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As an online store seller ourselves, we understand first hand how customer buy online. We help on 2 levels . 

Firstly, we offer ecommerce marketing consulting services where we provide strategic counsel on your products as well as your online store. 

Secondly, we focus on what’s working and proven to help businesses boost their online sales through search engine optimization and PPC campaigns. We work almost exclusively on WordPress and Woocommerce. 

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What Clients Say About Our Ecommerce Development Consultancy

"I tried a few SEO agencies unsuccessfully before and felt let down by the results. I was advised by one of my relatives to try again. Fortunately, I did. The Blazing Conversions SEO experts showed me what was wrong with my site while the previous agencies didn't. Organic reach and placement for my site have since increased. Give them a call if you are looking for SEO experts. You will understand why I say they walk the talk."
Alan Tay
Home Improvement Owner
"The team displayed professionalism and knowledge when helping me design my marketing plan and website. Within a short period of time of launching my website, I started getting orders. Highly recommended."
eCommerce Business Owner


Ecommerce Product Optimization

To ensure that your products show up organically in search engines, we will optimize your product listings. This includes product copy, images and conversion elements that are on your product pages.

Ecommerce SEO Marketing

Getting your shop found organically by buyers is the focus of what every eCommerce business owner wants. We will do a site audit on your online store, then propose SEO e-commerce strategies for you that will amplify your sales and cement your brand online.

Facebook eCommerce Marketing

With proper strategy and execution coupled with monthly reviews, you will see progress when partnered with us. Whether you are in a B2B or B2C space, you will benefit from our FB marketing service.

Google Shopping and PPC

Your store will benefit tremendously from Google search PPC and Google shopping. We will optimized your shopping ad to increase ROAS. And, our AI Google PPC will work in tandem with FB strategy to give you maximum coverage in your market.

What you can expect from eCommerce digital marketing services?

Increase in ROAS
Increase in traffic volume
Lift in sales leads
Online store blueprint that’s customized to your store
Selection of SEO, FB or Google Advertising Services
Weekly and monthly review

Strategize Your Online Store

ecommerce Marketing Consulting Services

Online Web Store Strategy

In order to ensure that your store stands out from the competition, we will conduct a SWOT analysis of your current ecommerce business model. If you are a new store, a SWOT analysis is important because it allows you to know how to position and brand your store after launching it.

Store Optimization

Whether you are a multi-brand, multi-product or single brand, single product business, your store will benefit from store optimization. We will track and make use of your site data to optimize your store so your customers find what they are looking for easily.

Digital Marketing Strategy

What's the point of setting up your ecommerce website if you have zero online traffic? During our consulting sessions, you will receive a set of customized digital marketing blueprints that you can implement to see results. We will include the metrics that you need to look out for in your business.

ecommerce coaching

We will be your co-driver during our time together. This means to say, we will coach and train your team on a weekly basis. Most of our coaching clients benefit from this as they gain clarity on various business aspects during each session. This allows them to make sound corporate decisions.

Got Questions? Read our FAQs

How are ecommerce consulting services different from marketing services?
A marketing consultant’s job is to look at a company’s or brand’s present marketing strategy and come up with a new one that will help the firm or brand succeed. They are also in charge of putting the strategy into action and determining its effectiveness. Ecommerce marketing is the process of raising awareness and encouraging people to buy a product or service from a company that sells it online. To attract visitors and enable online sales, ecommerce marketers can employ social media, digital content, search engine and email campaigns.

How will working with ecommerce marketing consulting services help my business?
We will provide your online business clarity and direction. Your unique ecommerce and marketing strategy is the foundation of your company’s success.

When should I appoint an ecommerce consultant?
In most circumstances, you should hire an ecommerce consultant as soon as you start thinking about starting an ecommerce business. Bringing in the talents and experience needed to support your business as soon as possible will help you get your ecommerce business off to a good start and prevent costly blunders. Businesses of all sizes frequently underestimate the difficulty of launching and growing an ecommerce channel. It is also challenging while selecting the right ecommerce platform, integrating with existing business solutions and operations, creating accurate financial forecasts, and deciding how much and where to invest their marketing budget.

Who does Blazing Conversions Ecommerce Marketing Consultancy work with?
Working with a range of ecommerce businesses across a variety of industries, we’ve accumulated excellent ecommerce and marketing knowledge. As an independent eCommerce consultancy, we work with entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses to conceive, develop, manage, and execute ecommerce solutions and digital marketing strategies. We provide unique insight and professional expertise that solves problems, lowers risk, increases success, and allows for expansion.

How are you different from other ecommerce marketing consultants?
As an independent ecommerce marketing consulting services provider, Blazing Conversions approaches our customers’ businesses holistically and objectively. While we partner with a number of companies, we are ecommerce platform/solution neutral. Our goal is to design and offer the best solution for your company. Unlike most digital agencies, we don’t just provide digital marketing services or website development. We collaborate with you to develop an ecommerce strategy that is unique to your company. We carefully combine the appropriate targets, tactics, methods, partners, and solutions for you. You will have access to our highly qualified and experienced ecommerce managers who can provide hands-on support to your company. You can rest with the certainty that we strive to get the best possible results for your company.

What are the main activities of ecommerce sites?
Ecommerce websites assist online shoppers in making secure purchases from online retailers and are regarded as buying and selling platforms. It also aids in the collection and use of demographic data from various sources. This can be used for improved customer service and remarketing.

Why is an ecommerce online store needed for my business?
Ecommerce has grown in popularity in recent years. It provides businesses with a wide range of benefits. It allows customers to research, compare and buy your products in an immediate, seamless manner. It improves the level of customer service that you offer. You can develop and reach goals your revenue goals more easily with an optimized and well-designed e-store. You are also able to provide customers with round-the-clock support.

What would be the turn around time?
In most cases, we’ll understand your business, assess your requirements and finish developing your marketing strategy  within a month. Executing of the plan tends to be an ongoing process but we do not tie you down to long contracts. You can stop working with us at any time. 

Does your ecommerce marketing services assist us in choosing which channel to work on? 
Yes. We will propose the specific platform(s) after speaking with you. We understand that every business is unique and we do not go by a once size fits all approach. 

What do I need to give you when we work together?
We make working with us as hassle free as possible. In most cases, all you need is to send us your product description, photos and write up. 

How can social media impact my online store websites?
At its most basic level, social media can be used in a way that is quite similar to how it is used in a conventional business. However, social share features on your website can be implemented directly on the website to encourage product sharing.

What is the difference between an ecommerce landing page and a website?
Unlike homepages and websites, which are meant to be explored, landing pages are tailored to a single campaign or offer and direct users to a single call to action. In a nutshell, landing pages are created with one aim in mind, or a call to action. Meanwhile, a website consists of multiple pages and usually serves to achieve multiple goals as set out by various departments in your organisation.

What type of online web store promotion should I do?
There are several approaches to this. Firstly, advertise on platforms where your potential clients frequent. This will aid in the expansion of your customer base. Remember, every promotion in which your organization invests in should include your contact information. Also, invest in SEO as this will effect the amount of organic traffic you receives.