How to improve social media strategies for business now (2021)

Your firm’s social media strategies should skillfully influence the growth of your revenue. A well planned and implemented social media campaign will entice your customers and would be customers to your website. 

Social media advertising is the most inexpensive way that you can reach a wide span of audiences in a short period of time. 

Below, are some tips on how to enhance your social media strategies.

Social media strategies for business

Social media platform

Social media has made it possible to connect to different people worldwide.

With so many choices to choose from, a business should pick the best option according to where their ideal customers frequent most. 

To be able to generate potential leads, a business needs to understand who their customers are – age, gender, location, likes, dislikes, income, marital status, preferred content etc.

The profile of users on different social media platforms is different.

When you know your customer, you will know which platform your social media strategy should be applied to.

Facebook: Being the platform that has the most active users online, Facebook allows you to reach an audience of 2.4 billion users worldwide. Social media advertising can be carried out to target different audiences through the creation of fan pages, surveys, groups and ads. Facebook offers audience insights into the demographics of visitors of your fanpage.

YouTube: 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day! To perform social media advertising on YouTube, consider placing a sponsored Advert or a social media campaign to run when viewers watch their most sought after videos.

Instagram and twitter: They are known mostly for hashtags. To be able to trend in a particular region, a catchy hashtag should be considered. The more the hashtag is twittered or clicked, the more chances of it being number one.

Brand identity

Brand building will result in potential customers identifying with your business.

Would be customers aspire to your brand and customers proudly associate themselves with you.

Through digital marketing strategy, a brand can achieve its goal by creating awareness and equity growth. Different methods can be used to create brand identity. Having a brand mission statement or a slogan for different social media campaigns is central to forging your brand identity.

Incorporate your business goals into all aspects of your social media strategies to maintain your brand identity.

A brand logo should also be considered as it will allow your business to be easily identified. Time and resources should be invested into it to bring out a unique yet simple logo that everyone can remember. Colors need to be in line with the company theme or the social media campaign being carried out.

Social Media Strategies

Content Marketing

Content message should be consistent in your the social media campaign. 

It should be well thought out as it will sway public opinion. It can attract new leads, educate them about your brand and offerings and encourage them to make a first purchase. It will also nurture your existing customers to buy more often and in larger quantities.

The use of images and video clips can help in increasing followers. 

Persistence is key in content sharing to the audience. Know your audience. Speak to them in the language they can understand using their preferred media. 

If your followers enjoy your content, they will share it with their friends. Shared content has a higher viewership than regular content. 

Your goal is to have more people share your content and to have it go viral.

With relevant and interesting content, your fans will look forward to your frequent updates.

Communicate with your audience

Your company website should be the focus of your social media campaigns. It should be the core of your sales funnel as your own it. Anything outside should complement and support it.

Social media is a powerful tool for communication, as information spreads immediately once you make a post. Engage your audience and increase their interactions with you. 

This will drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and eventually sales.

Communication creates an open door between your company and potential leads. 

Many companies are investing in social media managers as this is their main way of improving sales and creating public relations. As more people prefer to communicate at their comfort and on their own time, demand for round the clock communication is on the rise.

Different ways of improving marketing through communication include adverts, campaigns, blogging, email marketing and article writing among many others. 

Tracking and monitoring

Every action on social media can by tracked. Data can be collected and analyzed. This is a major advantage for any successful social media marketer.

In today’s data driven world, not tracking your customers’ behaviour is throwing away your most valuable asset.

Gaining insights to who they are and what preferences they have, will allow you to focus on what you are doing right in your business. It will also allow you to make changes where you need to.

Another great plus is that insights will alert you to changing trends as customers habits begin to evolve.

Data aids in the calculation of return of investments (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS) and other important metrics of success.

Use it to plan future campaigns, project growth and refine your business with the feedback received.

Through the use of tracking tools, you are able to monitor audience actions. With better understanding, you are able to deliver more of what your customers want.

This will in turn improve Company KPIs.

Social media strategies 2


Partnering with an eminent personality is a great way to get the public to recognize and identify with your particular brand. 

An influencer is a personality who is looked up to by sections of society and has over 10,000 followers. Some of these online celebrities even have followers in the millions. Getting an influencer to endorse your product means a chance of being exposed and marketed to these masses.

Today’s generation is always looking for ways to be entertained and the best way is to follow an influential personality. Influencers know how to catch the attention of the audience through sex appeal and the latest trends.

Take note that endorsement deals can be expensive affairs. Sales only come in with sustained campaigns. Choosing an influencer with the wrong following can be big waste of advertising budget.


A great way to engage with the audience is to have fun promotions. There are many ways in which companies can promote their businesses through promotions. Below are two examples.

Photo Content: This can be done where a contestant has to submit a picture with your brand clearly visible. The audience can vote for the best picture.

Question answer: The brand asks a question on their page and participants have to answer it.

Keep the objective in mind to avoid incurring extra costs while running the campaign.

These are some methods to improve your social media strategies. We hope you found them useful. 

Try them out and contact us to let us know how you did.

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