How to Benefit from Facebook Advertising Services Singapore

It’s been over a decade since the launch of Facebook ads. In that time, the Facebook advertising revolution has changed the way businesses market their products.

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With over 2.9 billion users accessing FB every month, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out to the targeted consumers. With such ads, you can now easily manage your entire digital marketing campaign from start to finish and get better results than ever before.

Social media is no longer just a great place for sharing pictures of your kids or posting random links to other websites – It can actually be the perfect place for advertising. If you spend your time and energy in the right ways you will be able to build a profitable business for yourself with social media. 

There is a need to strategize and test to find the best way to get fans, followers, and to build an audience on FB, Instagram, and other social media networks.

If you want your business to grow its online media presence, using Facebook is something you should consider.

This article will outline how to use Facebook advertising services Singapore to do so.  

Facebook Advertising Services Singapore

Facebook Marketing Singapore Statistics

The leading social media platform in Singapore is Facebook. Over 4 million people in Singapore use Facebook, and the number continues to grow.

A powerful tool for marketers, it is the media platform to leverage on.

The most effective ads for a user are based on their location, demographic, interests and behavior.

Facebook’s algorithm does its best to select the best Facebook advertisements for a user based on their location, demographics, interests and behavior.

Social media marketing is ideal for customer engagement. Facebook can be used to showcase images and videos and Twitter can be used for direct sales messages.

The average engagement rate for photos and videos on Facebook was 7.15%. Quality content posted on Facebook can help improve customer engagement. 

Benefits of Facebook Advertising for small business

Brand awareness

Be found by existing and potential customers

You should set up your own Facebook page for your company. It will help to create awareness about your business.

It can be used to strengthen customer loyalty to your brand, and increase the chance of potential customers finding your business. 

Target individuals by their demographics

One of the most exciting features of advertising on Facebook is its targeting capabilities.

Whether it is based on their age, gender, location, interest or any other factor, people will choose different products.

With this Facebook feature, you can maximize every dollar spent by your company for your Facebook digital marketing campaign. 


Paid ads on Facebook are set up in the same way as Programmatic Advertising. They are bought when audiences interact with them. ie when users click on them.

However, even without engagement, glimpses of an eye-catching ad can already make an impression on targeted audiences.

You could, therefore, attract potential customers to your product without having to spend money on advertising. 

Measurable results

Facebook provides you with all the tools and data to measure the success of your advertising or marketing campaigns.

When we track ad activity, real time reports provide valuable insights to make decisions for future endeavours. 

Increase your SEO ranking

Due to the social signals it creates, Facebook can improve your search engine ranking.

By targeting users who click on your ads because they’re interested in what you’re selling and see a lot of engagement with your posts, you can direct them to your webpages. Their time on your pages will show Google how valuable your content is – increasing your domain authority.

How to Use Facebook Advertising Services Singapore

Facebook Advertising for Lead Generation

FB Advertising has many different ways of promoting your brand. If people click on your ads, they’ll be redirected to your Facebook Page. You’ll want to make sure that people who click on your ads convert to your Facebook Page fans.

Facebook offers an Ads Manager with ad targeting features for businesses to target their ideal audience. The Ad Manager collects demographic data from social media profiles, age, interests and geographical location to target potential leads.

In addition, Facebook uses a machine learning system to effectively serve ads to leads based on their predicted behaviour on and off Facebook, to meet the marketing objective set, such as improving brand awareness or increasing website traffic.

This lets you spend more time and money on creating quality content rather than spending all of your time on optimising your advertising target audience.

Having loyal customers, who are satisfied with your product and service, and have a good customer service experience, will drive more potential customers or qualified leads to your business.  

Personalising Facebook Advertisements

Some of the best advertising formats for your business and its products or services are video ads, photo ads and sponsored posts. With the right creative, your customers will find you, share your products or services and get more out of your ad experience.

When deciding which ad formats work best for your business, consider what will perform the best.

We can help your business be more effective by designing effective Facebook ads that drive interest to your business page, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

The best way to run your advertising campaign is through our design experts who can create countless designs that will help your business meet its marketing goals and get the best buck from your ad campaign. We create Facebook ads for your business to increase your reach and engagement. We curate high conversion lead forms that are easy and convenient to use for your specific audience. 

Expert Copywriting

There are many ways to make people aware of your brand, whether you want to increase web traffic to your website or if you want to create brand exposure for your Facebook business. Copywriting is an essential part of a successful marketing campaign.

When it comes to writing sales copy, there are so many different ways to go about it. Blazing Conversion’s copywriting teams understand your niche and speak directly to your customers in the language that they understand.

Social ad copy gets instant reactions and generates instant conversions to sales.

We are a marketing agency that has been running Facebook marketing campaigns for many years, so we know which types of ads tend to convert the most leads and sell the most products.

There are thousands of ads we can create for your business, so let us do the work for you. We will produce ads that are relevant to your business and encourage customers to take action. 

Facebook Ad Monitoring and Optimization

How do you measure whether a Facebook campaign is successful? To really determine whether it’s a success or not, you need to take a real-time look at Facebook statistics in real time.

If you’re already using your Facebook marketing KPIs as a way to track your ad performance, it makes sense to look for ways to improve them.

Today, there are many ad platforms that are easy to use and are effective at attracting the right audience. Instead of wasting time and effort figuring out which ad layout formats don’t work for your target audience, focus your resources on ads that actually deliver positive ROI.

We are committed to ensuring that all of our partners are able to reach their ideal marketing results and maximise their ROI. As part of this commitment, we constantly analyse and test our advertising. We take pride in continuously monitoring, tracking and optimizing our marketing tactics; making data-driven decisions to deliver the best results.

We are also available to help you scale your ads to help you bring in more growth to your business. 

Facebook Ads Agency Singapore

How to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Producing creative marketing materials for a Facebook campaign is a challenge. Below are the latest tips and tricks for creating efficient Facebook marketing strategies. 

Identify your audience. When you think about your potential customers, consider who they are, where they live, what they care about and how they want to get your product? Don’t worry, you can still get an audience for your video without paying for advertising on Facebook. The audience Insights tool within Facebook will help you streamline this process. 

Use Facebook’s content calendar to schedule your posts. Create a topic that interests your target audience. Then decide how often you should post to your social channels. The ideal frequency depends on how your followers engage with your broadcasts. Gather data and adjust with each campaign.

Running an FB Ad campaign to drive leads for your business is a great way to get more people to contact your business. Facebook’s lead generation channel is perfect for lead generation due to its low cost-per-click. It is important to set the campaign correctly to target the right audience so that you can achieve the lowest cost-per-lead for your campaign.

You can use Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) targeting to reach more of your ideal customers. Utilise Retargeting and Similar Audience tools to do so.

How to Choose the Right Facebook Marketing Agency Singapore

You don’t just need to hire someone who knows how to use Facebook. You also need someone who can help you use it more effectively.

Hire a service or marketing agency that’s experienced in managing campaigns like those mentioned above, because they’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to make sure your campaign turns out as planned.

It will be even better if they have a previous client that belongs to your industry.

If there are none, assess the company’s competence based on their service process, transparency and professionalism.

Blazing Conversions has created a unique program with a holistic approach to Facebook Marketing for our clients.

We have also helped them to achieve their business goals online through branding on Facebook, generated qualified leads that convert into sales and improved their social engagement by creating quality content that relates to the right audience.

Contact our consultants to enquire about your Facebook Advertising Services Singapore today.

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