How to Increase consumers by hiring An SEO Agency in Singapore

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You should be more confident that your business will scale up now that you’ve decided to invest in an SEO agency in Singapore. Here are some really interesting statistics around this:

Nearly 93% of all the traffic that people get online comes from search engines. You might argue about PPC and all that. But really, 70% of marketers think SEO is by far more effective than PPC.

The benefits are rife. But it all depends on the SEO agency that you choose.

Choose right! Hiring an SEO Consultant

Choose the right agency, and it’s all a matter of time before your site starts dominating search engines. And must we remind you, the more your website appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs), the more online users are directed towards it.

Now, hiring the wrong SEO agency in Singapore does the stark opposite. By a wrong agency, we mean any SEO Company that employs black hat tactics that eventually get you penalised. These companies may get you ranked, and even get you convinced that they actually did something.

But Google always catches up with their ruses, and what follows is an unforgiving penalty that you may never live to recover from.

However, assuming that you hired the right agency, in what ways will the agency help you stretch your profit margins? How exactly will their services benefit your business?

More than 2 billion people search for products and services online. That accounts for about 93% of all online activities.

It’s also revealed that online users perform at least 40, 000 searches every second, which translates to 2.5 billion searches in a day.

This is an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss if you do consider yourself a serious business person. When customers search for your products and services online, it’s through SEO that they’ll be able to find you. Otherwise, you’ll be losing them to your competitors.

Source: Ahrefs

An SEO Agency in Singapore Helps You attract Quality Traffic

Search engine traffic is the best traffic you’ll ever find online.

And that’s because it attracts people with problems whose solutions you’re offering. You don’t have to be super-salesy or convince these people to buy your products and services.

They were already looking for you.

They’ve expressed interest and could, therefore, do with little or no persuasion at all to proceed to the purchase section of your website.

SEO Experts Help You Increase Sales and Leads

Unless you’re a teenage YouTuber with a popularity syndrome, your ultimate goal isn’t to drive vast amounts of traffic. You want the result to reflect in your income report.

You’re interested in leads that you’ll have an easy time prospecting and converting into customers.

An credible SEO agency in Singapore understands this. They also understand that the traffic they drive is only effective if the conversion rate of your website and landing page is up to snuff.

This is something SEO experts worth their salt would want to look into before jumping to the SEO bit of it.

Reduce Your Cost of Acquisition

SEO marketing is less costly compared to other forms of marketing. It’s almost free, and once you secure a prime ranking, it may take your competitors years before they usurp you from that position.

The only cost you’ll incur is the amount you’ll be paying an SEO agency. You’ll have the option of doing your own SEO if you’re operating on a tight budget.

However, bear in mind that search engine optimisation is hard work. To compete effectively, you’ll need a dedicated team of copywriters, keyword researchers, and analyzers, to name a few — to help you handle the different aspects of the campaign.

There is also the technical side of it to consider. It demands that you have coding and web design knowledge to pull it off.

Take note that mistakes made during SEO, that do not adhere to industry best practices, can lead to your site being blacklisted by search engines.

In other words, nobody might see your content.

You’re better off leaving it to the professionals and outsourcing the services to an agency.

SEO agency in Singapore

SEO Marketing is Free

You only pay for the SEO service, not SEO itself.

Plus, once you’ve succeeded in securing a robust SEO standing, you don’t have to pay for anything. Results will continue to trickle in until one of your competitors outranks you.

Paid advertising like Google PPC (pay per click) demands that you continue paying for your ads to appear at the top of search engines. The moment you stop, the ads disappear and you lose all the traffic that you were getting.

Things are pretty different when it comes to SEO though; you don’t pay to rank. Once you secure a top position in the SERPs, all you can do is keep on improving and updating your content to retain it.

Build Trust and Online Credibility

SEO is more than a marketing channel. It’s a platform for showcasing your expertise and understanding of certain things. It’s a platform for educating your customers on the various aspect of your products or services or business in general.

People trust search engines. It’s the first place that they turn to whenever they have a problem and are looking for a solution.

Just think about what you do when you have a question. If you are like most of us, you’d ask Google wouldn’t you?

By ranking highly, what you’ll be doing is giving your customers a reason to trust you. This will help you to build online credibility, and even get a majority of your potential customers to take action without second-guessing their decision.

SEO is a Long-term Strategy

There’s nothing like overnight success in the world of SEO, and any agency that promises you quick results should be approached with caution.

With SEO, you have to wait 6 months, at least, for results to show.

Just as it takes time to climb the search engine ladder, it also takes time for you to drop. Meaning, you get to enjoy your results for a prolonged length of time, as opposed to PPC, whose results disappear almost immediately after you stop running the ads.

Influence Buying Decisions

SEO influences buying decisions. It does this by first educating your customers so they can make informed decisions on whether or not they need to buy your products and services.

Also, these customers learn to trust you even more after going through your content. They’ll, therefore, have no second thoughts investing their hard-earned cash in your products.

So if not for anything else, you’ll want to invest in a reputable SEO agency in Singapore for the mere fact that it also does a better job boosting your conversion rate.

SEO receives ten times more Clicks than PPC

Most marketers look at PPC (eg Facebook Ads) as an alternative to SEO.

Results are almost instant. Plus, it’s less work compared to SEO. But really, it’s just that.

However, when results finally show in the SERPs, organic searches get to enjoy the most clicks.

Confirming this is 70 percent of online users that were quick to point out that they skip paid ads and head straight to organic searches.

That’s to say; SEO offers you an opportunity to drive more traffic than you can get through PPC at a much lower cost.

SEO Company – A Conclusion

If you are keen to further explore how a coherent SEO strategy can help grow your business and increase your profits, contact Blazing Conversions SEO Agency.

Our SEO consultants look forward to having a more detailed discussion.

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