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Funnelling is a traditional method to sell products and services offline.

As technology matures and buyer behaviour becomes increasingly internet focused, selling products and services online using funnels becomes much easier and more affordable.

One’s business revenue can significantly increase just by leveraging funnel marketing alone.

In fact, funnel marketing has been crucial for many successful businesses.

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Funnel Marketing Services Agency

What is a Sales Funnel System?

The sales or marketing funnel refers to the sales processes customers are led through when buying products or services.

A sales funnel system consist of 5 stages:

  • Stage 1 – Attracting Leads
  • Stage 2 – Qualifying Them
  • Stage 3 – Making Small Commitments
  • Stage 4 – Enhanced Offering
  • Stage 5 – Nurturing

Let’s walk through the above stages in details below.

Attracting Leads

The first stage of our funnel marketing service is where potential leads or customers find a webpage (also known as a landing page) through search engines or paid advertising. 

These are highly targeted potential customers who have the urgent need to solve their problem or have a strong impulse to buy something. 

Keep in mind that funnel marketing can work in both online eCommerce and offline service spaces.

Qualifying Them

At this stage, the leads or potential customers will signal their credibility to you by taking action to indicate that they want what is being offered. 

Typically, the product is a “loss leader”. This means that the business owner usually gives it away for free. 

This is important because humans are wired for survival and naturally conservative. 

We don’t usually put in 100% commitment the first time we come across a product or service.

This “loss leader product” strategy is the gateway and the start of their experience with you and your business.

Making Small Commitments

The goal at this stage is for them to show commitment to you. 

They are deemed committed as long as they part with a small sum of money to purchase something from you. 

This important action builds trust between your customer and your business. 

Long lasting relationships can only be built when trust has been established. 

You can offer a small initial service that would help them solve a particular problem or a complementary add-on product to your initial “loss leader”.

Enhanced Offering

At this stage, we increase the total amount your customer spends with you.

A good example is when we walk into a restaurant with the intention of only having a main course and a drink. 

But the waiter recommends the limited specially flown in starter and the exceptional seasonal dessert.

Chances are most customers will readily order the enticing add-ons.

This in turn maximises the revenue of the restaurant from the same handful of customers.


This is the final stage of funnel marketing and is the stage where you will be able to reap 100% nett profits from. 

You’ll continue to keep in touch with your customers even after they are done purchasing your products or services. 

This is termed “funnel relationship building”.

It is a powerful proven method to get more sales with zero advertising expenses. 

You can also leverage your existing customers, by implementing strategies to acquire new customers like:- 

  • Asking them to share your social post
  • Reward them an ambassador badge
  • Incentivise them to promote your brand

Here are some more strategies to get additional sales while making your customers feel valued:-

  • Customer only sales 
  • Pre-sales discount
  • Customer only content
  • Answering their challenges and rewarding them

All these help to enhance your customers’ experience and make your marketing efforts profitable.

Ready to Get Internet Funnel Profits For Your Business?

We are specialised in funnel marketing for business. 

Having designed and deployed conversion focused funnels in industries like

  • eCommerce online stores
  • Services based business
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Education
  • Real estate 
  • Automotive
  • Health and Wellness

Specialists from our funnel marketing services agency have mastered the skills and experience required to craft a profitable sales funnel for your business.

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Funnel Marketing Services Agency FAQs

What does a funnel in  marketing refer to?

A funnel refers to the process of a consumer’s journey from their first interaction with your company to returning as a loyal customer. Any marketing funnel’s ultimate purpose is to generate sales.

What does full funnel marketing mean?

The term “full funnel marketing” refers to an end to end marketing campaign that  creates leads and transforms them into long-term consumers. It’s a continuous series of events that culminates in a prospect making repeat purchases from your company.

Why would I need a sales funnel?

A marketing funnel is required if you are serious about earning meaningful money from internet sales. 

It’s a method of organizing all of your marketing efforts into a logical, targeted, and effective strategy. Everything is in one spot and you can keep track of your visitors and their behaviour.

Promoting a product or service is hard work. Automating the entire process will make your life easier – everything is tracked from your audience’s first engagement with the product through their purchase.

Our funnel marketing service will help you create your own proprietary automated funnels.

How can I gain by using an automated marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel automation allows you to continue boosting conversion rates without having to perform all of the tedious and time-consuming chores.  

How long does it take to see results?

That is entirely dependent on the present state of your sales funnel. If it’s already working for you, we can swiftly expand on it and see major results in as little as 2-3 months. It could take up to six months if we start from scratch. In any event, our goal is to help you grow your company as rapidly as possible.

Can you work with my in-house marketing team?

Yes, of course. We can work as your full-fledged funnel marketing service department or as a supplement to your existing team.

What is an integrated sales funnel?

The integrated sales funnel is a marketing strategy in which we discover who your ideal consumer is, create a marketing strategy to target them, and then move them along the stages,  from awareness to sale and retention.

The B2B marketing funnel allows companies to carefully evaluate their target market. When you’re pitching a product or service to a business owner, you need them to believe in both you and your brand.

What the essential stages of a marketing funnel?

Lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales are the three primary stages of any good marketing funnel. There are additional processes within these three stages that you should strive to refine to get the most out of your efforts. The ultimate goal of our funnel marketing service is to convert your leads into customers.

Is conversion marketing the same as funnel marketing?

Conversion marketing follows the customer at every stage of the buyer’s journey – from their first contact with your brand to their becoming repeat customers. This concept can be integrated into your marketing. Some label this as conversion funnel marketing.

What is meant by an inbound marketing funnel?

The process of drawing leads and prospects to your organization before they make a purchase is referred to as the inbound marketing funnel. It’s one of the most cost-effective strategies to increase your conversion rate while keeping potential clients’ attention. It is associated with online lead generation.

Is funnel marketing for B2B or B2C businesses?

Having a proper understanding will allow you to use it for both categories. The B2B marketing funnel allows companies to carefully evaluate their target market. While a B2C funnel is a way for companies to fully comprehend their consumers. When you’re pitching a product or service to a business owner or consumer, you need them to believe in both your brand and your product.

Is Blazing Conversions a B2B or B2C company?

We are a digital marketing agency in Singapore. We have experience working with both B2B and B2C companies. 

How do I use social media with funnels?

Social media can play an integral role in your engaging with potential consumers and guiding them through your sales funnel. You’ll be able to develop highly relevant, tailored content that speaks to your audience without a hard sell approach.

How do I create high-converting content?

A content marketing funnel is defined as the creation of highly convincing content that leads users down a path toward making a purchase with your organization. To maintain attention, all content should cater to the concerns of the audience depending on where they are along their individual customer journey. Being able to meet the customer where he is at will allow you to increase your conversion rate.

Can you send me performance reports?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll send you analytics data on a monthly basis.  

What are the most common marketing funnel mistakes?

As a funnel marketing services agency, we understand that it’s not always easy to see flaws in your internet marketing. Pushing customers for a sale too soon, focusing on features rather than solutions, and ignoring your prospects’ concerns are all common blunders.