How to Build Brand Awareness and Recognition Online

Have you ever heard anyone refer to themselves as a “Starbucks person,” “Adidas person,” or “Krispy Kreme person” before?

Brands are built around emotional connections to people, not just a logo or a tagline. This article explains how brand awareness can affect you so that consumers are willing to become customers repeatedly.

Today, we’ll explore how to build brand awareness and recognition to help your business gain greater market share.

Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

Brand Recognition vs Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify your brand based on visual indicators such as logos and colours.

For example, if you see a big yellow coloured M logo while in a mall, you know that there is a McDonald’s in the vicinity.

Brand awareness takes brand recognition a step further. It’s a process of increasing awareness about your brand by increasing its exposure in the marketplace.

A brand that has a high level of awareness has marketing campaigns that people notice and remember.

The importance of brand awareness

In order to create an effective branded package, you need to get clear on what your company’s brand promise is to your customers, which product elements your company offers, and what your company’s core offer and differentiation is.

Branding and trust is the aspect of business that places a business ahead of its competitors.

Building your brand should be the core of your overall sales strategy. You also need to be consistently working to strengthen your associations in your target audience’s minds so they remember you.

The more familiar people are with something, the more they trust it and gravitate to it.

The more familiar your target audience is with your brand, the easier it will be to promote your business across multiple channels and create new products or services that have a high chance of succeeding.

Good branding will also help to develop a good corporate reputation and nurture loyal customers.

An awareness campaign study will give you insight into what you and your brand are known for. You’ll learn whether you’ve achieved brand recognition or are struggling to get it.

With this information, you can create a brand awareness strategy that helps drive sales for your business.

Brand building process – How to Build Brand Awareness Fast

Most small business owners aren’t going to shell out the money for expensive billboard space, but they will still need to advertise.

It’s not always about increasing your exposure. The reason is that having more exposure doesn’t necessarily equate to having increased awareness.

You can organize or sponsor local events.

You can also post regularly on social media using your brand voice. You may want to create a customized hashtag to make sure your Instagram posts reach more potential customers.

Whether it’s for ecommerce sites or any other type of business website, building brand awareness is one of the best ways to start getting people interested in your business.

The key is to be consistent so that you can strengthen your image in the eyes of your audience with every encounter.

You want to consistently create a great impression. You can strengthen your image in the eyes of your audience with every encounter.

For successful execution, be sure to measure your brand awareness so you can make adjustments and improvements along the way.

Strategies to Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

Now that you already know how to start building your brand awareness from the ground up.

Let’s delve into building some simple yet powerful branding strategies. 

Guest Blogging on Other Popular Websites

Guest blog on other sites. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and get in front of your audience.

Take advantage of the traffic that’s already arrived on another website and offer relevant, helpful content in exchange for clicks.

What that means is you’re not just presenting your product to potential customers who have an existing interest in a similar space, you’re writing in your brand voice and are presenting yourself as a person first. This allows them to more readily connect with you.

Another good way to build brand awareness and recognition is to increase your link profile would be to find relevant niches and get published in those niches. 

Use a Catchy Slogan.

A good branding strategy incorporates a slogan that’s memorable, short, and easy to remember. For instance, Nike’s “Just do it” slogan is an excellent example of a strong branding strategy.

It’s definitely not straightforward to do.

Imagine squeezing everything you’re about into one short sentence. It must explain how you’re different, what you offer, and why customers should choose you.

Create a Ubiquitous Symbol.

I’m not just talking about a logo, but it can definitely be part of one.

Nike is not even Nike anymore. They are a “swoosh”.

I’ve always had this theory that I should buy anything Nike because their products are so well made. You really know it’s a Nike product when you see that checkmark.

If you want your logo to be everywhere – in your ad copy, website design, your marketing collateral, and even in the packaging of your products, it’s important to select a unique symbol.

You could consider taking notes from Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike and incorporating their symbols into your product packaging and design. 

Embrace co-marketing.

In today’s world, no single marketing tactic will get you far on its own. The answer is co-marketing.

For example, if your company sells gardening equipment, you can potentially partner with a fertilizer company.

The campaign itself could appear in many different ways, such as creating a shared offer or hosting an Instagram live together.

You don’t have to choose exclusively between partnering up with other brands and doing everything yourself. Working with other brands on projects can help you double and even triple your reach. 

Hire a Spokesperson

If you have the budget, you can hire an actor or a spokesman to represent the company. It would allow you to humanize your brand and give a sense of friendly and knowledgeable customer service. 

Advertise – build brand awareness b2B

Advertising on the Internet can do wonders for branding, but it’s also a tool to help you build product awareness. 

A quick scan of the internet will show you that there are many paid advertising options, from paid search to paid social media. So, why not start with one of them?

An effective digital ad campaign is one that allows you to reach the right people with the right message and is able to offer better return on investment than traditional methods. 

Some Final Thoughts

Brand awareness is important because it helps people remember your products and your mission.

Blogs, infographics, and guest articles are great ways to get started with content. Native advertising, social media and influencer marketing can greatly help you to reach your audience.

There is no one single strategy that guarantees success but a consistent one will greatly assist in achieving your brand awareness goals. It is also a good idea to have an integrated multi-pronged approach. 

Should you require to build brand awareness and recognition for your business, contact our consultants at Blazing Conversions today.

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