How to Avoid Painful Pitfalls While Facebook Advertising In Singapore

Facebook Advertising In Singapore

Do you realize that all the advertisements you see as you scroll through Facebook seem to have something related to you?

This is one of the subtle indicators of just how powerful Facebook can be as a marketing tool.

Below we elaborate on this and explain the biggest Facebook advertising pitfalls to avoid in Singapore.

How Effective is Facebook Advertising in Singapore?

A 2019 survey conducted by Asia Tech showed that there are 4.8 million active users in Singapore. That means an astounding 79% of Singapore’s population is on Facebook. Upon further research, Asia Tech discovered that each year, users increase by 9%.

That is a lot of people!

78% of consumers made purchases through Facebook discoveries. Being so popular in Singapore, it goes to show just how huge a platform Facebook is among Singaporeans.

This also makes it a very powerful tool for an effective online marketing strategy.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

The statistics above prove the marketing potential and influence of Facebook advertising. Business owners can draw a huge crowd all on one platform. This allows you to increase your exposure to millions of Singaporean Facebook users.

Effective marketing is about presenting your ads to interested and relevant individuals.

Facebook has a lot of information on its users. It knows their likes, interests, hobbies, age, marriage status, location, gender, sexuality and much more.

The audience targeting capability of Facebook marketing is the most detailed of all platforms currently on the internet.

Once you pay for Facebook ads, these ads appear to these interested individuals.

This ensures that you only target audiences that are likely to accept your products/services offered.

In this way, you do not waste advertising budget by presenting your products to disinterested audiences.

How to Advertise on Facebook to Maximise Leads?

Facebook marketing can be used to gather leads and potential customers for your business.

It is not enough to have millions of likes on your Facebook page. If none of them become loyal consumers of your products/services, then your marketing campaign effort is pretty much wasted. You would want to increase the ROI of your Facebook advertising and protect this asset.

What will happen in the event that Facebook someday closes down? You won’t have access to these customers anymore.

You should use Facebook marketing as a source to gather leads. Get the contact information from interested parties – emails, phone numbers, addresses etc. You can use these to contact or serve them outside Facebook.

Facebook Advertising In Singapore

Costs for Facebook Advertising Lowers Overall Marketing Expenses

The great thing about Facebook marketing is that you choose how much you are willing to spend.

Costs for Facebook advertising are adjustable daily. If you are on a low budget this week, use a small amount to advertise to a smaller audience. Next week, you might have more the funds. Your ads will appear in front of many more users.

Your total user engagement will depend on how many times your ads are shown and to how many people. These in turn depend on how much you pay for your ad campaign.

Biggest Pitfalls To Avoid – Overly Promoting

In Singapore, many inexperienced marketers think having more promotional content posted means better results.

To them it does not matter what they post. As long as they post all their promotional offers on their products/services, it will work.

Unfortunately, this is the same as spamming someone. It reflects badly on your business. You don’t want it to annoy your potential customers and be seen as a spammer.

A lot of Facebook users are so accustomed to ads popping up that they hardly give it a second thought. They develop ad blindness.

Your aim is to provide value and not overdose on promotional content.

Otherwise, your ads will be nothing more than all these other ads that they avoid as they scroll through Facebook.

How much is too much?

As a business owner, you shouldn’t be putting too much focus on questions like that. Instead, you should hire a professional digital marketing agency to worry about such matters.

Blazing Conversions is a team that has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

We approach your promotional content using the triple E method. We post promotional content to educate, entertain and engage audiences.

All our posts are well-thought out and calculated for maximum effect.

This is what draws attention. This is what leads to sales.

Lacking Relevant Promotional Content

Many businesses make the mistake of getting their ad frequency wrong. They post promotional content too often or too rarely.

The other big mistake is to post irrelevant content – things that your audience will not appreciate or bother with.

Imagine if you were looking to buy flowers but see content for motorcar parts. Would you bother to read on?

Facebook page followers are expecting relevant posts about the products and services they are interested in.

If you provide random and boring content, it can annoy your customers.

Since it is no longer relevant to them, they will not engage in your brand anymore. Instead of bringing them closer, you are pushing them farther away.

Another extreme is never posting anything at all. The results will be that customers see zero updates and so think you have gone out of the business.

As they say, “out of sight, out of mind.” They will soon forget you.

Facebook Advertising In Singapore

Good Facebook advertising promotional content strategy

All content you post should be deliberate and with a plan in mind. Every post has to attract positive attention.

Contact us. We will study your target audience, map out and execute content strategies that fit their wants and your business needs.

Your Facebook fanpage will never have another boring or random post. Your posts will mean something special to each of your followers.  

Facebook Ads Singapore – Hiring Facebook Advertising Experts

Facebook serves as a major opportunity to grow your business. You must not let this opportunity slip away.

As a business owner, you know spending too much time in unfamiliar territory could get you distracted.

By trying to become a Facebook advertising expert, you will lose focus of the core of your business. You will also waste a lot of time and money trying to compete with professional marketers.

Our Facebook marketing agency team knows the ins and outs of Facebook marketing. If you are ready to live an easier life and leave your marketing worries to us. Contact us for a chat today.

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