Expert Tips for Lead Generation for Accountants 2022

Any business, whether it is big or small, needs a good accounting firm to manage their finances. As the accounting industry continues to grow and get bigger, it makes it more competitive.

So how do you effectively perform lead generation for accountants?

To stand out from your competitors, you need to develop a lead generation strategy that’s effective.

If you want to find new business leads, then you need to start doing more things to attract and convert these new leads.

There are many ways to help you mix things up when it comes to lead generation for accounting firms.

Implement these tips and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of new, high-quality business digital marketing leads you’re able to drum up. 

lead generation for accountants

Lead Generation for Accounting Firms

Ensure That Your Branding Is Memorable

Branding is essential for any business, but perhaps one of the most important things to understand about powerful branding is that it increases your leads. If you have a strong brand, customers will remember your logo, your message, and your visual story long after you are gone.

Even though your customers’ first interaction with your company might not immediately make them decide to hire you, it will stick with them. You will be their first thought when they are ready to hire someone.

Your brand isn’t just about who you are; it’s also about what others see when they look at you or your business.

One major part of this strategy refers back to strong branding and what a targeted customer will remember about you.

Even if consumers don’t buy your services the first time around, they are more likely to recommend your business to their friends and family, coworkers, anyone who might naturally bring up the conversation of searching for accounting services. 

Help your potential clients

Most of your clients don’t begin their searches for accountants by immediately searching for your services online. Instead, they often reach out to someone they know, or someone who’s provided them with recommendations.

The first step is to find out what their needs are, what knowledge they require before contacting any firms.

These might be questions you’re often asked by prospective clients, or perhaps you may have run into these common issues yourself.

You can write concise answers to each of these questions and publish them on your site to preemptively answer those questions for prospects.

This is a form of search engine optimization. By providing such high quality content, Google will rank your pages higher in their results.

When potential clients come across your pages during their research, they’ll get all of the information they need to remedy their problems.

By helping them solve their problem immediately, you’ll help them make progress toward choosing an accounting firm.

That is the reason why content marketing is so important for getting new clients.

Lead Generation for Accountants

Be Seen as a Specialist Expert

There’s no reason to be everything to everybody.

A specialist is a person or company who concentrates on one or more aspects of a business. Specializing allows them to do a better job of focusing their expertise on the area of their specialty, which results in higher billing rates, generating more leads and closing sales more easily.

Too many accounting firms approach new clients with a “cookie cutter” mentality that treats them in all the same way.

The majority of clients in search of an accountant are going to be looking for a very specific set of services. If you can target your lead generation efforts to focus on specific industries or specific problems that your firm is able to address, you’ll have an easier time convincing potential clients to sign up with you.

There’s no reason why you can create multiple campaigns that appeal to different types of clients.

Every campaign should have its own dedicated marketing materials. You could use blog posts for some campaigns, or you could use email for one, or you could use paid advertising for another.

There are lots of ways that you can create different campaigns for different target audiences. For example, you might create one campaign aimed at small business owners in the retail industry who need payroll services and a separate campaign targeting bigger enterprises that need help with their taxes. 

Publish an Industry Case Study 

A positive reputation gives lead generation for accountants a big boost . A groundbreaking study that shows your product improves human health or well-being has the potential to add credibility to your brand.

Of course, if you make the study relevant to a specific industry and answer a question everyone is dying to have answered, you stand a good chance of being noticed and taken seriously.

Having an established trade association or other industry player help can make your business more credible and help you reach more customers easily.

Improve the Presence of Your Firm on LinkedIn 

Companies that use social media are more effective at generating new accounting leads than those that do not.

You should choose your platforms carefully. Don’t choose a platform you don’t have time to manage or can’t keep up with.

Your accountants should know that most of their potential clients are on LinkedIn.

Develop a detailed LinkedIn profile for your firm and start connecting directly with small business owners.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to keep your business cards up to date and to find new clients.

If you have your blog, you want to develop a regular posting schedule to attract your LinkedIn audience to your blog.

There are many ways to target potential clients, such as through ads on LinkedIn and other social media, and these ads help to target your prospects and create highly-targeted, compelling landing pages for them. 

Optimize your Site for Conversions

When a visitor arrives at your website looking for more information. You might want her to become your bookkeeping lead.

You can do that with conversion rate optimization, or CRO.

Every stage of your entire site should have a clear purpose.  The action you want the user to take should be communicated clearly through your site navigation. Every page of your site should have a clear call to action that helps your visitors accomplish it.

It could be as simple as filling out a contact form. The goal at any stage is to move your visitors closer to becoming clients.

With CRO, you can test multiple versions of these calls to action and determine which best generates new leads.

After that, you’ll have to come up with a new idea, so you can test it out and see if it really converts better than the old one. 

CRO is a tool that allows you to test almost every other element of your site. You can use it to test your navigation, layout, images, and much more.

CRO is an excellent way to increase your sales because it takes existing traffic from your site and increases its conversion rate.

You’re turning more qualified visitors into sales leads. 

Lead Gen for CPA – Send Emails

It’s important that when people visit your website, there are several places on the page where they can provide their email address.

This allows you to create a mailing list.

Use the collected emails to keep in touch with your leads so that your sales process is seamless.

The easiest way to connect via direct mail is to create a weekly newsletter that keeps your email subscribers up to date on sales, offers, and more.

If you have an interesting article or a new trend in your industry, share it with your readers. They’ll find it useful.

This approach is an excellent way to build a strong reputation. The more interesting and useful information you provide, the more opportunities you’ll have to interact with your prospects.

You can also use customized automated emails to nurture your accounting leads. 

This helps you follow up with your leads and to provide them additional information that’s directly relevant to their needs.

For good reason, email marketing is one of the most effective lead generation methods to reach out and connect with new accounting clients. 

Generate High-quality Leads Steadily And Scale Your Business 

Lead generation for accounting firms can be challenging, but by analyzing each component of the overall strategy, you can focus your energies into a specific action that you know is going to be beneficial. Contact us to enquire about lead generation service.

The greatest impact on your lead quality and quantity will come from using these different techniques and strategies in concert with each other. It is much easier to achieve when they are unified and ongoing.

Some of these tips may help you generate leads, but together they build a sustainable advantage.

It shows that you’re different from other firms and it lets clients know that you have the ability to provide a powerful message.

Your customers will know you are providing value beyond the standard products flooding the market.

Your goal is to better manage leads and get a greater ROI by differentiating yourself from your competition and specifically addressing the needs of your ideal clients.

Let us know whether you agree with the tips above in the comments below.

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