How to Use WhatsApp for Business Lead Generation

Wondering How to use WhatsApp For Business Lead Generation? In this post you will learn exactly how.

As we already know, WhatsApp is a simple messaging app. But for some brands it’s a powerful lead creation tool. Companies can use it for customer support and service, for example.

This means that the potential of the platform is enormous and should be used with caution. Only a few brands have been able to exploit this potential and reach the top.

Having an app that allows your customers and friends to chat with you, and allows them to communicate with sales representatives, is important to have for a company that is trying to generate leads. Not many companies are exploiting this feature, though.

How to use whatsapp for business lead generation
What Is WhatsApp Lead Expansion All About? 

Identifying and connecting with more potential customers is part of generating leads. If you are aware, you can convert significant leads into customers using the messaging service.

The platform where your prospects feel most comfortable is where you should stay as a marketer.

Considering the number of platforms available in the picture, that is an important consideration. In terms of comfort and flexibility, few platforms can compare with WhatsApp.  

Using WhatsApp To Generate More Interest

Communication channels are an important part of any successful business. When you increase communication channels, you give your customers more ways to reach you.

More options mean they can engage in a way that is most comfortable to them, and for many, a text beats a call or email. It’s a direct line that creates one of the quickest responses which is very attractive to today’s customers.

You can also create a campaign that leverages the functionality of WhatsApp and integrate the app into your CRM.

This will allow you to manage all of your conversations with ease and keep the data on record to create a better understanding of each contact and what their needs are.‍

Why Is Using WhatsApp For Business Lead Generation Worth Considering? 

WhatsApp’s popularity is immense among users. No matter which customer group you target, one common factor can always be their fondness towards WhatsApp.

It is one of the most active messaging apps with 2 billion+ users worldwide. The majority of WhatsApp users are highly dedicated to this platform. They’re not switching to other apps anytime soon.

This proves their loyalty towards this app. By using WhatsApp to offer your prospects the solutions they need through the app, you can onboard them effortlessly.

How To Generate More Leads Using WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp for business lead generation


What’s first is to use the app and understand that WhatsApp can be used for more than just simple messaging. It can also be used as a tool for understanding your customers better and improving the relationships you have with them.

In short, they need to take the first step in messaging you. WhatsApp’s rules allow for promotional content to be sent to the customer once this conversation begins within the first 24 hours. Thereafter, information relating to the query and one additional promo message can be sent.

 Let’s explore a few lead capture strategies using this channel.

How to use WhatsApp for business lead generation

As a business owner, it’s very important that you understand the importance of creating a community around your business.

You must remember that you have a conversation with each of your users, no matter how prominent they may seem. 

You’ll want to maximize the number of conversations started by new potential customers.

Let’s explore the features and potential of 3 categories.

Lead Generation through WhatsApp Via Your Website

You want to make sure that your customers can easily start chatting on WhatsApp once they have arrived on your website.

WhatsApp provides click-to-chat links on its website that can be integrated into any page of your website. Alternatively, it is possible to use a WhatsApp chat widget such as Callbell which, in just a few minutes, can allow you to install a WhatsApp chat button on relevant pages of your website.

This strategy is perfect for providing support to all those clients who, once on your website, can potentially ask you for assistance.

When you start the live chat on WhatsApp, you will immediately have the client’s phone number at your disposal, and you can choose whether to answer via the app or, why not, give him a phone call.

If you want to integrate a WhatsApp chat widget on your website, you can do it for free.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business Promotion via paid Ads

Lead generation through Whatsapp using this strategy involves the creation of paid ads that act as CTAs at the start of a chat. When you send a potential customer from your advertisement to your page, this strategy is very effective.

You can shorten the sales funnel and talk to the client directly in order to understand his/her needs.

How to use WhatsApp for business lead generation Using Social Media

Social networks are great avenues to start new conversations.

Facebook, Instagram and others allow you to create and publish content for free. When publishing content on Instagram or even using Facebook messenger, make sure to include a click-to-chat link: along with information about your product or service.

The client will have the opportunity to start a chat with your customer support service to request more information and complete the purchase.

Benefits of using Whatsapp for Business – Utilize Automation

WhatsApp Business makes message automation easy. You can create shortcuts that are appropriate to your big or small businesses, ensuring that you’re messaging efficiently.

This also creates a better sense of customer service and shows the customer that your brand is professional through your consistency in responses. It also makes the goal of responding to WhatsApp messages within 24-hours a realistic target.

Check out WhatsApp Business API if you want the ability to talk to customers at scale. It can automate business processes like creating chat and voice interactions, as well as creating and updating conversations and data for contacts.

Whatsapp lead generation In Summary

WhatsApp business appis a powerful tool to generate business leads and promote your brand, but remember you also need to nurture those leads by developing them over time through conversations.

Engaging in long-term relationships can lead to conversion, so make sure to use it properly for both of these purposes in mind.  

A huge percentage of successful brands know the power of generating leads through WhatsApp. If you’re looking to use WhatsApp as part of your digital marketing strategy to extend your reach and acquire new customers, contact Blazing Conversions today.

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