How to use Live Webinar events to sell my products effectively?

Are you planning on using webinars to sell more products, programs, or packages?

Do you ever wonder “how to use Live Webinar events to sell my products?”.

I believe virtual events are an excellent way to grow your business quickly, as you can be like many successful businesses that are hosting them, building your email marketing list as well as increasing sales and profits. 

use Live Webinar events to sell my products, How to Promote My Online Store

What is Webinar Marketing?

The term webinar comes from the words “web seminar”. Webinars are a type of marketing tool that use the internet to present a live, educational, presentation about a subject.

They can be free or paid, but their real power is in the fact that they often offer people the chance to ask questions and receive answers in a Q&A session after the presentation.

The most important aspect of a good online event is its ability to attract and engage participants. Because they are a visual medium, webinars can help presenters connect quickly with participants. Most people will also grasp the information faster than if it’s just written down.

Companies use webinars to: Showcase products and services, expand on content published in a blog post, demonstrate their expertise and generate leads.

A virtual event should not be just about you; it’s about providing value for your audience. But, if you’re planning to use webinars for lead generation, there’s one point we have to emphasize: provide value for your participants.

Showing that value is also the reason why webinars provide the perfect opportunity to sell.

Let’s dive in further. 

Live Online Seminar Statistics

Webinars retain 40% of viewers’ attention and create 20 times more leads than other types of online marketing according to MarketingSherpa.

An InLinkz online seminar generated a lead 11 times higher than the next best performing channel. 

Live online events can be used to increase traffic to your website, improve your conversion rate and generate qualified leads. One proven way to use webinars is to send out an audio tape of the live event with written instructions on how to join in if you missed it.

With regular conversion rates between 20% – 50%,  virtual seminars are a great method to improve your brand awareness, and generate more qualified leads and boost sales. 

Best Practices for Webinar Presenters

When it comes to webinars, many of us have attended uninspiring ones that are full of fluff and empty promises.

In order not to conduct such underwhelming sessions, consider the problem solving approach – this is an effective structure to use when preparing for a webinar: For every problem you see, there is a solution, and another way of solving that problem.

You first clearly outline the problem your customers are facing, then show how you solved a similar problem, and then point out the benefit participants are going to get by using the solution you provide. You should underline the value participants will get from using your products and services at the end.

How To Use Live Webinar Events To Sell My Products 

webinar tips and tricks

Tips For Delivering A Great Webinar

Technology matters to make your webinar successful. If you’re using webinars regularly, it’s worth ensuring you are delivering high quality video and audio.

Look straight at the camera. That will make each attendee feel you’re looking straight at them, which is great for starting to build a connection with them.

Run a test first to make sure you’re comfortable with the material and can switch seamlessly between presenting, showing slides and screen sharing as needed. You should move through slides pretty quickly otherwise attendees will stop paying attention.

Give your attendees a reason to stay throughout your session. Do something that makes them say, “Wow! I can’t believe he/she is giving away a free report like this! Think of your pitch as more of a teaching tool for the your attendees than anything else.

During your pitch, it’s important to think of yourself as a teacher demonstrating how to act on the valuable info you have just given them. Offering them a discount on the service they want you to buy (or a service that might lead them to buy eventually).

Using scarcity to urge them to action. If the discount is only available for a week after the webinar, people might feel the need to act quickly. 

Which Topic Should You Choose For Your Webinar

A successful webinar doesn’t require slick slides, you don’t have to be a great speaker, and there may be occasional glitches, but if your webinar content is really good, people will want to learn more about how you can solve their problem.

The easiest way to give value is to solve a problem your audience has. So give them the information they need to solve the problem, and then offer something valuable in exchange, which is what people are really looking for.

Then go the extra mile and make a super-duper, super awesome gift for someone special. They might even keep it for years. You can also use it as a sample for your products, which is pretty cool.

Look at the blog posts that go viral. Look to see what type of problems your target audience has, and how they’re struggling. Research the webinars that attract thousands of attendees. What do they have in common?

Their webinar topics are super specific, and they arouse curiosity. Do the same and tell your audience your agender from the start to increase webinar registrations. 

Sell Your Product During Your Webinar Without Selling

Another way to market your items through online events is to offer them as a bonus during the presentation itself.

Why all the value? To position yourself as a leading expert in your field and build rapport and trust among your audience.

If you’re wondering how vital credibility and trust are to your audience, the answer is very — especially when it comes to winning that sale. The real trick is to solve your attendees problems and get them a desired result during your virtual event.

That’s the point of offering up any info product for sale, and it’s the point of your business in general. People don’t pay to attend live events unless they are getting a tremendous amount of value. That’s why it is important to provide exceptional value with your webinars.

When you do so, getting the sale comes easily. 

Feature Testimonials And Success Stories

 Another tip is featuring testimonials in your webinars. By showing off real life success stories your audience can get a better sense of how your products will work for them.

They’ll trust the testimonials you share with them as much as — if not more than –any flashy sales pitch you could make.

Want to know the best part of all? You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you a testimonial. You can get one for free by simply asking your customers for one.

This is an easy way to improve your virtual conversions and, in general, make a stronger sales pitch. Just tell your story of how your company grew. 

The audience values “realness.” In other words, use real people with permission to feature them as live (but fake) testimonials in your webinars. 

Post Zoom Webinar Follow Up

Webinars are great for increasing sales but it is important to note that more than 80% of sales also require multiple follow-ups.

Post event reminder emails, follow up social media posts and even text messages should be used as part of your overall webinar marketing strategy.

When used as part of your sales strategy, your prospects go from being unaware leads to fully nurtured customers or prospects after just one session.

This can be even more effective if you can segment the follow-up emails based on who attended the virtual session. After your live, online sales seminar, you can send your attendees a special report, a set of recorded webinar links, a checklist, a cheat sheet, or anything else you can think of to help them implement what they learned immediately.

Don’t forget, a significant percentage of your attendees will want to purchase what they learned. That’s why it’s important you provide them with a credible, legitimate source to buy your products and services.

How To Boost Sales On Your Webinars

First, let me tell you that you don’t have to be a major corporation to use live online events successfully. Webinars are a very powerful way to sell because they’re interactive. They give you an opportunity to interact with your prospects and make sure that they receive value from the information that you share.

Below are a few methods you can implement to improve your online seminar conversion rate.

Keep Your Offer Visible 

You’ll probably shift away from your offer during your webinar, so leave a small area devoted to your offer on the screen.

In addition to your branding, include the URL where participants can sign up for your online course. If someone decides to buy during your virtual event, you’ll be able to show off your products or services.

Help Registrants Visualize Their Success 

This is a great opportunity for you to have your customers learn more about your business. By helping your prospects visualize what they can gain, you’ll help your customers imagine how they will feel after they your products. 

How To Use Live Webinar Events To Sell My Products – Offer A Guarantee 

If you give webinar participants an option to request a refund, you will eliminate the objection most people have about asking for a refund.

They know that they’re not risking their money if you don’t deliver high-value course materials. It’s also useful because most people don’t bother requesting refunds after they purchase something.

Frankly, this isn’t a huge risk. Clients often forget about the satisfaction guarantee, feel guilty about asking for a refund, or don’t want to go through the hassle. 

That said, you need to make sure that you give your clients the best value when they purchase your product. You don’t want to have any complaints, so don’t give customers a reason to ask for a refund. Instead, blow them away with your quality, expertise and customer service.

Upsell And Cross-Sell To Your Audience With Premium Add-Ons 

Cross-selling and upselling can be a valuable component of any successful live online event. Convince your audience to buy your most expensive product or to buy more products during a single transaction.

Be sure to make this information visible to your audience during the course of the presentation. Being the trusted friend who recommends a solution that they believe will help them is a good thing.

Offer Multiple Payment Options 

This allows your customer to make their payments in whatever manner is most convenient to them.

Maybe they only have enough money for one payment right now, but they’ll pay the next instalments monthly when they get their salary again.

Maybe they can afford to pay for the entire year in four equal monthly payments.

Whatever the case may be, you give them the option, and they’ll take it. You should take this option if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to put up all the money at once.

Also, offer different modes of payments. By offering Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Paypal, Stripe etc you cater to the convenience of the customer. Thereby, facilitating the ease of the sales process. 

Ultimate Guide To Webinar Sales Executive Summary

I hope this post has answered your question, “how to use live webinar events to sell my products.”

Online Seminars are also a prime opportunity to sell your digital products.

To boost your conversion rates, you’ll need a plan and a strategy. Start by promoting your webinar thoroughly. Then, use post-registration email marketing to engage your prospects and encourage them to participate in the webinar.

Once the webinar begins, follow the tactics we’ve discussed to boost conversions. Offer a satisfaction guarantee, use the web to demonstrate how your prospects can achieve success, and don’t forget to offer multiple payment options. Also ask your attendees to make micro-commitments to you along the way; this can be in the form of a signed pledge to donate to your favorite charity, for example.

After the webinar, continue to promote your brand, using the information you’ve gained to keep people coming back to your message. 

Most importantly, deliver the best content possible and always engage your audience throughout the process. Make the journey entertaining, exude confidence, and take questions from your audience. These strategies can help you get more sales from your webinars. 

Blazing Conversions has helped companies from different industries to craft high selling live online webinars. We also offer pre-online seminar marketing and post event follow action plan advice. Contact us should you need a partner to walk you through your journey.

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