High Return Email Marketing Strategy for Small Business Secrets

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Like all good marketing plans, a great email marketing strategy for small business should be well thought out before being executed. Most readers report receiving email spam on a daily basis. Also, many marketing emails go unopened. 

Despite this, there are businesses that are still sending out emails to customers and potential clients. Some business owners say that it is by far their most vital form of marketing. 

Email marketing is not simply mass mailing on a commercial level. It is important to have a well laid out plan to maximize conversion rate optimization in order to get a high return of investment from your email marketing campaign. 

It should be considered a part of your sales and marketing funnel. Using your list, you can increase brand awareness, product knowledge, nurture your leads to buyers, increase buying volume and frequency. 

All these bring more success to your business. Below, we explore crucial elements to getting the most out of this amazing marketing strategy.

Secrets to a high return email marketing strategy for small business

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Compelling content

Your business should have an updated list of email addresses of active subscribers. These are subscribers who are eager to receive your emails. 

People you contact must have explicitly given their consent for you to do so. They could have registered via offline promotions, social media, contests or other digital marketing channels. They could also be existing customers. 

Your emails should be educational and informational. 

You could send your customers teaser content about your new product launch. This would build anticipation and your list would eagerly await its launch date.

You could build customer loyalty by informing your existing customers about your upcoming exclusive presale event. Your subscribers will feel touched that you remembered them and have shown your appreciation by providing this benefit.

People on your list have opted in to your newsletter because they liked your brand enough to do so. Ensure that your emails are written with consistency with your brand.

Your emails need not always be about selling. For example, you might be selling anti-aging products. You could send an email about how eating certain berries can keep one youthful. Your subscribers will appreciate the relevant content and trust your brand more. They will more readily buy from you when you do offer them your products.

The content of the email should be simple, informative and detailed.

Consistent Schedule

If you have compelling content, your list will eagerly await your emails. It doesn’t matter what the exact interval is but keep your emails on a consistent schedule. 

For traditional businesses, you can email once a week. Online businesses tend to email more often. 

Consistency is essential for email marketing strategy for small business. Do not have longer intervals between your emails unless you want to be forgotten by your customers.

Good content will ensure that your list opens your emails. This will avoid your emails going to spam and your domain being black marked by internet servers.

email marketing strategy for small business

Subject Lines

Your headline determines whether your email is opened. A poor headline will guarantee that your message is never read. 

A good headline grabs the attention of your reader. It should be short yet impactful.
It can be funny, informational, include numbers, shocking, in the form of questions, scarcity related etc

Test different types of headlines and see which ones entice your specific audience to open your emails.

Having misleading headlines will reduce your brand’s credibility. So never trick the recipient into opening your email. It breeds distrust and kills sales.

And DON’T use all capital letters to scream for attention. It reeks of desperation which is another big turn off.


A business does not need to hire a graphic designer for email marketing strategies. This is another reason why email marketing can be so cost effective.

  • Fonts. Fonts used should be simple and readable. Avoid having more than one font type in your email. Have two different fonts types appearing on the same page looks unprofessional and unappealing. The font size should be standard, a size of 12 to 14 may be considered.
  • Colours. Always keep in mind the brand or campaign colors to be incorporated into the message. Different colours incite different emotions. Generally, brighter colours suggest enthusiasm and fun while black exudes luxury. While having too many colors may turn off a potential lead.
  • Logo. Due to the fact that you have a seductive headline, compelling content and interesting colours, the reader will have strong positive emotions when reading your email. You want those emotions to be associated with your brand. So remember to put your company logo into every message.
  • Media. Videos and pictures can be integrated to enhance or support the message. Including such media is a great way to attract a reader to view interesting content. Some email clients like Gmail, do not support videos. You can put a link or use a screenshot from the video to direct the reader to click through to your video content. 
  • CTA. As mentioned before, not all of your emails will require your readers to take action. In those that do, include a call to action. Make it clear what you want them to do. For example, you might want them to “click to view video”, “register now” or “buy now”. This can be in the form of a hyperlink or a button. 

List hygiene – Email scrubbing

An important part of email marketing strategy for small business is keeping your autoresponder email service provider happy. One of the aspects of doing so is email scrubbing.

Email scrubbing is the removal of dormant subscribers. Set aside a small budget for email list scrubbing services. The amount increases with the number of subscribers they have. 

Keep an eye on your email marketing statistics. You want to remove email non-openers. Non-openers are likely to be people who no longer have interest in your content. 

By cleaning your list, you reduce the chances of having spam complaints. You will also reduce the possibility of the recipient’s service provider marking emails from your domain as spam.

Remove bounced email addresses. High bounce rates negatively affect your email reputation. Your emails sent may bounce due to changed email addresses, full inboxes or even technical related issues. 

Sometimes there are duplicate addresses and names that also need to be cleaned. 

Remember to read the replies to your emails. Replying to them shows readers that you care and allows you to remove those who have stated that they no longer want to receive information from you. 

email marketing strategy for small business

Show Appreciation

A customer who feels appreciated will be loyal to you for life. So remember to show appreciation to your subscribers for staying and engaging with you.

An appreciation email can show the subscriber the impact they have contributed to the business. For example, you could have an email saying, “Thank you for making us number 1 for three years running.”

You can provide a reward in the form of a discount, a gift voucher, a loyalty program, or even send a personalized gift. 

This is one exciting way to engage with your subscribers and will lead to more sales for your business in the future.

Email tracking

Email tracking may require a professional to set up. It is done by installing tracking pixels on your email and landing pages in your email marketing funnel. 

The pixels compile engagement and action data which make up your analytics. By going through your funnel analytics, you can make data driven decisions for conversion rate optimization.  

Your high return email marketing strategy for small business should focus on building a large engaged audience. With nurturing, your leads will become customers who will become your enthusiastic fans.

Not only will your customers buy from you, they will stay with you and even promote your brand for you!

By following the “secrets” in this article, your business will enjoy sustained growth from an extremely affordable marketing channel.

As the saying goes, “the money is in the list.” It still is.

Contact us if you’d like to develop your own high return email marketing strategy.

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