How To Lower Facebook Advertising Costs In Singapore

Costs for facebook advertising

In This In-Depth Article, You Will Learn How To Lower Your Facebook Advertising Costs In Singapore The Right Way For Your Businesses.

As you read this, it’s critically important to bear in mind that the low cost and high ROI is just one of the many benefits of advertising on Facebook.

The ad platform itself offers a sophisticated targeting system that you can use to accurately narrow down to your target audience in a channel that boasts upwards of 2.4 billion active users.

That means you have the perfect opportunity to improve your exposure to your target market without servings ads to irrelevant users.

A casual look around reveals no other platform offers the same.

Effective marketing is all about reducing your advertising cost while maximising your returns.

It goes without mentioning that the Facebook ad system is also designed to help you meet different business goals, including

  • audience engagement
  • customer acquisition
  • sales improvement

Let’s go over a few pointers on how to lower your Facebook advertising cost and increase your bottom line.

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True Costs for facebook advertising Singapore

There are so many ways that Facebook could help you grow your business.

That explains why it’s never a miss with this platform.

But that aside, let’s talk about the cost of advertising on the platform.

As an advertiser looking to launch a Facebook advertising Singapore ad campaign, the first thing Facebook will have you do is set a budget.

You have to specify how much you’re willing to spend on each day and during the entire course of running the campaign.

Next, you’ll be required to set a bid or the maximum amount of money that you’re willing to spend when a user clicks on your ad.

Their bidding system operates a whole lot like a typical auction.

The only difference is that with Facebook ads, the winner doesn’t necessarily have to be the highest bidder. Facebook works a little differently.

All it cares about is delivering content that is most useful and relevant to the underlying viewer.

The system
is designed to take your bid into account. But it doesn’t just end there. It
also has to consider the likelihood of the user acting on the ad altogether
with the relevance and quality of the ad content before serving it to users.

Facebook has two bidding options

  • the Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM)

With CPC,
you pay when someone clicks on your ad, whereas CPM charges you for every 1,000
potential customers that view your ad.

Looking at the CPM and CPC of advertising on Facebook, you can come up with a better idea of how much to spend on your Facebook ads.

According to a recent report, the average CPM for Facebook is $5.12, while the average CPC rests at $0.80. These are the typical costs for Facebook advertising Singapore you can expect.

Set aside a budget and avoid the pitfalls of overspending on Facebook advertising.

Source: Social Media Examiner

Facebook Advertising Costs In Singapore

 1. Be More Specific On Who You’re Targeting

By narrowing
down to a specific audience, what you’ll be doing is reducing the competition
serving the same ad to a similar audience. Never forget the fact that you’re
bidding against hundreds of other brands.

The last thing you want is to waste your bids on an irrelevant audience. For this, you
want to make sure that you’re bidding on an audience with immense interest in
your offering.

It’s also crucial that you tailor your ads to make it appeal to a more specific demographic with a particular set of interests.

In so doing, you’ll be increasing your chances of generating traction and gaining even more clicks.

2. Use Bid Caps To Limit Facebook Advertising Costs Singapore

The more granular you are with targeting your audience, the more expensive your Facebook ads become. It’s common sense: Facebook is offering one of the most advanced targeting tools you’ll ever come across online.

But that’s
not to say that their intentions are entirely pure. It’s still in their
interest that you spend more.

However, you can manage how much you spend through bid caps and rules. Look into the
lifetime value of every single one of the leads you attract and work your
arithmetic right.

3. Check If Your Audience Is Overlapping – Reduce Your Overall Social Media Advertising Cost Singapore

It’s simple:
where your audience is overlapping, it helps to target the audience that’s most relevant to you.

Another approach would be to avoid double bidding on this audience, lest you end up bidding against yourself.

instance, when running an ad targeting ladies looking for handbags and another
one targeting ladies interested in fashion; you may find that many ladies who
are interested in handbags are also interested in fashion.

For this,
you want to choose the audience that’s most relevant to your marketing goals
and drop the other.

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 4. Set Up Your Facebook Pixel

pixels refer to the few lines of codes provided by Facebook for you to copy and
paste into your website to access customer data and track conversions.

You can use
Facebook pixels to track what your customers are interested in, where they
live, their earning, the number of kids they have, and so forth.

The Facebook pixel is very detailed, and the information you gather could also help you target people with a real interest in your products and services.

While it is a technical aspect of your campaign, understanding and using your pixel correctly is a huge factor that will determine your total Facebook advertising costs in Singapore.

5. Content Marketing

Above we’ve discussed paid advertising. When considering lowering costs for Facebook Advertising Singapore, it is important to remember that you can market in other ways on Facebook too.

Content marketing is free on Facebook.

You can create a Facebook page or Facebook group and provide users content on topics that they are interested in.

For example,
there are many groups for dog lovers. You can provide information on dog grooming products there if that is what you sell.

By presenting relevant information to an already interested audience, you increase your chances of making a sale.

As this type of marketing is non-intrusive, these prospects have very little resistance to learning about your products.

In fact, they welcome it because it is relevant to them.

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Facebook Advertising Agency Singapore

Should You Hire A Professional To Lower Your Facebook Advertising Costs In Singapore?

Running a Facebook advertising Singapore ad campaign is a snap.

Even the scrappiest of the marketers you know can still run the campaign. But there’s a massive difference between running the campaign blindly and running it like a professional who understands it to the core.

Using the ad platform effectively is complicated, especially if your primary goal is to lower the cost and increase the ad’s success.

Several key factors go into successful implementation and A/B Testing, that only a professional is in a position to get right.

That explains why many businesses in Singapore choose to partner with Blazing Conversions Digital Agency to lower their advertising cost and maximise returns.

Both small and big companies have a lot to benefit from the services of a Facebook ad agency.

First, the agency will help you lower the cost of running a successful ad campaign on the platform.

These experts understand the complexities of running a successful ad campaign. They also have a few tricks up their sleeves that work to increase conversion rates and ad relevancy.

They would also know how to combine different methods of advertising like using Chatbots on Facebook Messenger to improve your overall campaign.

At first, hiring a Facebook ad agency may seem like an expense.

But in actuality, it’s an investment that will pay for itself.

Besides improving returns, hiring a social media ad agency in Singapore will also help you save huge chunks of your valuable time and money.

You can focus on the more critical aspect of running your business, and let Facebook Marketing professionals assist you in your social media marketing campaign.

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