How to do Facebook Marketing? A Newbie’s Guide (2021)

How to do Facebook Marketing

Many new internet marketers ask the question of how to do Facebook marketing.

With 2.3 billion active users, Facebook is currently the largest social media network.

You’ll find many marketing opportunities on this platform. You can create an effective sales funnel by integrating various channels.

It is worth investing time to learn how to use this powerful tool to increase your marketing outreach.

How to do Facebook Marketing

Who is on Facebook?

With every marketing campaign, you want to know whether your audience is on your marketing channel.

So, who is on Facebook?

Both men and women use social media in equal numbers. Every age group uses at least one social network site, with 68% of Americans using Facebook.

In other words, no matter what age group you’re targeting, you will find them on Facebook.

How to do Facebook Marketing? – Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page is the page where you share information about your business.

Users can “Like” or “Follow” it. When they do that, they’ll automatically receive page updates on their newsfeed

Pages and profiles have a few key differences.

  • Pages do not require confirmation of friend requests. People can follow your fanpage without your approval
  • Unlike personal accounts that have a 5000 friend limit, there are no limits to the number of followers your Page can have.

Pages are free and easy to set up. You can set up a professional looking Facebook page within 15 minutes.

How to do Facebook Marketing

Use Facebook Marketplace

Did you know that there is a marketplace built in directly into the Facebook ecosystem?

That’s right, there is huge potential for eCommerce sellers to promote and sell directly on Facebook!

If you are a product seller, you can set up a shop, then list your products. Facebook users with see them when doing a search for products to buy.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook recently allowed the creation of brand-based groups associated with your page.

You’ll need a Facebook Page first before you can create an accompanying.

This allows a little more control over the group since you can attach your company to it.

Facebook groups are similar to online forums but have features like timelines and the option for followers to like and comment.

You can reach out to potential customers by creating groups related to your products or industry.

Remember to encourage engagement by monitoring discussions & posting questions and replies multiple times per day.

Facebook Ads – Targeted Paid Advertising

In social media marketing, Facebook offers an extremely powerful targeted advertising platform.

You can run Ads on a per-impression or per-click basis. Remember to set daily limits so that you don’t blow your marketing budget.

Facebook gathers so much demographic information about its users, it has one of the best-targeted advertising platforms around.

You can target by virtually anything on a user’s profile.

It allows you to create ads targeted at

  • specific age groups
  • geographic areas
  • birthdays
  • education levels
  • user interests
  • relationship status
  • It even allows you to target the types of devices used for browsing
  • and more

Facebook ads manager allows you to target your existing buyers too. If you have a list of their email addresses, it will let you serve ads to them when they log on to Facebook.

Customize Your Facebook Advertising

Create different ads for different demographic groups. With customised ads for each specific target group, you’ll be able to build your brand and get better results.

You might show a video ad for football fans, you might even create individual ads for different teams. If you are selling football merchandise, you can target your audience accordingly. 

You can also have those ads shown only to people who have indicated, in their Interests, that they are fans of those teams.

Facebook Ads Agency Singapore Conclusion

If Facebook is not currently part of your marketing campaign, you should invest time to incorporate it as part of your overall strategy.

As mentioned above, there are many marketing options within Facebook. It can be overwhelming to do them all at once. Choose and practice one avenue at a time.

No matter what your company type, time or budget constraints, Facebook has enough different marketing options that you can tailor your marketing efforts to.

For a more in depth discussion on Facebook marketing options, contact Blazing Conversions.

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