How to Benefit from Facebook audience insights for Accurate Ad Targeting

Facebook audience insights is a powerful free tool that Facebook provides to marketers. 1.66 billion people log onto Facebook daily. This massive number creates a great opportunity for businesses to be seen on this particular social platform

Facebook is a tool every digital marketing specialist takes advantage of. The platform provides well-defined FB audience insights that will help you create a great campaign with increased ROI and conversion rate.

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

It’s a tool provided by Facebook that tracks user interaction on Facebook Fan Pages. 

It’s basically a dashboard available on Facebook that shows administrators the total amount of engagements, the number people reached, their demographics and a whole lot more. 

With it, you can see the virality of your posts. You will be able to tell which of your posts are most successful and the statistics associated with them. 

With this information, you will see the posts that had the most engagement. In this way, you will be able to tell what your fans appreciate best. 

Recreate such content in order to increase the engagement and interest of future posts. 

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how powerful is the data and targeting on using audience insights on FB?

You’ll get targeted information about your user’s demographics, including location, age, and gender, interests and more advanced information like relationship status, job, education, market segments etc.

All the data will provide you useful information that can help you create meaningful posts for your users, reaching the right people, increasing brand awareness and understanding of your product. This will translate to increased trust and eventually sales. 

As shown above, Facebook audience insights provides you very specific data. 

This is the key to success for every business because it will show you exactly who your audience is.

Understanding your followers enhances your ability to create content that resonates with them, resulting in higher chances of engagement and conversion. 

You can narrow the audience down to age, gender, relationship status, education, job title and interests. 

So, for example, if you sell running shoes, you can target only the ones with a real interest in running when you advertise on Facebook. This will assure you that you will reach the desired audience which has a real interest in your products. More accurate targeting results in less wastage of your advertising budget.

Setting up a successful campaign can be tricky and you should pay attention to multiple factors. Fortunately, you can contact a marketing professional who will make sure you spend your money in the right place with the right audience.

Facebook Audience Insights

How to Benefit from using Facebook Analytics?

The crucial key point for every marketer or business owner is to know their target audience. 

With all the demographic data, Facebook insights helps entrepreneurs better understand their potential customers. 

The data provides valuable information on 

  1. type of content
  2. how it should be presented
  3. when it should be posted

Seeing how well your content performs; you can make the right adjustments in order to stay relevant with your potential customers. 

Crafting Interesting Relevant Content

With FB Audience Insights, you will be able to craft content that interests your clients. This results in a higher likes, shares and audience reach on your Fan Page. 

More of your followers will become your customers. Your existing customers will buy more products and more frequently. They will also their increase brand loyalty and stay with you longer.

You have the possibility of creating ads targeted by the profile of your best customers. The return of investment of your entire sales funnel will improve.

Also, you can download all the data that Facebook stores about your audience as different reports. This will facilitate your specific research.

Let’s recap the main benefits of using Facebook analytics:

  • visualize your sales funnel
  • the lifetime value of users
  • the content performing statistics
  • target specific audiences
  • better understand your buyer persona.

Data provided by audience insights on Facebook will paint you a clear picture of your business. It will help you make educated decisions that will lead to more sales and a better ROI.

It’s important to have a deeper understanding of all the data provided. It can be overwhelming to decipher all the information while taking care of all the other aspects of your business. 

Engage a Facebook marketing specialist who has experience in this domain to simplify the statistics for you. By doing so, he can conduct full research and you can utilize the powerful free data that Facebook provides to improve your business. 

Audience Insights Facebook For Precise Ad Targeting

With 2.4 billion active users, Facebook has the widest outreach of any social media platform. Naturally, it is currently the top social media platform you can use to promote your products/services. 

As a business owner, you must keep up with your competition and be where your targeted audience is. 

Engaging with your audience on Facebook ensures that you are present in the mind of your consumer. It will increase brand awareness, knowledge and loyalty.

These will all lead to more sales and a bigger profit. Facebook Audience Insights is a massively useful tool that shouldn’t be underestimated because it can provide real advantages for the long-term success of your company. It is also available for free!

As a business owner you, should definitely take advantage of it.


An audience insights Facebook blueprint will help you improve your digital marketing campaign and sales funnel. This assures your continuous business growth. 

Having all this precious data at your fingertips is an incredible asset for every enterprise. You will have the possibility to target specific audiences crafted to your buyer persona characteristics. This will lead to more engagement and cost-effective campaigns. 

But it’s necessary to make an effort to thoroughly understand all the data provided; which means spending time and energy on the subject. 

For best results, you can combine Facebook with other marketing strategies like SEO, sales funnel, web design etc. 

A reliable digital marketing agency can run your integrated multi-channel campaigns efficiently. Marketing consultants will make sure that your invested money is well spent. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on running your business; focusing on other important factors. 

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