Online Lead Generation Singapore: Best Strategies to Attract Happy Customers

Consumer behavior is continuously changing. What your clientele desires and expects nowadays is different from what they wanted and expected years ago. 

Online lead generation Singapore

Previously, the only way to able to sell your product was to advertise; you had to reach out to people through television commercials, ads on paper, radio, appealing to people and getting them to take action. Today, the digital era has modernized the way we do business in all countries; including Singapore. 

Effective digital marketing strategies will boost your business or brand awareness in this new generation. Online lead generation strategies are the new territory marketers implement to establish and maintain a strong and active presence online that can generate profits even while you sleep. 

Therefore, through online lead generation Singapore can lead off in this new modernized age and become a marketplace all around the world.

What is Lead generation?

Before anything, let’s provide a better understanding of lead generation. Lead generation is the process of attracting and stimulating interest in a product or service for the purpose of turning any prospect into a sale. 

In other words, it is to “generate leads” to make a customer buy your product. A competent lead generation system will produce traffic to your business or brand and then convince your potential buyers in providing their information with you. 

No digital marketing strategy will be practical if you do not have a clear knowledge of who buys your product and why they purchase it. Sometimes, it is not important where and how they buy it, but if you are able to understand what they are concerned with at a cultural, social, and political viewpoint, you have in your hands a marketable brand. 

A proficient lead generation system will attract your audience by:

  • Defining the channels that best fit your demographics
  • Speaking their language
  • Connect with your audience’s viewpoints
  • Being culturally aware
  • considering partnerships with strategic partners such as influencers
  • focusing on action-oriented involvement and results rather than just the product.

You are able to integrate more than one marketing channel in your lead generation strategies to further expand your awareness in this marketplace.

Top Lead Generation Strategies

Online Lead Generation Singapore

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search is arguably one of the most profitable long-term lead generation strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves getting traffic from search engines and organizing your website to appeal to visitors, using carefully chosen keywords and relevant content to attract potential buyers to your website or business page. 

Local SEO will spread awareness of your business to your surrounding community and help users contact you when you need most, 72% of consumers who conducted a local search visited a store within five miles of their location searched. 

For example, you own a restaurant. You can create a Facebook business page, ensuring your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) are displayed for all customers. 

This way, potential customers can contact you and you provide them the information to invite them to try your food. Another good idea is to ask satisfied customers to leave a review. 

It is known that reviews on third-party platforms increase your chances of being found on organic search results.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains one of the elite outlets for business communication, with over 144 billion emails sent each and every day. 

Some tips include personalizing your email without using the recipient’s name. Due to the high level of cyber-security concerns about identity theft, credit card fraud, and phishing, customers may be cautious of emails, especially those with personal greetings. 

You must personalize in ways customers are direct to products or businesses that their past buying patterns will trigger positive responses. 

The number of characters in subject lines can affect your ability to attract customers. Studies found out that subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%. 

This increases the probability of readers engaging and clicking through the content. 

Lastly, it is also important to find an adequate hour to send your email. Industry reports showed that the time of day that received the best open, clickthrough and sales rates was 8:00 p.m. to midnight. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is still a predominant outlet for businesses and brands to enter the digital marketplace. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn have flourished as some of the most popular sites on the web. They are starting to rival search as a major source of traffic. 

How is this possible? You can obtain traffic from social networks by posting content to social media platforms or through paid advertising that runs on them. 

Online Lead Generation Singapore

Just think about it; you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and content pops up about a delicious bistro shop with special discounts. You check the hour and it is almost lunchtime. You engage in the ad and realize that it is located near your area with a delivery service. 

The reviews from previous customers are inciting and the food displayed through images look rather appetizing. So you decide to buy their lunch option. An hour after lunch, you receive a message asking for your review. You feel compelled to reply as you feel they value your opinion. You give a positive review and decide to tell your friends about a new place where they can all eat.

That is what social media marketing must-have in order to attract your target audience. Your posts must be innovative, compelling, and creative to attract and retain customers. 

The posts must be published on prime time that best fits your demographics and provides various options for your customers to engage and contact your business. 

Remember, social media marketing can create vast word-of-mouth advertising. Attract a loyal clientele by constructing a relationship with potential buyers. 

People-to-people relationships are what all social media connections strive for. So interact with others and be helpful. You and your brand will become of interest to your online community. 

Become Mobile Friendly

Statistics show that about 4.8 billion people worldwide will be connected to mobile phones in 2020. 40% of customers consult at least one social outlet as they shop. 

Four out of five buyers use their smartphones as a part of their consuming habits. 

Therefore, having a mobile marketing strategy is imperative to increasing your brand awareness. 

Some lead generation strategies toward a mobile interface include: providing clickable phone numbers, addresses, and call-to-actions for faster access, making sure your contact details are linked to a map application, quick loading websites optimized to both desktop and mobile versions.

Another important aspect is including ads for social media that can be implemented on mobile-friendly platforms. 


Through online lead generation Singapore can thrive in this digital era. Startups and small businesses should allocate more resources to gain awareness of their brand or services with an intelligent approach to this digital tool.

For help developing your online lead generation strategy, contact Blazing Conversions Lead Generation Agency. Our professionals are waiting to hear from you.

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