5 Simple Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic

Increase Social Media Traffic

As we know, businesses constantly want to increase social media traffic to generate leads and sales.

The reason is simple. Social media has the ability to be a major traffic source for businesses to promote their product or service.

The larger your social media presence, the more you can rely on this avenue for steady traffic to your page. Getting people to your website through only social engagement can be tricky.

How to Drive Traffic from Social Media to Websites?

It is important to engage and build relationships. Customers are people and not numbers. So nurture them through the buying process. How do we get people through your social channels?

1) Have Inspiring Visuals
Yes, first impressions count. In fact, in this digital age, they count a lot! Images/videos create 650% more engagement than plain text posts. Potential buyers use visual content to affirm their purchasing decisions. This explains why visual centric media like Instagram work so well for trained marketers.

2) Continuous Engagement
Don’t forget the customer experience. One oddity in life is that people like to buy but they don’t like to be sold. Keeping your audience engaged is one of the most central aspects of social media management.

Imagine going into a shop. You need assistance but the salesperson ignores you. What do you do? If you are like most people, you will take your business elsewhere.

Similarly, replying to comments, questions & concerns online goes a long way.

How to Increase Social Media Traffic?

3) Be Consistent In Your Posts
The more consistent you are, the higher chance you will have at being seen. Some media advisors suggest posting daily on Facebook, 2 & 5 times a day on Instagram & Tweeter respectively. Once you start seeing a spike in social media traffic, keep going.

4) Research The Competition
As the old adage goes, “Know thy enemy, know thyself.” Alright, we won’t go so far as to call the competition “the enemy” but they are often a reflection of who we ourselves should be.

Business intelligence tells us that finding out what works for others is a true & tried marketing strategy.

Read social media competitive reports to see how your target audience responds to your competitors’ social posts.

The analysis will help you shape your own business plans, strategies and tactics. They should include
– Tone on each social channel
Content of your posts
– How long your posts should be
– Days & times for posts
– Frequency of response

Note: Never directly copy others. It is not only unprofessional but it could also get you into serious trouble with the law!

Increase Social Media Traffic

5) Make Your Content Shareable
Viral traffic is the aim of every marketer. News spreads like wild fire when 1 party shares your content to others and they in turn do the same. Make sure you have that share button installed your webpage.

How to Generate Traffic on Social Media?

The harder it is for your audience to share your story, the less likely they will.

If you have heat map plugins like SumoMe, use them to identify the high click volume areas on your landing page and place your share buttons there to drastically boost your viral traffic.

Engage a Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media is based on 2 way communication. Boosting your social media traffic isn’t difficult, but it does take consistent, efficient planning and managing your social tributaries.

Building a strong buying audience takes time, follow these steps and you will see a positive impact on your social media traffic.

If you’d like to focus on how to increase traffic to your website through social media, contact Blazing Conversions. Our lead generation specialists will work with you to do just that.

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