big and small businesses will spend advertising dollars to market their products and services via online and offline channels, in an attempt to build brand visibility and generate new sales for their companies.

However, based on our own observations when talking to many businesses in our course of work, many businesses omitted one very important aspect in their marketing campaigns, that is building an email database, also known as list building, for the purpose of re-marketing to prospects or even buyers who already bought.

Why should you seriously consider using b2B email list building services?

The reason is that many business owners do not fully understand what the power of email marketing can do for them and how they should be doing it right!

For some of the clients we work with, sales revenue generated from their own email database accounted for 30-60% of their total sales revenue!

List building is a powerful strategy employed by top marketers and is an important part of the relationship-building process. Many studies show it increases customer loyalty. 80% of B2B marketers say email marketing has a a significant positive impact on profitability.

Your email marketing lists are considered owned media ad you have complete control over them. Owned media is the most valuable asset your business can have.

It gives you control over the narrative of your brand, makes your campaigns immune to search engine algorithm changes, and lets you “own” your distribution channels.

Since your target audience has voluntarily opted in to be a part of mailing list via your landing page, in the event of a penalty or favor from search engines or social media platforms, your owned media assets remain intact.

However, email list building is a rather complex task. You can’t simply create one lead capture form and expect to generate thousands of subscribers overnight. Building an effective email list requires patience, and above all else, a strategy. 

You cannot just create a lead capture form on your blog post and expect to grow a list overnight. Building high-quality lists of new subscribers requires patience, and above all else, a strategyb

Source: Carrie Green

What Is Considered An Effective Mailing List Of Potential Customers?

Let’s discuss what makes a list more or less effective and how you can use that knowledge to make your campaigns more profitable.

The most important thing is that a good list should be highly responsive. That means that it should contain a lot of active buyers who are willing to purchase from you again.

It should be well-defined. You should be able to clearly identify the characteristics of your audience, such as gender, age, income, interests, and other personal information.

It should be well-segmented. This means that you should be able to easily separate your lists into groups like buyers who have purchased from you in the past, those who have purchased in the last 30-days, those who have purchased in the last 12-months, and so on. This allows you to send your email newsletter to the right people on your contact list useful information at the right time.

Other than email addresses, your subscription forms can include fields for phone numbers and other relevant contact information. 

These should be real. That means that your healthy email list should be made up of actual people with an active email address. There are many fake email lists out there which are not only useless but can also get you in hot water with regulatory bodies. It should be clean.

Custom list building services Increase Sales Online By Building An Email Database

Let’s take the first step and by looking at it as an illustration:

A business has spent its precious advertising dollars on Facebook or Google paid ads, with the key campaign objective of making a sale (sales conversion) and driving targeted visitors to their e-commerce website to buy their products.

Given that first time visitors to a website (especially, visitors who have been newly introduced to a brand) usually leave the website before buying anything. This means that the business has lost the potential of doing business with this new visitor.

The money spent on the ad has been spent (and possibly wasted).

The above is what usually happens when inexperienced marketers conduct digital marketing campaigns. Their approach is based on getting exposure and hoping that someone buys.

Meanwhile, successful entrepreneurs value their marketing budget and know that every marketing dollar is an investment. They focus on targeted lead generation and remarket to these new leads. And with good reason; they know that it is 7 times more expensive to market to new potential clients than to do so to an existing list.

This is often done employing email list building services which can be straightforward to implement. 

Best Ways To Build A Mailing List Of Target Audience Email Addresses

Source: Sam Oh

Use Embedded Signup Forms:

Place a signup form on your high traffic landing page or blog post. Make sure it is clearly visible and unobtrusive.

Place your contact form in areas where users are most likely to see it. Don’t force the user to seek it out; make it easy for them to opt-in by making the process as painless as possible. They serve as a humble reminder for the visitor that they have the option to sign up and nothing more. That’s why they’re best used together with the more proactive and dynamic list building strategies that we’ll discuss below.

Introduce Gamification:

This is where list building experts apply the fun concept of game-thinking to marketing.

Email list building is not about selling to people. It is about collecting information about your customers so you can market to them more effectively in the future.

The best way to get more from your email list is by giving more to your subscribers and engaging them. And, the easiest and most effective way to do this is by offering exclusive promotions via free giveaways, contests and lucky draws.

Remember the old days when you had to wait until you received a letter or a printed ad in the mail before you could qualify for a discount? Nowadays, you can entice customers with discounts and free goodies virtually anywhere and anytime online.

You can use this tactic with your existing customers and with new customers. You can even employ it to entice former customers back to you.

This technique has the potential of significantly increasing your renewals and reorders! The first important step is to identify the hot buttons of your target market. What are the things that will motivate your customers enough to share their contact details with you?

Deploy Pop-Ups And Overlays:

Pop-ups and overlays are one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal for growing your email list. However, you must use them with extreme care.

Don’t show them too early. Don’t show them when the user first lands on your site. Wait until you know they are at least interested. Give users time to get comfortable on your site and to explore it before having your popup appear.

Make it relevant. As always relevancy is king. Match the stage of the buyer’s journey you are targeting with your promotion.

Test test test! Use A/B split testing to determine what works best for your audience.

Use Google’s conversion tracking pixel to see which pop-up or overlay version generated the most leads. This will give you an idea of what appeals to your audience most.

Use Google Analytics to find out when your pop-ups generate the most leads. 

Create Squeeze Landing Pages:

A squeeze page is a type of sales web page often used by direct marketers to capture email addresses from visitors. It is a lead capture page designed to encourage visitor opt-ins by restricting access to desired content or offer by placing them behind the sign up form.

An example is how a online food retailer used a Squeeze Page to collect accurate data for their 9/9 waitlist offer.

What they did was simple: They allowed people to sign up for their 9/9 waitlist by completing a short form on a dedicated squeeze landing page. Then on September 9th, these email subscribers were sent an email with a discount code that was exclusively for members on the waitlist. For a seamless user experience hey included a link to the site where they could use the discount code immediately too. 

You will need to drive traffic to these landing pages though. You can do so by running ads on social media, placing relevant CTA’s (call-to-actions) across your website or even including the squeeze pages in a specific blog post.

Utilize Referral And Loyalty Programs:

Whether you employ external email list building services or have an inhouse team, you can use these as part of your overall email marketing strategyloyalty programs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate more leads and repeat purchases.

Make sure you personalize your communication with your customers. Make it easy for them to join your program. Give them something worthwhile to gain by joining your loyal program. And, don’t forget to provide value for existing members.

Once you’ve got an established list, the next step is to add value. Value adds such as extra free reports, special bonuses for making a purchase or even just reminding people of their subscription can all help improve your bottom-line.

Word-of-mouth is an amazing tool for marketing. If you have a great product or service, your customers will want to share it with others. And if they are happy with your company, and if they receive a referral reward, they will be more than willing to share that with others.

Invite To Sign Up For Notifications:

You can also use notifications to encourage people to sign up for more various reason.

Everyone likes a good deal. Sending such good news via pre-sale notifications is a good eCommerce list building strategy that uses convenience as well as marketing psychology tactics, like urgency, scarcity, and the feeling of exclusivity to provide value to customers.

When people are passionate about something, they are very interested in news and updates about it. Give your customers an exclusive experience is by sending them exclusive product alerts via new product notification emails.

This unique and incredibly simple tactic will have a huge impact on your bottom-line because it also offers a quick way to identify which of your products are the most in demand. This allows your product design team or in-house buyer you know what to focus on.

Email Marketing Strategy

A popular example of how a marketing and sales team can increase email sign-ups, is where you offer a time-sensitive discount coupon code to website visitors for their first purchase in exchange for their email addresses. You could also offer free trial for a limited amount of time.

Call it a lead magnet or an “ethical bribe” if you will. 

By doing so, businesses create urgency for the visitors to buy something quickly in order to take advantage of the discount code (subtle but very effective push for sales). 

This, together with a clear call to action will increase your conversion rate.

However, there is definitely more to it than just the one time sale. 

The most important reason of course, is to allow the business to re-market to these visitors who have now become customers who have made their first purchase.

When a business has built a sizable email database, list owners can use it for a few great options

  • remarketing
  • building trust
  • staying connected with customers
  • educating your audience about new products
  • brand building
  • increasing sales
  • rewards program

Generating sales becomes a function of communicating with your list; an act of sending a well crafted email that resonates with their subscribers or buyers.

Your email open rates will be high as they will look forward to receiving your emails.

We like to call this “money on demand” marketing.

They Are Building An Email Database.

By building an email database, businesses owners will be surprised by how much more sales revenue they can generate in-house without additional advertising expenditure to external channels.

Some customers may become your “walking billboards” because of how detailed email segmentation marketing can go.

email list building services

Email List Building Using Social Media Platforms:

Social Media Marketing is a great way to get more traffic to your website and generate email signups. Below are some social media strategies for generating email signups.

Facebook lead ads allow you to capture leads without them having to leave the Facebook platform. This makes it possible for you to achieve very high lead capture rates. These ads, because of their high conversion rates, are very useful for driving down the cost per lead (this is important since it lowers the amount of money you have to spend in order to get a new lead).

Put sign up buttons on your social media accounts. Embedding a “sign-up” button on your Facebook page is an easy, free and effective strategy to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter or email list. You can share posts that share with social media users the benefits of being your subscribers before having a call to action that invites them to use the sign up buttons. 

Social media is changing the way brands are built. By making them more social, interactive, and personable, it is opening up new possibilities for brands. By using limited-time offers, events, and contests, you can drive people to your website where they can then purchase your products and/or services.

Offline List Building

There are many different ways you can capture leads and customers offline. These are a few that will help you build a strong email list.

If you have retail stores or a brick and mortar business, the most obvious way to grow your email list is by offering something of value to your customers in the form of a free gift if they become subscribers at your checkout counter.

Digital marketing is quickly becoming the preferred way for sustainability conscious people to receive marketing collateral. If you have an established list of customers who have been receiving your hardcopy collateral via direct mail, you might use your existing marketing format to increase the size of your email list. 

Include a short link or a QR code for them to go the paperless route. This will make it easier for your customers to opt-in to your other communications and makes it much easier to track results and manage your lists.

Networking is crucial in any successful direct response business and trade shows are a great place to meet people. By capturing information from the business cards of visitors to your booth, you can use that data later to contact them at a more convenient time and have a meaningful conversation. You can send them follow up emails to further develop your relationship with them.

How Much Is Your List Worth?

The value of your list is particularly important to company decision makers as well as experienced business development teams. It can vary depending on how well you segment your list. Your sub-lists should be broken down to

  • Leads which are interested
  • Active leads that respond to your emails (they have higher open or click through rates)
  • Buyers list.

Naturally, you would want to move your prospect through the different stages and make them your buyers and loyal fans.

So the first thing you should do is to organise you list and find out how many subscribers you have.

Using list cleaning software, you should remove “dead” email accounts that no longer exists. By cleaning your list, you save month as a bloated list would cost money to send to.

As you send out your promotional emails, you would want to move prospects who open and click through links to your active lead links. You can get email marketing experts to do this if you are unfamiliar how to do so.

Naturally, you can put the data of your buyers into their own exclusive segment.

Calculate the amount you earn from each campaign by sending to each list separately. This way you can identify and calculate the value of each segment of your list.

Doing this will allow you to see how much revenue you earn from your list per year. By dividing the total amount you earn per year by the number of leads on your database, you’d be able to calculate the value of your individual email subscriber per year.

Email subscriber value = Total earned / Total number or subscribers

Depending on the value of your product or service, it is not uncommon for your individual email subscriber value per year to be between between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Remember, it costs almost nothing to remarket to to your list. That is why the ROI for email marketing campaigns will naturally be one of the highest among all your marketing endeavours.

Best Practices For Building High-Quality Lists

Send welcome emails and follow up emails after that. When someone subscribes, they expect to hear from you. You should make these emails personalized for each of your subscribers. Over time, you should introduce yourself and your brand, and begin to build a relationship with your leads. This will increase your chances of converting them into buyers.

This not only nurtures your subscribers, it also gets more eyeballs on your message which means higher open rates and sales.

Buying a list of addresses is not only a guaranteed way to have your emails end up in a spam folder, it’s also illegal. So don’t purchase an email list. There are serious ramifications involving both the European Data Privacy Act, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the United States 2003 CAN-SPAM act. If businesses are found to be in breach of these restrictions, there are substantial financial penalties.

Social proof is important for many reasons. It helps increase conversions by showing the value of your offer. It instills fear of missing out, which causes people to take action. And finally, it makes people feel part of a bigger group, which reduces anxiety and increases confidence.

Work With Email List Building Services And Use Them As Part Of EDM Marketing

In conclusion, if you are serious about growing your brand and ensuring your business success, it would be a great idea for you to consider utilizing custom list building services.

It is with a good idea to work with company that offers email B2B list building services. They can help business owners in multiple ways:

  • They can provide you with a comprehensive blueprint on how to build an effective email list. This will include proven techniques, proven sources, and most importantly, it will show you how to integrate all these elements into a seamless whole that works for you.
  • They will devise a plan and execute your strategy to build a massive list of qualified leads which are highly responsive to your sales pitch.
  • They will handle all the technicalities of creating, sending and managing your customer base emails. They will provide you with ongoing support and optimization of your campaigns.
  • They will provide you with a steady stream of fresh leads. They will help you identify and qualify those leads.
  • They will segment your leads based on the buyers’ needs and desires. They will help you craft personalized sales pitches.
  • They will help you create squeeze pages and other lead-generating forms.
  • They will provide you with detailed reports that show you the progress of each and every one of your campaigns.

Planning and devising a profitable email strategy is one of our core expertise in helping your company to increase your bottom line.

Building an email database requires much strategic marketing planning.

Contact Blazing Conversions list building company to find out how we can help you to sell more while spending less via our wide range of list building services.

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