How Chatbots Help Businesses Save Time and Money

chatbots for business

With more and more people get exposed to chatbot, human will naturally want more out of these AI chatbot. In this article, you will learn how chatbot help businesses and their customers.

To begin with, chatbots are great for

  • consultants
  • insurance
  • real estate agents
  • service based business
  • virtual assistants
  • coaches
  • designers
  • any marketing arms of most businesses

How Chatbots Help Businesses – Brand Marketing

Many brands host webinars, online summits and other live events.

For example, Facebook usually creates a Messenger Bot for their annual conference to remind people to attend their scheduled seminars, webinars and Facebook Lives.

This is automated. Both time and effort are reduced due to technological automation.

The business owner no longer has to do the tedious work of sending out individual reminders.

Chatbot Agency – Traditional Businesses

How chatbots help businesses especially traditional business like restaurant and store owners is to:-

  • showcase your products
  • talk about your service
  • provide instant answer
  • having a virtual answering assistant (FAQ)

Having this competitive advantage will lead to your having more buying clients as customers tend to choose the vendor which requires the least amount of effort during the sales process.

Benefits of Using Chatbots – Better Understand Your Customers

You can also understand more about your customers’ needs by creating a survey to collect information and ask them specific questions to help you better serve them.

Big data analytics can help you understand your patrons better.

In this way, you can increase profit by guiding your customers to the suitable product or service faster.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business – Enhance User Experience

Since Bots are built inside Messenger, a communication tool, they are a great way to provide customer support.

You can use Bots to educate your visitors about your product or service.

They can also complement your website to provide people an additional way to access information about your business.

Messenger Bots can help you capture new leads and help you sell your product or service to warmer leads.

A single Messenger Bot can perform one or all of these tasks all within Messenger.

Myths About Chatbots

Now let’s go over some of the myths and benefits when it comes to messenger Bots.

Myth number 1

Nobody wants to use messaging to talk to businesses.

Studies showed that 9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to talk to businesses.

In fact, people and businesses send over 8 billion messages each month on Facebook Messenger alone.

This means that by introducing Messenger Bots, you’ll allow users to contact you using their preferred method of communication.

Myth number 2

Messenger Bots are impersonal.

64% of users would rather message a business rather than call.

While individual salespersons or telemarketers may struggle to remember the interests and requirements of each client they service, Messenger Bots built using best practices can learn more about each person and remember details.

More engaged conversations and better rapport with your clients results in greater brand loyalty.

Personalized recommendation and advice is not scalable unless you have a customer support team that works around the clock!

Messenger Bots act as an additional tool to your business that can act as a first level customer support to guide visitors to the product or service that can address their current problem.

This saves your business the cost of maintaining a full customer service team 24/7.

It is important to note that Messenger Bots are not meant to completely replace human support.

They are meant to help you offload the more repetitive questions that customers have.

This accords you have more time for more meaningful conversations.

How Chatbot Help Businesses

This is why Messenger Bots are such a great tool to send reminders about webinars or other time-sensitive events.

There is evidence that shows that if you use Messenger Bots for these reminders, you’ll see an increase in engagement and participation.

Second, when a user interacts with your Facebook Messenger Bot or taps on a send to Messenger button you will automatically have access to the user’s name and other basic information from their Facebook profile.

This means that users do not need to waste their time entering in their email or name in order to subscribe or to download the lead magnet.

When a user taps on a send to messenger button, your Messenger Bot can send them your free PDF or confirm their subscription instantly!

A user’s name isn’t the only information that you should know or collect.

Your Messenger chatbot can ask users about their interests or needs, in this way, you can send out more relevant content.

After all, nobody wants to receive junk that doesn’t concern them.

How Chatbot Help Businesses – Best Chatbot Usage

When using chatbots, brands should focus on a pull model where the chatbot is facilitating a conversation and client discovery.

Not pushing their marketing messages or agenda.

So if you’re planning to build or introduce a Messenger Bot into your business, be sure to use them to learn about your visitors and existing customers.

Become aware of who they are and what they want.

You’ll need that information in order to provide relevant content and helpful recommendations.

You can do this by sending users a message to let them know about your latest blog article or ebook.

Get them to sign up for an educational mini-course or video series.

You can tell subscribers about your upcoming challenge and send them a message each day to keep them motivated.

Alternatively, get them to register for your upcoming free webinar.

Facebook AI Chatbot – Help With Tedious Tasks

Bots can help with a registration process and send out reminders.

Since users check their messages more often than they do their email, there’s a higher chance that the user will see the reminder and attend.

You can also build a Messenger Bot to ask questions to prequalify and make sure that the user is a right fit before you schedule a live one-on-one conversation. In this way, you can use Chatbots on Facebook Messenger to increase conversions.

If built correctly using best practices, a chatbot can be an extremely helpful assistant for both you – the business owner and your visitors.

It can help you automate repetitive tasks and connect with visitors to build trust and a relationship at scale.

It can also help your customers by providing them with the right information at the right time.

Your visitors can conveniently get in touch with you though chatbots.

If users are not interested in hearing from you or your Messenger Bot they can always unsubscribe.

Artificial intelligence no matter how advanced it may be is not yet at the level that can replace actual human beings.

Many bots are poorly programmed because they have been rushed to market to take advantage of the surge in chatbot usage.

So it is imperative that you understand that the cheapest solution isn’t always the best.

Messenger Bots shouldn’t be used to send out spammy promotional messages.

This is something that you should not do. Platforms like Facebook have strict rules and guidelines when it comes to interacting with people.

When it comes to chatbots and Messenger Bots, it is best to first attract users, engaging with them through education and sending valuable relevant content.

Then, identify the warmer leads before converting them to users.

Remember, the goal of a Messenger Bot is to build relationships. Do so by sending out useful informational content like news or your latest articles.

If you’re hoping to build a Messenger Bot to only send out messages about sales, promotions, discounts, coupons, all to push users to make a purchase, then Messenger Bots are not a great fit for you. Facebook does not allow this.

If you decide to go down this route you might end up getting your Facebook Page and Messenger Bot banned by Facebook.


If you decide to be an early adopter of chatbot marketing, you will be on the forefront of marketing techniques.

It is well worth considering adding chatbots and Facebook Messenger BOTS to your marketing toolkit to give you an edge over your competition. By combining Messenger bots with other outreach channels, you can lower your advertising cost on Facebook.

Contact Blazing Conversions to discover how you too can use messenger chatbots to benefit your business.

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