How to Convince Management to Engage Third Party Marketing Agencies

Change is hard. This is especially difficult when you are talking about the routines and procedures of an organization.

How do you make those around you aware of the need for change without upsetting them? 

And how to convince management to engage third party marketing agencies when he has been relying on your 2 person marketing department all along? 

What’s the best way for a little person like you to make a big difference?

If you see any way you can make things better, more effective, or more profitable for your company – even if that means suggesting changes – you should reflect upon how you can contribute meaningfully to making the world a slightly better place.

 Convince your boss you and you’ll be working with a group of marketing experts perfectly suited to solving your needs.

So, the question becomes, how can you become a change agent at work, responsibly and respectfully? Is that sound fun? Read on. 

Marketing Needs to Keep Pace With Your Fast Company Growth Rate

As a marketing professional, you’ll always be trying to grow the influence you have within the overall direction of the company, However, the how to convince management to engage third party marketing agencies usually is something that you know needs to be done but somehow, it is challenging to bring that up.

The key is that the more you can give the organization, the more you can get back, and that’s the whole idea behind the momentum principle. When you let your capabilities catch up with the growth of the company, it’s time to step up to the plate and start putting your influence to work.

With a professional who is a master at helping your organization move forward, your company can finally start gaining real traction.

If your company wants to get to the top, you need to make sure that you take the time to discover what the best route for reaching growth goals is. It’s well worth the pay off of catching the market leader and taking their place.

You Require Assistance to See Through a Critical Stage Initiate

When it comes to projects like rebranding, launching a new website, or entering a new market, you need to be extra careful.

You can’t afford to mess up on any of these fronts because they are so critical to your success.

If you aren’t careful, you could be left in the dust by the other guys who have been more successful because they got their messaging and positioning right from the start.

These are the kinds of questions you must be asking when you hire an agency, and as you evaluate your need for an agency.

Ensure You Denounce Any Conflict of Interest

Digital change can cause internal conflict, one of the most common problems. Make sure you take this into account when explaining why you want to engage external resources.

What type of change do you want the third party agency to exact?

For example, traditional sales teams often feel threatened at the proposal of creating an online ecommerce channel. Whether rightly or wrongly, they equate it as making their roles redundant.

Your proposal must emphasize how it helps internal departments without any conflict of interest. In showcasing the benefit to the organisation, you will increase executive buy-in to your idea.

How to Convince Management to Engage Third Party Marketing Agencies

Seek Feedback and Opinions

Sometimes the very people who are most resistant to change embrace it more than others. Don’t be too quick to dismiss the concerns of those around you. They might be holding the keys to making your vision a reality. Shore up the foundation, and then give them credit for contributing to the idea.

You’ll get support for your ideas and you make your co-workers feel appreciated.

Whether you are asking for feedback or just giving feedback to yourself, it is essential to stay focused on what you want your message to be and not get lost in the details.

People who succeed in their careers are driven by an insatiable desire to achieve more.

Consolidate Support

The top leaders of an organization are the ones who typically spearhead and guide the implementation of change in the workplace.

However, the best way to implement change is to start by building consensus from the bottom up and testing ideas from the people who are actually doing the work.

This process allows for feedback from the people doing the work and can make your idea more palatable to those with the power and authority to implement change.

A collaborative strategy can help you achieve your goals faster than a top-down strategy. And it lets you avoid the dysfunctional behavior that plagues so many organizations.

Collaborative strategies are transparent. Everyone knows what’s expected of them, and they have ownership over their part of the process.

Appeal to Loss Aversion to Sway Your Superiors’ Support

Loss Aversion: It’s important to understand this common human tendency if you want to get ahead. Simply put, we’re more likely to do something to avoid a potential loss than to achieve a potential gain.

Your idea will hit home with everyone involved if you can illustrate how it is a no-brainer to invest in your solution. Then, explain how your idea is so solid, it’s worth the investment in time and money.

It’s vital that you prove how your solution is worth the investment in time and resources. It’s also vital to have a formal sit down meeting with your manager to talk about the current problems you’re seeing and to determine whether or not your solution is the right one.

Make sure your meeting hits three points: the current problem, your solution, and your plan.

Be Prepared for Overreactions

Resistance is often not a rejection of your idea, but more often, a resistance to the ambiguity of the process and the unknowns that exist.

To address this, present a clear plan that outlines how you see your idea rolling out sustainably, beyond the resistance points in the process.

Use easy-to-understand visuals and statistics whenever possible.

Show how your current workflow will not be disrupted. And if you can show that the project will be completed on time and within budget, your manager will have confidence in your plan. 

How to Convince Management to Engage Third Party Marketing Agencies

Look at It from Your Boss’ View

You must always be looking at things from someone else’s point of view. When you are considering how to best internally sell your need for an outside agency, always think about what metrics matter most to your leadership.

Are they most concerned with leads? Generated revenue? Website traffic? Campaign performance? From here, consider very specifically why you need the external support.

Is this topic something outside of your area of expertise? Is there something about your organization that requires an expert’s attention? Have you just undergone a significant shift and your business is at a transformation point?

These are all legitimate reasons to look for an external expert. Your boss and/or your leadership team will still need to showcase your work to them, so make sure you present it in a way that is meaningful to them, and which focuses on the business goals associated with your choice.

Elevate your proposal to a level that makes it more likely to get a “yes” response. You do this by making your proposal more compelling. 

Are You Prepared to Be a Change Agent?

When a conversation around major investments comes up, make sure you know exactly why you’re looking for an expert agency to assist you with your goals, and why it’s worth it to invest externally to get this done.

What will this allow you to accomplish that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do? To go make change at work, you must be strategically brave. You must be smart. You know your management.

It’s not enough to have a great idea. You’ve got to communicate that idea clearly to someone else. That someone else might just turn your idea into a huge success!

Don’t do it alone. Contact Blazing Conversions. We’ll provide the structure and guidelines you need to get your idea off the ground. 

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