Are Google Ads Display For Business worth it?

Google Ads Display

It is very important for every business to drive traffic to its website to promote its products and business. 

Google Ads Display for business or Adsense uses its network to do this.

Search engines are the primary source of information for many users. People around the world use them for any type of search query. 

To take advantage of its high traffic volume, Google advertising has become an effective tool for many businesses to attract relevant and qualified traffic to their website. 

The most common way of driving traffic is through search engine optimization. This system is technical and takes time. Traffic derived in by this way is termed “Organic Traffic”. 

The other popular and effective way of driving traffic quickly is through Google Advertising. It has become popular over the past decades due to its wide reach and offers two types of ads to its users: 

  • Google Adwords Search Ads
  • Google Adsense Display Ads

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords are ads that appear on top whenever we type something in Google. 

Google displays ads at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) which are relevant to the query. All other links that are based on SEO are displayed below the ads. 

This helps businesses to save their time and resources by appearing before audiences who are already interested to buy their products. This helps them to boost their business quickly. 

Publishers around the world are earning huge sums of money by affiliating their websites with Google Adsense. 

So we can say that Adwords is basically for advertisers and Google Adsense is for publishers. 

Google display network displays ads on third-party websites. These ads are displayed as banners on their websites. This is how Google ads display get themselves on over a whopping 90% of websites on the internet. These ads may be in the form of images, texts or videos. 

Google Ads Display

Why are Google Ads Display for business Effective?

As Google is the world’s largest web search engine. It understands the language of keywords. As already mentioned, it displays ads on the basis of keywords relevance. However, their effectiveness is based on a lot of other factors such as: 


This is the biggest advantage of using Google Ads. The more you invest, the more you get in return. You can better manage your business ROI while using it. 


The biggest disadvantage of dependence on traditional forms of advertising is you can’t figure out how well your ads performed. 

In contrast, Google provides you plenty of measurement tools to effectively monitor the performance of your ads. 

You can analyze which ads are performing well and which are not. So you can focus on your best performing ads and keywords. This frees you time and money to invest where you can get higher returns. 


This is the most amazing feature of Google Ads. It provides you the opportunity to narrow down your audience, specify language, time of day, exact keyword match, etc. Not many other platforms allow you to have this level of flexibility. 

Comparison of Google Advertising vs Bing Advertising :

Apart from Google advertising, one other popular search engine is Bing which is owned by Microsoft. Both platforms provide the same functionality to their users such as to generate high revenue, drive traffic, and both are pay-per-click advertising platforms. But still, there are features that make both of them unique and provide an edge over one another. 

Google advertising as already stated provides two advertising networks to its users:

  • Google Search Network where Ads are displayed on top. 
  • Google Display Network which works with Google Adsense and ads are displayed on third-party websites. 

Bing, on the other hand, works with two other search engines as well which are Yahoo and AOL. All these three search engines are owned by Microsoft. So when you advertise on one platform, your ads can be seen and accessed on other platforms as well. 

Google ads display for business

Why Google Advertising is Best?

Google advertising definitely takes the lead over Bing advertisement. One of the reasons is its wider reach. It handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average around the globe! 

Wider reach means larger traffic volume. Traffic is the primary source of earnings. Large traffic volume ultimately boosts sales as well. 

Similarly, the keyword tool is much better on Google than on Bing. You can easily track the latest trend by analyzing keywords because of the highly searched keyword tool. 

That said, the large volume affects your campaign costs too. The more you invest, the more returns you get. Higher traffic will definitely give you higher return.

Integration with other Marketing Strategies:  

Ads are not the only solution for business to promote their products. 

Social media is another big platform that contains traffic in the billions. Its importance cannot be ignored.

Some of the social media platforms also provide paid advertising such as Facebook. 

However, the difference is the approach. In Google, people are looking for the product whereas on Facebook they get updates and information through the News Feed. 

Similarly, Email marketing can be used as well. 

SEO uses related keywords and quality content to boost the ranking of your web page and drives traffic through organic means. 

Good web site design can also help businesses promote their business. A good web design leads to a good user experience that motivates users to visit that web site again.

Reasons to Hire Professionals to run Advertising Campaign:

So far, we’ve confirmed that Google display ads for business are worth it. The question now is whether you should do it yourself.

It is in the best interest of your business to hire a professional digital advertising agency to run your Google ads display for business campaigns. 

The reason is that they have the best knowledge of industry trends. Digital marketing experts also know the nuances of each different marketing strategy inside out. 

These experts work as integrated teams. Their combined expertise cannot be matched by individual employees in an organization. 

They can better advise you on choosing the best target audience because of their research and experience of working with similar clients. 

It saves you time and builds your brand image much quicker than otherwise. 

Running an Google ads display for business advertising campaign yourself means that you are compromising on other important tasks required for running your business. 

Partnering with Blazing Conversions digital advertising agency accords you time to focus on your core business. Give us a buzz today.

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