How To Use Native Advertising Platforms – $1 Million Insights

native advertising platforms insights

Over the past 3 years, we ran many native ads campaigns on the world’s leading native advertising platforms. They include popular organic campaigning platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini and MGID.

We have profitably spent over a million dollars in total advertising budget for our clients.

We share some key insights here that we have learnt from our experience with native ads (NA).

1. Top converting ads perform differently on different native advertising platforms

We ran many ads across countless NA campaigns on Outbrain.

After running the ads for a period of time, we analysed the best performing ads on Outbrain.

And we duplicated these same ads onto other native networks such as Taboola and Gemini.

The results varied from platform to platform.

What worked exceptionally well on 1 platform does not equate to the same success on a different platform.

It is important that you confirm which type of ads work best on different native advertising networks by testing.

Hereafter, you should optimise the better performing ads after analysing campaign data.

Source: John Crestani

2. Native advertising traffic to “pre-sell” pages perform better

When we send traffic directly to a landing page that pre-sells the visitors, the resulting Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is generally lower.

However, if we send traffic directly to a landing page for conversion, the CPA tends to be higher.

Let’s have a look at this example to explain this further:

We sent native traffic to a content page that educates an online visitor about the “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start An E-Commerce Business”.

On this content page, we have a “Call To Action” (CTA) button to encourage the visitor to register for a free e-commerce workshop on the “conversion” page.

The visitor who clicked the CTA button before arriving on the “conversion” page, had a higher conversion rate and lower CPA. In other words, visitors who arrived on the “conversion” page via this route were more likely to register for the free workshop.

In contrast, if the visitor was sent directly to a “conversion” page to register for the free workshop, the conversion rate was lower and the CPA was higher as well.

Thus, we recommend sending traffic to a “pre-sell” page first instead of directly to a “conversion” page for better ROAS.

This is true whether you have an ecommerce business or traditional setup.

Native Advertising Platforms

3. Image in Native Ads are most important

Choosing the right image to use for your NA is more important than the headline of the ad.

Your chosen ad image must grab the attention of your visitor.

Only then will the visitor read your headline copy.

An attention grabbing ad image plus a strong headline results in a better Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Hence, the higher potential for conversion.

Different native advertising platforms have different sets of ad image dimensions. These are optimised for use on their networks.

If you want better results such as higher CTR, follow their rules.

Always use image dimensions as recommended by the respective networks.

4 Work with Premium Publishers on native advertising platforms

There are website publishers who are very selective with the native networks they work with. They are reputable websites with strong followings.

These publishers are known as premium publishers.

Premium publishers include CNN, ChannelNewsAsia and Business Times.

Choose to work with these publishers.

You’ll get better exposure and results for your native ads when they are syndicated to these high traffic sites.

There are stringent criteria to work with such premium publishers.

But they are well worth the effort of adhering to.

Talk to your account representative to see how they can help you.

Is Native Advertising Effective?

Native advertising can be extremely effective when done right. Consider using native advertising as one of the platforms for your marketing funnels.

It allows you to reach out to as many people as possible online, in the shortest period of time.

This is true even when you have a small marketing budget.

Native ads work hand-in-hand with a good content marketing plan.

Talk to Blazing Conversions if you are keen to explore how to do native advertising profitably for your own business.

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