New Entrepreneur’s Guide To hiring an SEO services website design company

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A common misconception among inexperienced marketers is that organic SEO service is all about content, keywords, and link building.

Of course, that’s how things appear at the surface level. But SEO goes far beyond all that. In other words, to understand SEO, you have to learn to think like search engines. Search engines look at a string of factors before ranking your site, and they’re all targeted towards enhancing user experience.

So why use an SEO services website design company? Well, firstly, we’ve got to ask this question.

How are SEO and Website UX design connected?

And how can you integrate them strategically? 

Google updates its algorithm all the time. They’re always making changes to it, with the primary aim of improving user experience. Their primary goal is to come up with the perfect filter for separating the sheep from the goats so that they can provide online searchers with relevant and high-quality search results.

That forms the basis of all the changes that they continually make, as well as their strict algorithm updates. RankBrain is the perfect example of how user experience is important to Google.

SEO services website design company

How RankBrain Affects Your Ranking

RankBrain is the machine learning based algorithmic update designed to inform Google; about your site’s navigation and if users are having a field day interacting with it.

It is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. Ideally, it’s a behaviour metric that looks at how your visitors interact with your website – bounce rate, dwell time, pages per session, organic CTR, and so forth.

Here’s the thing: when users navigate through your website effortlessly, click on more of your links, stay on your pages for longer, and revisit your site from time to time, RankBrain will mark it as user-friendly. Thus, informing search engines to rank it appropriately.

On the other hand, if the bulk of your users are hitting the back button after a few seconds of checking in, RankBrain will conclude that your website is either optimized poorly or irrelevant to what users want. The result of this is your website dropping in ranks.

UX Only Wants to Make Users Happy, and So is Technical SEO

RankBrain is one of the many ways to prove that SEO and UX (user experience) design are knightly intertwined. If you can remember clearly, there was a time when optimizing your website for exact match keywords could get you ranked in the SERPs.

But that came with its share of loopholes that those offering black hat SEO services for website couldn’t help taking advantage of. But things have significantly changed along the way. Today, search engines have advanced considerably to the extent that their capabilities now perfectly align with what users want or prefer.

As a marketer, the only way to secure a prime ranking in the SERPs and get your website or content in front of the right audience is by putting yourself into their shoes.

You must understand things from the perspective of your target audience. You have to understand their buying intent by analyzing how they conduct their search queries.

SEO services website design company

Implementing SEO and UX Design: Best Practises

Suffice it to say that boosting your SEO score without considering UX is not possible during this time and age. If anything, SEO doesn’t begin with the content you create, but right at the inception stage of your web project – when you’re designing your website from scratch.

Waiting until your website is complete to begin thinking about technical SEO or SEO in general is a grave mistake. This is what any credible SEO services website design company will advise you.

Come to think about it: the first process of setting up a web portal is web design. 

Web design comes in two flavors, UX and UI. While UI is concerned about aesthetics, UX is all about user experience and usability. A UX designer is the first person that gets to work on your web project, and it’s their job to ensure the final web product generates the best user experience.

That’s where SEO is first taken into consideration – right at the very beginning of your web project, the UX design phase.

With that said, here are a few critical steps you might want to take to tie both SEO and web design together

SEO Services For Website Design: Improve your Website’s Load Speed

Google made it pretty clear that page speed is among its prominent ranking signals. And stats are here to back up this statement.

It turns out, a 1-second delay in page load time is enough to reduce your page views by a whopping 11%.

It’s also been established that poor page speeds also affect your overall conversion rate.

By not loading in less than 2 seconds, your site is losing nearly half of its visitors.

And it goes without mention that this also affects your retention rate.

Here are a few ways you can improve your site’s load time:

· Use a mobile optimized web design. With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices, make sure your pages load efficiently on them.

· Choose a reliable web hosting plan. Forget about shared hosting and instead opt for a good VPS or, better, consider signing up for Cloudflare.

· Use high-quality images. But you have to reduce their sizes by compressing and cropping them.

· Use lazy loading

· Eliminate autoplay for multi-media files

· Make good use of browser caching

Seo services for Website

Use a Simpler Website Architecture

Site architecture is about the arrangement of web pages on your website. From an SEO standpoint, a website is considered great when Google is able to find and index its pages with ease. This forms the basis of technical SEO. 

This also works to ensure that the “link juice” is spread evenly and that it can be uninterruptedly passed from high to low authority pages.

This is a critical aspect of what a professional SEO services website design company does.

Website architecture also influences how users interact with your website, considering they all rely on your navigation menu to locate web pages.

You can start by making your website navigation simpler. Make sure all your menu items are labeled correctly, and most importantly, use catchy CTAs and make sure that none of your pages is 4-clicks away from your homepage.

SEO and Mobile Friendliness

Google made it clear that it now considers responsiveness as one of its key ranking elements.

At a time when more than half of users browse the internet via a mobile device, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to waste their time marketing a website that isn’t responsive enough.

Not long ago, Google came up with mobile-first indexing. With this, they made it clear that they’ll be indexing the mobile version of websites and not desktop ones.

In other words, not having a responsive website is only destined to hurt your ranking.

The whole point is to make your website responsive on both mobile and desktop. This is something you work on right at the web design phase of your web project instead of waiting until everything is done.

SEO services website design company – Final Thoughts

As you can see, the connection between web design and SEO runs deep. This article barely scratches the surface.

For more information or if you’re looking for an SEO services website design agency, feel free to contact Blazing Conversions SEO Web Design Agency and let’s help you get your project set off to a good start.

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