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A letter to interior design firm owners who want quality interior design leads

As the owner of an interior design firm, you’ve probably tried various ways of promoting your services. If you are like many others in the industry, you would have bought leads or paid for listings on various platforms.

You thought, “Wow! This is great. All I have to do is pay a few dollars and I get a new client.”

It might have worked initially, but as time went on, the quality of leads started dropping, listings were being offered by almost every portal and collaborations seemed to go nowhere.

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You were paying more and more but the results continually diminished.

You see, many list brokers, sell and resell the exact same list repeatedly to whoever pays them.

You are no different from any other firm.

You no longer have any competitive advantage over your peers.

That said, you know that interior design can be a very lucrative industry.

Having a few new clients a month would accord you the lifestyle that others envy.

The thing is that it has become increasingly competitive.

Also, with the uncertainties in the economy, customers have tightened their belts. They have become more cautious as to how they spend their money.

So how do you attract your ideal customers without having to spend a ton of money on marketing?

The solution is Direct Response Branding

Branding is a powerful tool. Just look at the biggest companies in your field.

They have the most exposure and draw the most attention from potential clients.

The best paying customers are lining up to work with them.

Unfortunately, developing your brand takes time and resources.

You simply don’t have that type of luxury.

Direct Response Branding not only creates trust, it creates fresh quality leads and builds you a digital asset.

… what this means is…

  • you position yourself as the only logical choice to your dream audience
  • no longer is the success of your entire business dependent on and at the mercy of the lead sellers.
  • you can control how much you spend on your advertising while building your database
  • you automatically follow up with customers who’ve visited your office or your website previously
  • have the effect of your marketing efforts continue for years even after the contract has been completed.

Which makes more sense?
Doing what you are currently doing or direct response branding?

In spite of billions of subsidies and government aid, over 43,335 businesses in Singapore closed down last year.

You don’t want to be another statistic on that list.

You know that marketing is crucial for every successful business.

The successful entrepreneur knows that it takes more than a “build it and they will come” attitude in order to succeed.

Don’t get left behind.

Give us a call and let’s have a chat over coffee.

We’ll sit down to understand your requirements and devise a strategy to generate quality interior design leads that works within your budget to meet your goals.

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