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Social Media platforms have become crucial touchpoints for new and established businesses to reach out to new customers and engage your existing ones. With proper planning and execution, your business can take advantage of these platforms to boost brand exposure, build customer loyalty, increase website traffic and sales.

social media marketing agency in Singapore

What Client Say About Our Digital Marketing Company

"I tried a few SEO agencies unsuccessfully before and felt let down by the results. I was advised by one of my relatives to try again. Fortunately, I did. The Blazing Conversions SEO experts showed me what was wrong with my site while the previous agency didn't. Organic reach and placement for my site have since increased. Give them a call if you are looking for SEO experts. You will understand why I say they walk the talk."
Alan Tay
Home Improvement Owner
"The team displayed professionalism and knowledge when helping me design my marketing plan and website. Within a short period of time of launching my website, I started getting orders. Highly recommended."
eCommerce Business Owner


Social Media Marketing Planning

Growing a brand and increasing social media traffic requires a concise content strategy that speaks and tells an engaging story to capture the attention of your audience. In addition to that, the content has to be delivered via various platforms on a consistent basis. Blazing Conversions, a social media marketing agency in Singapore can do all of this for you across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

As a social media marketing firm in Singapore, we conceptualize, plan and execute social media strategies. This is how we manage, reinforce and grow brands, engage audiences and build loyalty. We use innovative and time tested strategies across different platforms such that even a one-man business can achieve the same results as larger more established ones do.

Schedule And Post Content

Content that resonates with the audience captivates them. This is what we do. We create engaging, branded content suited to your business. We then schedule and post these at times when your audience is online. This ensures that your posts gain maximum exposure and traction.

Social Media Page Set Up

If you are new to social media or have a new business that requires social media platforms for exposure, we can help you setup your social media profiles. These profiles will be well thought out and will be in alignment with your business direction and branding.

3 Reasons To Partner With A Social Media Marketing Agency In Singapore Like Blazing Conversions


As a Singapore based digital marketing company, we strategise, deploy and execute disrupting digital marketing campaigns across a multitude of industries and platforms.


We don't just show you the results you want to see. We show you exactly how we do it and update you every step of the way. This way, you know how we execute your campaign. You'll have direct access and be able to view all your results yourself at any time.


No matter the size of your budget or the complexity of your campaign, we have suitable social media marketing packages for you. We are able to develop your campaign from the ground up and execute immediately. This way, you will have your own data-driven digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore FAQs

Can social media marketing really help my business?
Most definitely! It has been shown time and again by businesses across industries. In fact, according to a Constant Contact report, 73 percent of organizations have already begun using social media marketing with measurable outcomes. Because having an online presence on social media is simply expected of any credible company these days, not using social media marketing might potentially harm your brand.

What are the benefits of social media marketing for my company?
Social media has permanently transformed the way customers and businesses communicate. Connecting with your customers,  and potential ones, via social media is critical for building relationships and guiding them through the sales funnel.

What is the cost and ROI of social media marketing?
Social media marketing does not come cheap. There is always a cost, whether you spend your own important time on it, ask an employee to add it to their task, hire a social media staff, or outsource to a marketing business. The aim is to receive the most return on your investment of time or money. The aim is to receive the most return on your investment of time or money. It’s vital to realize, though, that ROI doesn’t always imply profit. It certainly can, but it can also refer to achieving other goals, such as generating new leads, growing email subscribers, or even improving customer happiness. The ROI you get is a direct result of how well-targeted your social media marketing strategy is.

How do I know which social media platforms are right for me?
You don’t have to! Blazing conversions helps to develop the ideal approach for your business. We never want you to blow your marketing budget nor go overboard with social media. After studying your business and your ideal customer base, we’ll give you honest input on which platforms we think you should concentrate on  and assist you in determining what’s genuinely best for your company.

Will you setup my social media platforms for me?
That’s not an issue! We will establish, design, and optimize all of your accounts for tremendous visibility and lead generation as soon as your campaign begins.

How often do you communicate with clients?
We make it a point to communicate with our clients at least once every week. We discuss results, strategy, updates on your business, and any feedback you may have throughout the calls.

How can you help my business?
Our services benefit businesses in a variety of ways. Increased awareness, prospects, customers, and website traffic are the most prevalent and desired outcomes.

How do I get started?
To get started, give us a call or send us an email. Following that, you’ll be introduced to one of our marketing specialists, who will assess your needs and build a customized strategy for your company to achieve your objectives.

What can I expect when I sign up for Facebook advertising in Singapore?
We take your Facebook advertising campaigns extremely seriously because they are an important part of your social media strategy. Depending on the type of advertising you want to run, we’ll work with you to make sure they’re done properly and in line with your objectives. We can either run advertisements through our advertising account and email you the results, or we can access your advertising account and allow you to login and see your ads in action at any time.

Can we ever meet face to face?
Blazing Conversions social media marketing company is located in Singapore. If you are based within the same country, we’d love to meet and talk!

Can I cancel my commitment at any time?
We prepare your content ahead of time to ensure there are no surprises, so if you desire to stop your contract by the 15th of the month, we require notice. If you notify us before the 15th of the month, we will know you will not be moving forward in the next month. There is no long-term commitment and you can offer your notice at any moment.

What is retargeting?
Retargeting is the process of strategically re-engaging recent website visitors with ads on platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Because your most recent website visitors are the most interested in your goods, bringing them back to complete a purchase or become a lead for your company makes sense.

Why do I need an advertising budget?
While an advertising budget is not required, it is strongly recommended. With an advertising budget, we can immediately harness the data that Facebook and Google have on your target demographic to reach thousands of people, grow your following, and drastically increase your exposure and sales at a cheap cost. This process will take months if no advertising is done. When it comes to advertising, the process can take a matter of hours.

How long does it take to see results?
When you engage Blazing Conversions social media marketing agency in Singapore, you can expect a slew of immediate benefits, including:

• Increased brand recognition
• Increased word-of-mouth
• Brand loyalty

In the first 30 days, you should see an increase in lead generation, follower and engagement growth .