how ecommerce helps small businesses

How Ecommerce Helps Small Businesses

The worldwide pandemic have accelerate the adoption of digitalisation. More and more businesses are getting on the digital band wagon and ecommerce. In this article, we will discover how ecommerce helps small businesses.

Today, almost every business, regardless of size, is becoming more and more digitally-focused. This is especially true of the smaller businesses.

Ecommerce websites are a perfect example of how this trend is affecting even the smallest of businesses. In fact, according to the 2016 State of Small Business Ownership, published by the SBA, 74% of all U.S. small businesses now have at least one employee who is either owners or an owner-employee. And these owners and owner-employees are using ecommerce as a major source of revenue. 

One of the biggest benefits of ecommerce for small businesses is that it provides them with endless opportunities for ecommerce marketing and branding. When you run a regular brick-and-mortar business, there are only so many places you can go to promote your business. However, when you have an online store, there are no limits to the places you can promote your business. In fact, with a little creativity, you can use it in ways you never thought possible.

How ecommerce helps small businesses In Branding

Nobody would want to buy from a store they don’t know about. So branding your online store is important considering that your competitor might do the same. However, there are two method to do branding for small businesses.

The first method is to brand your entire store under one unique name. This allows people to know your store name and is the most traditional way to do it.

The second method is to brand yourself so people get to know you as the face of your store. This type of branding will inject personality into your online store. You will attract customers whom like and trust you. This way, you might also want to consider create a following. 

Either method will work. It depending on what type of approach you want to take. 

Source: Wish-TV

How ecommerce helps small businesses In Marketplaces

Small businesses can tap into ready network of buyers from marketplaces. Marketplaces like shopee, amazon, qoo10 or even lazada have ready buyer. Some marketplaces even allow you to build your own store. You can list your product offering online for for using these marketplaces to get the word out. 

If you already have a ecommerce website, listing your product on these marketplaces is essential. Not only will your customer know that your business is a legit one, you can also use this to test out new product offering before spending on paid advertising. 

How ecommerce helps small businesses In Personalize Service

Being a small business owner have it perks. While one may need to do almost everything by themselves, they are also able to provide personalize service to their customers. This creates loyalty between your ecommerce business and customer. Not only that, you can gather more on the ground feedback directly. This allows the store owner you to make strategic decision fast. 

By personalizing your service, you can stand out among your competitor. While some customer may not like it, some will. Serve those who will. They will turn into your walking ambassador if you nurture them. 

E-commerce has made selling online much simpler for both you and your customer. Also, because most customers are now choosing to shop online rather than in shops, they have an added advantage of being able to comparison shop which means that if you can provide a unique or specialist service, they are more likely to purchase from you rather than another merchant.

Find ways to delight your customer.

For example, you can send a surprise gift during their first purchase with you or send them random gift after they had purchase. 

E-commerce has truly revolutionized the way businesses sell.

What’s better is how this revolution has boosted the opportunities available for small businesses. Small businesses aren’t at a huge disadvantage anymore.

In fact, they can now stand toe to toe with the big players. 

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