How To Create High Growth Digital Marketing mix Strategy

A digital marketing mix strategy mix refers to a strategy that includes goal setting, channel selection and media planning. It will help you to link your business goals with various online channels. It aims to integrate all Internet marketing tools to work seamlessly to achieve your business goals.

The marketing mix is a set of tactical marketing tools that a business uses to elicit a desired response from its target market. It consists of everything that the company can do to influence demand for its product or service.

Digital marketing strategies depend on the size of an organization. For example, for a small company, a site and an account on Instagram or Facebook may be quite enough. 

For big organizations, digital marketing mix strategy is a multi-level plan that involves several channels and online tools.

It is not easy to grow a business. It requires not only vivid planning but also a viable idea. You are likely to lag if you do not have the right marketing strategies to speed up your business’s growth. 

Digital Marketing Mix Strategy

The success of your company is determined by how you market your products and services. If marketing is conducted in the right way, there will be more sales and, ultimately, more profits.

Furthermore, identifying the right marketing strategy mix for your business is very tricky. How can you market your business effectively while increasing sales and sustaining profits? 

With the help of an online marketing agency, things are likely to fall into place. They are not only pocket-friendly but also take the shortest time possible to help your firm reach its target. 

Taking into account your particular business, they combine graphics design, copywriting and technical know-how of various marketing tools and channels to come up with new marketing techniques.

Steps to Creating a digital marketing mix strategy

To begin answering that question, let’s take a closer look at each step of the development process first.

1. Performance Strategy Goal setting.

For a strategy, goals must first be defined. Depending on your tasks (brand promotion, performance marketing, or all together), goals can be different. It is essential to determine them from the start.

Never conduct a campaign to achieve more than one goal. It will have poor content and do a bad job of achieving any of your goals well.

In the long run, your ultimate goal is still the same – sales. 

But your immediate short term goals can be completely different. For example, you might want to launch a new product on the market, change your brand positioning (moving to another price segment), increase the customer’s average checkout bill etc.

2. Research your competition.

Every business is in a competitive environment and occupies a specific position in the competition. It is necessary to identify your competitors.

Who is your immediate competitor? See what they are doing to market themselves. Is it working for them? Can you do it better? Avoid the negative and improve on the positives.  

It would also be wise to study successful companies in other sectors. Most share what they do. Learn from them and incorporate methods and procedures that have helped them do well.

3. Ecommerce Marketing Solutions – Chose Your tools and channels.

After you have identified your target audience and identified contact points, you can proceed to compile a mix of advertising tools and channels. 

For example, you might use Facebook Messenger Bots and content marketing together as part of your sales funnel. Ideally, with a properly designed plan and correct communication, the action of one channel will strengthen the others.

Broadly there are 4 essential selling strategies: script based selling, needs based selling, consultative selling and strategic partnering.

Let us discuss how you can improve your various marketing strategies using the methods below.

1. Use Social Media Marketing Service

With over 2.8 billion social media users worldwide, this is where all the social magic is taking place. Do not ignore integrating social media into your digital marketing mix strategy. 

It is one crucial way to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is enhanced at a relatively low cost. Many businesses are built firmly on social media. Posting your products or services on social media platforms will enable your potential clients to see your products. 

On social platforms, you can place your messages to target the clients. You will also be able to communicate with potential clients who may be interested in your products/services.

You can use social media as advertising via content marketing and paid advertising.

Use both methods to attract and nurture potential clients. Continue engaging them after they have bought your product and make them your loyal customers.

2. Create videos

The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000 and it is still growing!

Adding video to your digital marketing strategy mix is an excellent idea. Creating video tutorials enables you to give a detailed explanation regarding your products and services to your target customers. 

You will be able to disseminate useful information to your target customers. The better you are at this, the faster you will boost your sales. 

You can embed videos in your ads, emails, social media content or post on Youtube itself.

3. Content Marketing and blogging

You can also blog about your products and services. Plan your route before starting your journey. Many business owners market without a clearly defined plan and naturally get poor results.

Find the best platform to post your content on. Make sure it is where your customers spend most of their time on. While blogging, make sure that your blog is useful. Do not post shallow content as it will turn away your potential customers. Entice them with detailed content that answers their needs and questions.

Blogging is a powerful way of attracting interested and hungry customers. It is also a good way of enhancing your overall digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Mix.jpg

4. Use Influencers

Find influencers whose followers fit your target demographic. 

Their followers will readily consume their posts. By working with these highly influential internet celebrities, you get to expose your brand and products to them.

Influencers will spread information to your potential customers in a more natural way as compared to traditional disruptive advertising.

Note that influencer marketing can be expensive. For sales to increase, you need to have a sustained campaign rather than a one-time post. 

5. Use of Facebook ads and re-targeting

With Facebook, you can reach your target audience quickly and also communicate your message effectively. You can target them either by interest, location, or even status. Such specific targeting reduces wastage of ad spend on irrelevant audiences.

This might be a bit technical but make full use of the Facebook pixel. It is a free programming code that Facebook provides to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. 

Use it for your retargeting campaign. Retargeting allows you to show your products to Facebook users who have shown interests in them before. They might have clicked on your ad or visited your website previously. 

By using retargeting, your ads will appear in their newsfeed when they next log onto Facebook. Repeated exposure increases their association with your brand and leads to more sales. The best thing is that Facebook is but only one platform for social media marketing.

6. Your Digital Marketing Consultant Requirements.

With the rapid growth of internet users, a good digital marketing strategy mix is the most effective technique of boosting your sales. 

It may be a simple idea but it is a difficult task to execute well. So how do you create an effective digital plan that brings better results? 

Engage the best digital marketing consultants for your firm. These consultants provide advice, plan and execute your firm’s digital strategy. 

Their aim is to maximize your firm’s leads, conversions and achieve your business goals. Therefore, hiring a digital marketing strategy professional is a prudent decision.


No matter how effective your current digital marketing strategy is or what great results you currently have; it cannot be considered done once and for all. 

This is a “living organism” that must be updated to adapt to the changing realities of the digital market. 

You should partner an experienced digital marketing agency to help you attain your corporate mission and goals.

Contact us to see what your ideal digital marketing strategy mix may be.

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