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Often times, we benefit from the insights of others with specialised experience, skills, know how and networks. We focus on digital transformation, business restructuring and change management. 

We help identify areas of growth, untapped markets and improve processes. Our consultants provide objectivity and act as catalysts for change; working with you to create new innovative opportunities while utilizing your existing assets.

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Proper Strategic Planning And Execution

You might have started your company with passion and have now decided to cash out. Our business development consultancy firm will help to ensure that your business structure and your processes are attractive to would be buyers.

Alternatively, you might be an investor who is looking for viable businesses to acquire. We’ll study the feasibility and growth potential of the entity that you might be interested in. By doing so, we help you lower your risk and increase your returns.

Being able to advise both buyer and seller; we ensure a smooth transition between parties.

Business Consulting and Planning

We provide unbiased feedback and management advice while working closely with you to devise a plan and series of actions to increase your market share and profitability by executing proper calibrate moves. Focusing on task at hand while planning long term roadmap to scale your business using our unique framework, skills, expertise and networks.

Roadmap Execution

Our business development team work with you and your business through each stage of your expansion. By doing so, you will be sure that you will have a co-driver to help chart and advise you along the bumpy yet challenging entrepreneur journey. With our constant input and analysis of data, you can be sure that we have you covered from start to end.

Proposal Crafting

Whether you are an established business, a new start-up or a one-man operation, you can stand to benefit from our wide range of field-tested skillsets and experience to draft specific proposal like business transformation, change management, process optimisation, inventory streamlining, opening new markets, customer nurturing, database building, marketing development, business restructuring, accounting adjustments for improved cashflow, marketing optimisation, digital transformation, brand positioning, industry research, competitor studies, product range evolution, online expansion, staff training.

Got Questions? Read Our FAQs

What is your specialty?
We focus on companies which want to expand and improve their bottom-line through organizational change. We concentrate on leveraging new technologies to compliment your existing strengths. We also look at your business model and processes. Being open to external insights can breath new energy and open many doors for what you have already built on. 

I have been thinking about a new business. I need help going through my ideas and developing a viable business plan. I need to do this on a limited budget. Can you help me?
We work with clients in this circumstance on a regular basis. You will have the responsibility of forming an idea of the business you’d like to own, while we will serve as facilitators and consultants who guide you in developing the concept and processes. This plays to our strengths while keeping your costs down. The process usually takes a few months, but the end result is a solid business strategy. 

How much do you charge for consulting?
Straightforward and uncomplicated projects can cost as low as $3,000, and longer-term, more complicated projects can cost upwards of $50,000. The majority of our initiatives are somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. We don’t offer any fixed-price packages, and we steer clear of fixed templates in general. We need to know more about your circumstance before we can give you a relevant estimate based on your specific requirement. This usually necessitates a brief discussion of your project’s objectives, timeline, money, scope, and other difficulties. Despite the fact that we are far from the most expensive, we are rarely the cheapest. Blazing Conversions business consultancy service provider is not a good fit for you if you’re looking for the cheapest option or if quality isn’t a priority. Please contact us if you are searching for a competent, dedicated  consultants who produce high-quality work and inspire trust.

Why would I engage your business development consultancy firm services?
It’s the ancient adage of working “in” rather than “on” a company. Because the buck ultimately stops with you, if you’re in top management or the managing director, you’re definitely dealing with the daily difficulties (firefighting, perhaps) that come up on your desk. Working with us gives you access to a consultant who understands what it takes to run a business, with the added benefit of being able to take an unbiased, “helicopter view” of your company and work with you “on” it. Our consultants have experience in different industries and can act as sounding boards who will benefit your business and reduce some of the pressure you may be feeling on a daily basis.

What would I be expected to do?
Our expert will count on you to help him to implement the solutions to the problems that have been identified fully. Your team and our consultants will partner together to move your company to the best outcome possible. This will ensure that the organization gets the most out of the exercise. Our consultants will not ask you to perform anything unexpected or place unreasonable demands on your time spent running the business.

How do I know if you will be a good match for my business?
Many of our clients work in one of the industries listed below: education, service, direct sales, retail and legal.  However, we may not be the greatest fit for certain sectors and scenarios. We’ll be pleased to talk about your issues in confidence, and we’ll let you know right away whether we think we’re a suitable fit for your company.

I’m seeking for a firm that can assist me to grow my customer base and revenues while also easing the transformation of my day-to-day operations. Is it possible for you to assist me?
We should be able to assist as long as the owner is serious and takes a long term view. Entrepreneurs have to understand that it takes time to transition from “working IN the business” to “working ON the business,”. Adapting a established business to a new concept usually takes at least a year, but sometimes even longer.

I have a fantastic product that I want to get to market. Can you help me launch it?
Go-to-market strategy, manufacturing alternatives, supply chain decisions, brand positioning, online marketing, competitive research and management and operations consultancy are things we can help with. Please contact us in private to discuss details in confidence.

I need help with my company but I have a tight budget. Can you help me?
Everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of each customer. We can work with your budget as long as it is reasonable. Our priority is to provide clients who focus on high value, not low prices. It’s worth noting that we now provide business counseling to startups and early-stage companies.

My company has some very confidential information. Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?
We may provide you a mutual non-disclosure agreement once we’ve verified that your needs and our capabilities are a good match. Both parties are protected from the disclosure of confidential information under this agreement. If we decide to work together, our standard contract will offer you with enough protection in the majority of cases.

You seem to focus on strategy, planning and research. Do you also help clients with execution of business plans?
As a business consultancy service provider, we do offer help with implementation too. That said, we never begin implementation work without first acquiring a thorough grasp of your business and objectives. Please contact us in confidence to discuss your specific circumstances.

I am starting a business and need help developing the business concept, researching the industry and developing a plan. Will you be able to help me with that?
A high-quality strategy necessitates a significant amount of effort. We generally charge on a fee only basis, but in special instances, we can discount our fee for a percentage of sales.

I’m an entrepreneur who invests in startups as an angel investor. I’m thinking about putting a substantial amount of money into small enterprises. I’m concerned that I’m overlooking something. I’d someone to assist me in evaluating both the businesses as well as the external market. Is this something you’re able to do?
We can conduct external market research and due diligence on the company. We have a knack for identifying portions that are often overlooked. Please contact us for a confidential discussion.

How long does a business consulting project last?
The duration of a business consulting project varies and is determined by a variety of factors, including:

Needs and challenges in the workplace
The organization’s or team’s size
The consultancy project’s scope

Consulting projects can last anywhere from a few weeks for a rapid training evaluation to many years for enterprise change management and business transformation programs.

What if I disagree with your findings?
In the unlikely event that you disagree with our consultant’s conclusions, he or she will explain why and always leave the final decision to you.