How to Increase Business Web Traffic For A Site

For an online business, it’s crucial to have relevant high demand web visitors for a site in order to be successful. 

If you want to deliver high-quality web traffic for a site you should pay attention both to organic web traffic and paid search. 

Quality traffic refers to those users who access your website who are more likely to buy something. This is due to them having a real existing interest in the products or services your business provides.

Increasing Web Traffic For A Site – Research

The first step to obtaining high demand web visitors for a site is conducting research. Industry research will provide insights, guidance and recommendations for how to succeed. With these, you can proceed with creating your marketing plan.

Every marketer or business owner wants the same thing: more customers. And in the digital era, this means you have to reach potential new customers using organic and paid traffic. 

When they are searching for something, potential customers search online. You must appear on the front page of search engines in order to be found by customers. You can do this organically by improving SEO or by using pay-per-click ads.

Source: Google Search Central

Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic refers to traffic that comes from search engines, traffic that is earned, not paid. This is the primary channel that good marketers try to improve on. Organic web traffic is driven by SEO. The better a company ranks for competitive keywords, the more organic web traffic its site it will have.

Basically, organic search results are the list of links that appear below the ads on the search engine results page (SERP). The clicks that come from those links are known as organic traffic. This type of online traffic for a website is widely considered the most valuable for a number of reasons:

  • Google is the most trusted source for people who want to buy something.
  • Everybody knows how difficult it is to rank in the first positions, so if you are there, it means that you provide great quality content.
  • It can be hard to get in the first positions on Google, but if you manage to do so, you can stay there for a long period.
  • The results on the first page of Google get 92% of all search traffic

Increasing organic traffic will increase the number of sales.

Paid search is a form of digital marketing that involves search engines such as Google to allow advertisers to show ads on their search results pages. Mostly, it works on a pay-per-click basis which means you will be billed only when your ad is clicked on.

The paid results will be shown first on the SERPs. While you wait for your website to rank better in search engines, you can use paid search to get the chance of being seen by potential customers.

The benefits of paid ads are that you have the chance to target the desired audience using demographics, interests. This means that your ads will be shown only to the ones which have a big interest in your products and are more likely to convert. 

This will drive high-quality traffic to your website if the campaigns are set up correctly. An experienced marketing specialist will be able to do so for your company and will provide cost-efficient results.

Organic web traffic can be affected by paid search traffic landing on your website; either positively or negatively. It’s best to coordinate them both to guarantee that they reinforce each other for greater success. It is recommended that you leave this to the professionals.

Below are a few tips that will help you increase the traffic to your website:

SEO optimization

You can rank well organically in search engines by optimizing your SEO strategy. 

This means you have to pay attention to On-Page SEO by optimizing the content for search engines. 

Optimization involves a lot of action and domains of interest: keywords, meta tag description, image alt text, internal links, etc. 

They are also Off-page SEO optimization methods that need to be done and that includes all the references from other sites to yours. They should be from sites with authority and provide relevant content in order to help you rank highly. 

web traffic for a site

An SEO optimized site will boost your sales tremendously. It should be done by an SEO expert who is experienced in the various aspects mentioned above.

They are many factors that you should take into consideration if you want your website to rank highly. Google search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites.

Thus, it’s best to let a specialist take care of these aspects to make sure that they are applied correctly and you don’t get penalized by Google.

You should also know that SEO is a top priority for 61% of marketers who are focused on growing their organic presence.

Paid search is part of a digital marketing and a good way of getting high-quality traffic to your website. You have to adjust your paid strategies to meet your goals. 

If you desire more traffic and a bigger conversion rate, you should target high commercial intent keywords that will result in a successful campaign. 

For a good PPC campaign, you have to do good research in order to find the right keywords and target the audience with a real interest in your business.

Mobile web visitors for a site

Mobile web traffic can be one of the methods to drive web traffic for a site and is rising in trend because of how consumers browse the internet nowadays. So you must have a mobile responsive website that will show relevant content quickly to users. This will not only help you obtain more sales but also to rank better in the search engine. Google pays attention to responsive sites and rewards them.

If you want the best results, you should focus on both organic search and paid search methods to attract more traffic. Paid search will have an immediate result. While organic search will provide results over a longer time frame but it can get a lot more traffic and be very cost-effective when done correctly.

The two methods should be integrated for best results. You should engage a professional Digital Marketing Agency to plan and coordinate your efforts. 

Your success depends on multiple factors which require experience, research, know-how and time. The right mix of organic search and paid search will determine business success. 

A great mix will drive more online web traffic for a site, increase your brand’s visibility and deliver more sales. This will also maximize your ROI. Organic search and paid search complement and enhance one another. This is why they are perfect together in the long term success of your business.

Contact Blazing Conversions to see how you can use organic and paid strategies to achieve your business goals.

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